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  1. Bye

    I feel ya @Kells.. I've made it a point to drastically reduce my participation on here. I still come to check on my favorite girls but not much else after that. But hope to see around again at some point!
  2. OJ killed swim week. So pumped for her.
  3. 6.374/10
  4. Taylor for FB..... wait. wrong thread my bad.
  5. Well well well. I suppose I can come out of hibernation since casting calls are getting released now.
  6. Sandra told me the other night that she quit smoking and refocusing on her fitness. So that's cooooool
  7. BabyyyyyGiiirrrrrlllll
  8. Fuck. I would surely give it a shot but I'm not sure I have the time to get it all done. So we're just going to lose everything then?
  9. Are you sure? Because I was under the impression this is all a simulation....
  10. Love Love Love