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  1. {name}

    Elsa Hosk

    I absolutely ADORE the picture of Candice and Elsa. Candice is my favorite angel and one of my favorite models (along with Miranda Kerr and Barbara Palvin) and Elsa is a model that I really used to like. I wish Elsa would grow her hair back out though, I don't think the length she has now is flattering at all. Between her hair and her lips, I do not think Elsa looks that good anymore so I've stopped coming to this thread as often as I used to, but I'm glad I decided to check in today because the picture of those two is great! They both look extremely and naturally beautiful (yes i am aware they have makeup on but you know what I mean lol). Even though I don't think Elsa looks nearly as pretty as she used to and I don't think herthinned out and more toned body looks as good (I think she looked her best when she was first transitioning from PINK to mainline), I would love to see her get the FB. She deserves it and is great on the runway. I hope she gets it!
  2. I definitely agree. Miranda is one of my all time favorite models (the others being Barbara Palvin and Candice Swanepoel) and I've read through Miranda's entire thread and was stunned how many times she's been to Asia and how great of a reception she receives each time. She would've been the perfect person to send! But i'm happy she moved on from VS because now I think most of the angels suck big time and she's too good to be listed among them, in my opinion. I think Ming is a great choice for the Asian market. I do not understand why she isn't an actual angel. She is super cute, but maybe sh can't pull off sexy or sultry? I do not know, I asked this in the General VS thread as well. I hope Ming gets 2 outfits this year, as well as Barbara Palvin. I miss when they gave Angels 3 oufits and everyone else got 1 or 2. I hope there aren't too many girls, I haven't really looked at the list yet. Thank you to everyone posting pictures and information. I do not use social media and have no idea what is going on with VS or the models except when I read here adn now that school is back in session I have limited time. I love coming here and reading all your thoughts and opinions and seing all the pictures on the weekend mornings, it's my guilty pleasure lol
  3. I'd be ok with London again but I would prefer the show to be in NYC. I thought the one in Miama sucked and last years was cool but I just feel like flying out the country is just a big feat to accomplish and should be reserved for show anniversaries and such.
  4. Thanks for the info. Does that mean Maggie is an official PINK spokesmodel? Does anyone know what's up with Grace? Models I want in the show: BARBARA PALVIN (even though her new VS pics sucked) Grace Elizabeth Lorena Rae Ming Xi Jourdan Dunn (idk, is this possible or just wishful thinking?) Malaika Firth Cara Delevigne (yeah I'd be ok with her again, why not give her another try? maybe she's matured a bit) Maggie Laine Zuri Tibby Irina Skayk Shanina Shaik Cindy Bruna idk im sure there's more but I'm still looking into different models because there are a lot I don't know Out of the angels, I only want: Candice Behati Taylor Rommee Elsa Jasmine Lily (congrats to her and family on being pregnant but I wanted to include her anyways bc if she was able to be there, I would want her to) I wish these angels would quit: Martha Stella Sara Josephine Adriana Lais EDIT: @JROCK177217 Megan Puleri??? FUCKING EW. I thought she only walked once because her parents knew Ed or some higher up and they got her like a "chance of a lifetime" style deal. Like I thought her parents bought her way in or got a favor from VS to get her in the show so she could say she was in it. She isn't a real model is she? I'll look into her but she SUCKED. she is not pretty at all and she has no business being on the VS runway in my opinion.
  5. {name}

    Grace Elizabeth

    Is she still working with VS? Her PINK pictures were always cute, but I would LOVE to see her in the mainline. I don't really like any of the current girls VS is using but I think Grace would do a great job.
  6. {name}

    Erin Heatherton

    I hope Erin gets her shit together. When she started with VS, especially when she was doing PINK, she had such a fun spark! I thought she'd be a VS angel for a while, but then she started looking bored and bitchy at signings (well from the pictuers I saw, I never went to meet any angels) and her VS pictures just started lacking and she stopped being a good model. Good luck to her though.
  7. {name}

    Yasmin Wijnaldum

    So I saw on the VS thread a post about this girl titled "self care sunday underway" or something and I thought she was ugly and I said so. A few members @jessicanicole and @Corner said they thought she was beautiful and it was just a bad picture...so I decided to look more into her and WOW she is soo pretty! Based off the last VS pictures on here, I hope she continues with them. And the day before I was calling her bland and ugly....well I judged too fast lol
  8. {name}

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    That Alana Felisberto (hope I spelled that right) girl....damn VS, every girl you've been picking I happen to think is highly unattractive. I know it's just my opinion and it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but she is not cute. I absolutely hate her big, dried out lips. I wish VS would've used Cintia Dicker more. Anais Pouliot was great as well. So were Marloes and Edita. I understand models come and go with VS, but I do not like any of the current crop of filler models VS has. I miss the classic beauty of Doutzen and the fierceness of Tyra or Gisele (who I also do not find attractive). Who all is modeling as filler for VS now? I know I'm going to miss some girls so if anyone could direct me to who I miss, I would appreciate it. New girls I don't like: Alexina- ew, don't like her face, walk, or attitude Melodie Vaxelaire- boring but I like her natural hair and that VS let her keep it like that Kelsey Merrit- boring and brings nothing special even if she is just a filler. I also don't like her lips. Alana F- ugly lips that I can't stop looking at Robin H- did she work with them? she's not cute, but I saw her posted about on here. Has the dumbest expression on her face in every picture I've seen of her. New (well, newer) girls I do like: Nadine- She is super cute!!! Hope she stays with VS for a while this time. Barbara P- OMG She should be an angel. Hands down, she has the most beautiful face/body/appeal in my opinion. I hope VS keeps using her again. I loved almost all her VS pics 👍
  9. {name}

