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  1. I appreciate the latest images of her! She is so breathtaking in all of them. Something feels "new" about her this time around.
  2. Oh my Gosh Q, are you back for real?!?!?

    1. irenistiQ


      I don't know, Layla! :-* Poceluj (I still remember)

    2. Layla90


      Haha, whoever taught you 'poceluj' did it wrong :p there's no such word! Anyway, I was so surprised (and glad!) to see you here! Hope everything's right in your life?

  3. She also appears in the music video for "Latch" by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith.
  4. Hey! I hope you're doing well. <3

  5. Ire where are you? I miss you! I was just reading through some messages, including the ones from you.... fun times :) take care.

  6. Hey honey, your inbox is full ... meh. Have a nice weekend, Mel

  7. Hello there :)

  8. Ireeeeee!!!! Hellooo my loovE!! I miss youu babe hahahah nicee, I still lookin for that person that wanna enter with me to the graveyards hihihi mwaaak

  9. Yes, it would be great :) and if you want to you can still message me here on BZ, as long as my message box isn' full ;) (now it's full in 98% "only)"

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