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  1. I love the know you’re distances graphic! That made me giggle.
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    He was the main writer there for a while. It’s a shame he left music. I don’t blame him though.
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    That was an interesting live show. In 1989 I think.
  4. This is getting fucking bad. This is getting more fucking ridiculous by the second! I’m offended by THE IDIOTS being offended just because someone might be offended, so THE IDIOTS are offended for them. I’m usually a liberal independent, and because I’m a “L” I don’t want to be lumped in with all this shit. Covid-19 infection rate in the US is rising again. We now have the most amount of infections. It has not been said in the media and government that this could be related to 1) the loosening of the shelter in place demands, and 2) all of the multi person gatherings and 3) not wearing masks when outside and in public spaces. I doubt that the above reasons will ever be admitted. /rant off
  5. Agreed! It’s nice to see some decent sleeping gowns after a very long drought of nothing that would be remotely comfortable to actually sleep in.
  6. *sigh* No political anything knows what is smart and what is right anymore. If they ever did?
  7. What is the sauce?
  8. Oh yes, I’m right there with you, on the stupidity of state governments over the nasty pandemic! It would appear to me that as the “curve” flattened out, so did their dubious brain matter.
  9. RiP, Mr Holm. May the divine grant you peace, and your family and friends.
  10. His other routines could be applicable as well. Take the one about being politically correct was done in the 80’s. the part about context and that words in and of themselves are not bad words. It becomes bad when the context changes. To those of you who do not like swearing and using words today that were ok through to the last few years will probably be upset and all that. You have been warned!
  11. There is some swearing and very unpolitically correct in these dark times. If you are offended with such, you have been warned. George Carlin and his thoughts on soft language. It was true then, and I’d say it’s even more so today.
  12. Hi @PastaFreak! How have you been? It’s good to see you again. My family is so far all right, except one of my brothers got furloughed and his job hasn’t started back up yet.
  13. Karma is a bitch, Amber? Good.
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    First Queensryche, and now Rush! Be still my heart! Awesome choices too, Stormy!!
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    To me, Chris DeGarmo was the shit. He wrote quite a bit for the group. The “new” album is not half bad either.
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    It is catchy isn’t it?
  17. I have enjoyed seeing all of Lily’s work and the chatter of this thread. To me, she was an unsung angel (hero) while with VS. I don’t recall anything nasty said or posted about her from others. Seems like she’s so likable, hardly any unkind words are seen. She’s just a sweetheart! Ok, I saw this pic a page or two back. Generally I can tell how the pose was set up, and this one is challenging for me to figure out. Is there a support that’s been photoshopped out?
  18. I’m once again weeping for our species.
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