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  1. Lyon

    Happy Birthday

  2. Lyon

    Happy Birthday :D

  3. Pix

    Who's in your avi =O

  4. Happy Birthday to Andrew, kerkeloo, day88 and *Sandra* !
  5. Hello. The following post will sound highly critical and even harsh at some times. This is only my opinion which I am sharing with you. I have glanced quickly through the other replies and some match mine. Also, this rant/review/thoughts will of course be biased, as the 05 show was the best and probably forever will be. So before I get onto critiquing/praising some of the models, I will give thoughts about the show: Setting: NY is the home for the VS show so that was a good start. The "V" runway was a rather nice touch, however what was below it was not. The stupid mosh pit. People with glow s
  6. Lyon

    Hey jman, Happy Birthday ^_^

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes. ^_^

  8. Happy Birthday! ^_^

  9. jman!!!! :woot: the best birthday wishes from me from Poland to you to Australia! :kiss: :P

  10. How's it goin' jman? You jammin' jman? Hehehe.


  11. oh dear J...lurQ ard, but neva say hi.. hu hu hu ...

  12. /Delivery Miranda Kerr, Cosmopolitan Australia, May 2008. Photographer: Unknown. Cute as a button
  13. Thanks again dude! Hey, btw, do you like soccer and rugby?

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