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  1. Babe.
  2. Alicia Ruelas 7 Iskra Lawrence 1 Daniela Braga 6 Alena Podloznaya 6
  3. Vita Sidorkina 7 Freja Beha Erichsen 6 Caitlin Ricketts 6 Toni Garrn 7.5
  4. She's moving back to the states. That should be interesting for her career.
  5. Joanna Halpin 7 Samantha Hoopes 7 Kaia Gerber 7 Yulia Rose 9
  6. Scarlett Leithold 8 Samantha Gradoville 5 Natasha Poly 5 Hailey Outland 8
  7. Natalia Borges 2 Genevieve Morton 7 Marloes Horst 7 Luma Grothe 6.5
  8. I pretty much have Lorena's and Danielle Knudson's threads memorized. Haha
  9. I posted those last year for Valentines Day, ollllllld.
  10. Carolina Sanchez 6 Rachel Hilbert 1 Bella Hadid 1 Alexandria Morgan 8
  11. Its a losing battle. It's not worth fighting.
  12. Well she was apart of Team 10 and lived in the Team 10 mansion and they promoted her and got her work but then she went and fucked so guy that was really close to the CEO of Team 10 and she got kicked out. So now she's on her own. Will be interesting to see if now being in her own allows her to do bigger and better things or if she's fucking toast now because she doesn't have that apparatus to push and help her.
  13. Idk if she's so much a freak, rather than desperate for attention. I like that she gives zero fucks and is really funny and stuff. But lately I've softened on her. Some of the shit she's pulled lately is kind of pathetic. It's also a little frustrating because I think she has a decent chance at a good modeling career but she seems to have zero discipline or drive to do it. But she's only 21 and has time to figure it out I guess. for me, she's kind of a poor mans Alexis Ren.
  14. Why













    1. RIP_Cabrini_Green

      Just been taking on more responsibilities at work. So I just don't have the time I once had to post.


      but really I just wanted to take a break. And so after S.I. Got released I figured it was as good as a time as ever to step away for a bit.


      but I e started voting again and checking the threads more and more so I'm back I suppose. Lol

  15. I'm offended that I even got tagged in that post. Bellazon can expect a lawsuit. Thanks.