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  1. Victoria's Secret "Fresh Face" Angels

    Noor 100

    Ukraine x9 Russia x9
  3. Danielle Knudson

  4. What made you smile/laugh today?

    For The Office fans out there lololololol
  5. Place of Birth

    Delnor Hospital St. Charles, Illinois, United States of America, North American Continent, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy
  6. Taylor Swift

    Thicc Taylor is my favorite
  7. Survival of the Fittest - New Faces Edition

    Michelle Randolph [2] Rachell Vallori [0]
  8. Isabelle Mathers

    Yeah that's some bullshit huh?
  9. Maggie Rawlins

    another thread I've neglected...SAD!
  10. Josephine Skriver

    hot sexy fire wow
  11. Taylor Hill

    I would like to go on record and say I think her Coachella looks were poop. The yellow top/red shoes being decent.... I'm still in love however. that is all.
  12. Gigi Paris

    haven't been in this thread in awhile.... terrible decision on my part...
  13. Aubrie Williams

    I'm intrigued.....
  14. Post Your Crush Of The Day.

    Shauna Sexton IG:https://www.instagram.com/shaunasexton_/?hl=en LOTS OF NAKEDNESS PRAISE BABY JESUS AMEN
  15. Victoria's Secret "Fresh Face" Angels

    Raven Lyn 10 Robin Holzken 50 Shiloh Malka 40