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  1. That makes me like her a lot. It's so nice that something good came out from something so devastating.
  2. Wow never knew that, that's amazing. She really stands out among all the models too
  3. To each his own. Regardless if they are, she still has a great body
  4. Jasmine has a nice body but a very mouse like face. Stella has a great face but not a good body. Josephine also has nice body but an average face for a model. Elsa, Taylor, Romee and Lais have a great body and face.
  5. Tragic..and I see the follow up outfit is just as worse.
  6. This ha PR written all over it. Didn't they "break up" a month or so back. How convenient to get back together at this event.
  7. Why does VS continue to give their own angels some of the worst outfits, case in point Taylor and Elsa in the opening segment?? Barring majority of outfits in the opening segment and a few in PINK, overall the show looks good to me. The outfits look better than the past two years, diverse lineup, even Gigi and Bella look great. But of course the musical guests and the editing will be a mess as usual.
  8. Many people on instagram are saying she might be pregnant based on the pictures Russel James posted
  9. Lais, Taylor, Romee and Grace Elizabeth are so stunning, especially Grace. Romee has really blossomed within the past year. Elsa always reminds me of Candice and gets overshadowed by her.
  10. whats with having people like Doutzen, Edita, Isabeli in the show and then letting Gigi open?? same at Versace, same at Balmain.
  11. What happened to her runway walk? Seems like all the older girls like Caroline T and natasha have dialed their walk down so much, I dont know why though. Is having a strong walk not in this season.
  12. She was at FentyXPuma show. She gets the worst outfits yet she totally shines in them. I think designers give her the worst clothes cause they know she will make them shine with her beauty. Same thing at Versace.
  13. She looks amazing in the pictures of the Loreal party and the Loreal video. Fuller hair suits her really well. Almost reminds me of her great times with VS, especially the swim video she shot with Candice in Miami.
  14. Ignorance and lack of education often lead to racism, which this is. You don't have to agree with it, but it is what it is. And we are just discussing one incident here. No one is branding anyone as racist for life.
  15. As an Indian guy I would take great offense if some random people started mocking me based on my appearance. They obviously went by his skin color and appearance to mock him with an accent. And as to mocking British accent or Australian or even southern, that has nothing to do with race. The only way to know where a person would be from is to hear what they say, not by their skin color or appearance. For all they know he was born in France and spoke French. If so, and they said something in French then that would be stupid but not offensive but to deliberately mock someone based on their skin/appearance is offensive.
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