    Barbara Palvin

    I read somewhere her new VS pictures will be released today. Can anyone confirm this?
  10. {name}

    Candice Swanepoel

    Thank you @angelcandicebra. I hope to see new VS from her. I always liked her VSX and swim pictures, but since swim is gone I really only care about VSX and some of the loungy clothes. Candice will always be my favorite angel and I really do like her editorial and campaignm work, so thats good she'll still be doing things like that.
  11. {name}

    Candice Swanepoel

    I keep checking this thread to see if there are any new VS updates for Candice and maybe I missed them, but it doesn't look like it. I have a few questions and thank you in advance if anyone answers them. I have realized most of my questions on BZ are answered and I appreciate those who take time to do so. It seems a lot of you guys know each other and talk to each other on here so it's cool that I'm not a regular poster but I am still acknolwedged when I need help/have questions. 😁 Candice will be in the VSFS, correcT? Is she still with VS though? Does she have any VS work coming out or is she doing any? I don't have any social media nor the time to figure this out and I wouldnt know how even if I did have time so thanks in advance.
  12. {name}

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Oh man I forgot about them!! Too many angels!! Thanks for bringing them up. Josephine is great! I always forget her. She is beautiful but sometimes her body looks like she works out too much. However, I overlook that because her pictures are good, she seems to have a good heart/charity work stuff, and I really like how grateful she is to be a part of VS. So yes to Josephine! Sara...no thanks. I never thought Adriana was pretty and to me Sara is the knock off version of a model I already think is unattractive. I like her spirit and attitude A LOT but her look is a no go. I keep her as a filler because she has ok pictures but I don't like her face/body AT ALL.
  13. {name}

    Barbara Palvin

    Well Barbara look good in those pictures and I have to say Martha does too and she's one of the Angels that I am soooo ready to see leave. I never liked her very much. I hope Babrara walks the VSFS this year. Most models I watched it for are gone (Miranda, Doutzen, Erin, Jourdan D, Shanina, Toni, Joan...). Thanks to everyone who has been posting pictures! It is much appreciated.
  14. {name}

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I 100% agree with this!!! I miss the catalogues, especially the summer/ Swim ones. I bought WAY MORE when there were catalogues. I also really liked all the stuff that came in the mail and now that has stopped even though I still buy a lot from VS. I never cared about the meet and greets until I found Bellazon and realized those were a thing. I would LOVE if Grace became an Angel. Alexina is too much for me to handle and she's not pretty so I want her to go. Lameka is cute but not enough for me. She can be a filler. Ideal lineup that could be realistic: Candice, Grace, Elsa, Jasmine, Taylor,....uh I can't think of anyone else??? Ideal lineup (my perfect lineup!) but not realistic: Miranda, Candice, Doutzen, Barbara P, Lily, Jourdan D, Grace, Taylor Please God NO: Martha, Stella, Rommee, Alexina, Kelsey M, Adriana, Alessandra, Lais, ...and most likely anyone else they've been working with because VS sucks at picking models, imo.
  15. {name}

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I like Nadine for VS. She's not someone I want to become an angel, but as a regular model and VSFS model, I like her. She's a better version of Erin. I liked Erin at first then her stank ass attitude got in the way and she lost whatever spark and prettiness she had. Nadine is the happier and more professional version, in my opinion. I hope to see her in the show. Rommee's boobs WTF. when I read @toodarnhot's comment about how her nipples are in her armpits, the picture hadn't loaded yet....then it loaded and I was shocked!!! I was thinking they were definitely going to be off kilter because I often agree with toodarnhot's comments, but I really didn't think they'd be THAT close to her armpits, holy hell those boobs are soooo bad. poor girl...her face isn't her best assest either, in my opinion. I really don't understand why she's an angel..... Could anyone provide me with some names of models who may make it to the VSFS? I only really follow Miranda, Barbara P, Doutzen, Candice, Behati, Lily, Grace, Elsa, and a few others who won't be in the show for sure. I like doll faced models, not angular and weird HF models. I would greatly appreciate it because I do not know hwere to start and am curious to see what the current crop of models looks like. Thank you in advance if anyone reads this and helps me out. @Siemgi those videos are so cool! those were much before my time, I was 8/9 years old when those came out and I've never seen those as I've only been interested in VS/modeling in general for about 5 years now. the current Angels are much prettier than the models in those commericials, but the models in the commercials have a lot of sex appeal, and this is coming from a straight girl who doesn't really care about that kind of thing...but wow they are just so womanly and mature and sexy! I much prefer that aesthetic than the little kid bullshit they have going on now, except in PINK where that look belongs.