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  1. one of the few bright spots of the issue this year.
  2. [even smaller scared voice] holy shit same and I’ve never been a Kardashian fan
  3. Just went on the site and checked. So happy with how it turned out!
  4. I’m legit surprised they didn’t put the whole Kardashian Klan in the mag. (Maybe as a way to promote the new show) I would’ve been interested to see how Kendal did.
  5. 7 whole pages this year. We really did all just fucking dip out…lol im actually a big Cindy Kimberly and Olivia Ponton (as my pfp projects) fan. So hoping something decent comes from them but not overly optimistic
  6. I know it’s frowned upon to repost pics that were just posted, but Idc…sue me. this shot 😍😍 Whomever this pap is, I’d buy their fashion coffee table book
  7. Loved the setting for the show…always love their lingerie shows but holy hell what in the Walmart brand of swimwear did Etam make Lorena walk in 😂😂 her face was perfect though
  8. idk if maybe she turned them down or what but I’ll never forgive S.I. Swim for not getting her in the mag
  9. I wonder what her contract for Loungewear looks like. She self shoots are better than some of the shit loungewear themselves produce.
  10. That face, my god 😩😩😩
  11. Those shots of her in the pink….😍😍😍😍😍
  12. Her OnlyFans stuff isn’t allowed correct? I started buying a bunch of her and Celeste Bright’s stuff. It’s great
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