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  1. onlyyoung

    Rosanna Georgiou

    ^ Good to see her at New York, though I much prefer her brunette. Pennyblack F/W 2013 | ph. Daniel Jackson
  2. onlyyoung

    Julia Frauche

    Pennyblack F/W 2013 | ph. Daniel Jackson
  3. onlyyoung

    Franzi Mueller

    Pennyblack F/W 2013 | ph. Daniel Jackson
  4. onlyyoung

    Ashleigh Good

    Pennyblack F/W 2013 | ph. Daniel Jackson
  5. onlyyoung

    Franzi Mueller

    juun.j F/W 2013 Campaign | ph. Josh Olins
  6. onlyyoung

    Thomas Penfound

    Sandro F/W 2013 Lookbook
  7. onlyyoung

    Lindsey Wixson

    i-D Pre-Fall 2013 Title: the streets are alive with ideas Photographer: Angelo Pennetta Stylist: Charlotte Stockdale Title: life is sweet on the sunny side of the street Photographer: Jeff Bark Stylist: Charlotte Stockdale
  8. onlyyoung

    Sam Rollinson

    i-D Pre-Fall 2013 Title: cities like cats reveal themselves at night Photographer: Daniel Sannwald Stylist: Charlotte Stockdale
  9. onlyyoung

    Janice Alida

    Dazed & Confused September 2013 Title: Collections Autumn/Winter 2013 Photographer: Gregory Harris Stylist: Tony Irvine
  10. onlyyoung

    Malgosia Bela

    Vionnet F/W 2013 | ph. Katja Rahwles NUDITY: http://postimg.org/image/6io7hxmk9/ via tfs
  11. onlyyoung

    Malgosia Bela

    Hermès | ph. Andrea Spotorno
  12. onlyyoung

    Maggie Maurer

    Dansk F/W 2013 Photographer: Stefan Zschernitz Stylist: Toby Grimditch
  13. onlyyoung

    Clement Chabernaud

    H&M Trend Update | 'Urban Smart'
  14. onlyyoung

    Alexandre Cunha

    Emporio Armani Watches F/W 2013 | ph. Craig McDean
  15. onlyyoung

    Florian van Bael

    Giorgio Armani F/W 2013 | ph. Mert & Marcus Aldo F/W 2013 | ph. Terry Richardson