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  1. Yeah I just recently found her through her friends group.Olivia Ponton (My icon pic) is my new current muse, and I had seen some Tik Toks and such of Olivia with Madisyn. Darianka Sanchez isn't bad either. Madisyn definitely has an interesting look
  2. Highly disappointed in myself it took me 4 pages of this thread to fall in love with her. 6 years later.....still my favorite.
  3. Big Bock fan here. i hope she stays long enough until she can be used as the granny model
  4. She’s starting to morph into Erin Burnett and it’s freaking me out
  5. favorite model in the history of models holy shit praise baby jesus amen
  6. SI Swim should do an issue, but it’s only Candice shooting at like 6 locations.
  7. Are those videos SI is posting on their YouTube the last few days....are those all new? Or have they been been posted elsewhere... They’re “meet the models” and “meet the rookie” vids
  8. At least they haven’t had the opportunity to ruin Lorena Rae praise baby Jesus
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