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  1. Sandra Kubicka

  2. Post Your Crush Of The Day.

  3. Best VSFS Outfit (so far);

    Sexy Santa Helpers Candice
  4. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Taylor Hill Candice Swanepoel Josephine Skriver Elsa Hosk Jasmine Tookes
  5. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Olivia Brower Dana Taylor Katelyn Byrd Isabelle Mathers Natalie Peck
  6. Sofija Milosevic

    This was a while ago, but I remember seeing on IG in her comments section on a pic that someone referred to her as a “knockoff Candice” I thought it was funny, kinda mean, but I can also kind of see it. i know, I’m a horrible person.
  7. Sofija Milosevic

    While she’s in Miami, she should just by the Victoria’s Secret set and hop in a couple of the pics.
  8. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Carmella Rose Yulia Rose Olivia Jordan Caroline Lowe Bregje Heinen
  9. Sofija Milosevic

  10. Taylor Hill

    I agree with all the thoughts on Bellemere. I just have a feeling that one of these days, a false accusation with no evidence will be sold and bought and that person’s life is going to get REKT. But obviously if there’s multiple credible accusations and evidence then I have no issues with burning everyone of these fucks. thats all
  11. Taylor Hill

    (Do I want to do this? Fuck it let’s do this) To be fair. accused doesn’t always equal guilty.
  12. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Sofija Milosevic Anthea Page Merideth Mickelson Stephanie Rayner Neta Alchimister
  13. Sherri Hill NYFW 19 model

  14. Best VSFS Outfit (so far);

    Sara Karolina Constance