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  1. Rania al-Abdullah, queen of Jordan, speaks during a charity dinner for the charitable institution 'Palestine Is My school', Queen Rania's initiative in Kuwait City, on December 14, 2010. source: daylife
  2. Queen Rania attend a fund-raising dinner for Madrasati Palestine in Manama December 13, 2010. source: daylife
  3. Thanks Scarllet, she looks amazing! Fernanda and Murilo in his movie premiƩre "Aparecida" 12/6/2010 source: ego.com.br
  4. (sorry if repost) Bianca Balti attends the launch of the 2011 Pirelli Calendar on November 30, 2010 in Moscow, Russia. source: zimbio
  5. Queen Rania in the opening of the first session of the new parliament in Amman November 28, 2010. (source: daylife)
  6. Fernanda and Murilo went to theatre - November, 21st 2010 (source: ego.com.br)
  7. Thanks for all the new stuff! She looks amazing in Vogue Brazil is that her son Lucas in that photoshoot? Some candids of Fernanda & Murilo attending to Norah Jones concert, in Rio de Janeiro (November 16th, 2010) source: ego.com.br
  8. Fernanda and her son Lucas in the opening of a children's place in Rio de Janeiro (10/10/17) (source: ego.com.br)
  9. Fernanda in a lingerie campaign? That's great news! One more of Fernanda and her family (source: msn)
  10. Fernanda posing for the 15th anniversary on breast cancer campaign - september, 28th 2010 (ego.com.br)
  11. Thanks for all the great scans & that new GPrado photoshoot is amazing! Fernanda went to the beach (September 22nd, 2010) (source: ego.com.br)
  12. Some more from 67th Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2010 source: olycom
  13. VENICE, ITALY - AUGUST 31: Actor Alessandro Gassman arrives at the Excelsior Hotel ahead of the 67th Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2010 in Venice, Italy. source: daylife
  14. Fernanda took her son Lucas to a birthday party 29th August 2010 capt. by me from ego.com.br
  15. Thanks ALPAT In my opinion she looks much better now than before, so it's really great see her working.
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