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  1. I hope Grace has a solo event. she's been with VS/PINK long enough that I think people will know who she is. I think it was stupid to have influencers with the Angels. I think VS did that a while ago and sent some D-List celebrity to the event (like maybe Taylor Momsen was supposed to be there or some other pointless person). I don't know why it can't just be the Angel. They should've just combined Leomie and Alexina if they were worried they wouldn't draw a big enough crowd.
  2. @medicenevs I agree. I like the Tropic of C pictures, but I'm getting bored with them too. And I love that she has her own brand because that's a very smart move looking towards for her future, but I will miss seeing her in VS swim shoots now that they've brought it back. But I would rather her have some kind of money making business that will outlast her stay at VS, and I hope Tropic of C will make her money. She still looks great in every picture I see, but I would like to see more diversity as well. I'm wondering if she's taking a long over due break and just focusing on her business stuff and kids?
  3. Those shots by Dean Martindale above that @Kane posted look vintage, like retro 1960's-1970's style NYC street photography...and I LOVE IT! Thanks Kane! Cindy is sooooo pretty. She is becoming one of my favorite model threads to check.
  4. She always looks so young and fresh. I wonder if it's because she is just geuninely a happy and healthy person? Some models, by her age, look haggard and angry...she looks great! She seems like she has a great life. that's something I've always loed about her. Not just her modeling (she was one of my favorite VS Angels of all-time and I LOVE her other work), but she seems to have it all together-great career, great peacefulness and calmness, a great family life, a beautiful house, friends who love her, fans who adore her...and she just seems humble and happy.
  5. oh my....that is quite a....look? Good for the hairy eyebrow girl and she seems pretty cool, but I think it aesthetically looks terrible. I hope VS would never go that far. I like models who groom themselves, but that's just me. The more I look at Alexina's event pictures, the more I want to see her give up the big-kid-I-am-a-goofball act and focus on being an Angel that acts mature. I still don't think her face shape is attractive, but her hair looks great and when she does the professional thing, I can see why VS hired her. Keep it up, girl! Will Grace have an event? I would looooove to see her all dolled up for VS. Hopefully they don't screw her over like they did with Barbara's outfit. That shit was FUGLY.
  6. I definitley like the idea of having an Asian Angel, but I never liked Sui and I'm getting bored of Ming. I guess Ming would be my choice since I doubt they'd sign Liu Wen (and I doubt she'd want that), but I don't know any other Asian models to look into. Can someone please give me some names of Asian models? Thank you in advance if anyone helps me.
  7. The two pictures you quoted were two of the pictures that I thought she looked good in as well, and if anyone here reads my post you know I think she is very unattractive. VS did well with her hair and makeup. It's usually in videos that I can't stand her, that's why her personality is so important to me. I am happy to hear she's a warm person, I don't doubt that. So I guess while she is not pretty to me, I am happy she's an Angel because she is just genuinely nice and I want her to be successful because she is a kind person who does seem to work hard. I'm just PUMPED that Barbara, Leomie, and Grace are Angels. I would've chosen those 3 before anyone else most likely. So I can't complain that one Angel out of 4 is not someone I like.
  8. Is Behati done with VS? Does anyone know what's up with that? I hope she at least comes back for the show.
  9. thank you for the description! That Erika girl.....oh my ....I don't know why they wouldn't just put Leomie and Alexina together, the little short girl was so out of place (and this is coming from a short person of 5'2")
  10. omg I agree!! I knew she looked like some kind of animal!! It's a frog! Now, I think frogs are super cute but Lameka? Nah. I'll pass. @Prettyphile thank you for the pictures!!! Alexina looked better at her even than Barbara looked at hers. I still can't stand Alexina AT ALL, but I'll admit she looked good here...I mean, I guess as good as she can look considering I still dont' find her attractive. I think they should've had Leomie with her, not this random Instagram girl. I don't like her look at all. When Alexina stays professional and doesn't jump around like a little spazzed out kid who forgot to take her Adderall, she can look ok.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking she's still too skinny. The blue dress pictures really show how thing she's gotten, at least to me and what looks like several other people here. I just have always liked her since she started with PINK and I think she has a great personality and I love her taste in music. I just hope she's happy and healthy. She doesn't look healthy, but I know that I don't know how she is. I just would love to see more curves on her again.
  12. I think the girl on the left is Lameka Fox. And yes definitely Grace on the right. I really like Grace's picture....Lameka.....not so much.
  13. I thought she was pregnant in that ugly short pink dress at the Lancome event...like that weird ass bow thing on the front is NOT a good look. UGLY. I looooove her Pink Floyd shirt and the fact that she has a messy bun and looks like she just rolled out of bed in the instagram pictures. I also love how much she loves her dog
  14. I have only been a fan of VS for 6 years now, but from what I've read (I've read through almost the whole VS thread on here in the 6 years I've been a fan) it seems like experience doesn't really matter as much as it USED to matter. In my personal opinion, Lorena needs to shoot more with VS and walk another show or 2. Romee Strijd became an Angel after walking like 1 or 2 shows and barely shooting for VS, and I think the same with Kate Griogrieva.... VS seems to just pick whoever they like and see how it goes. Personally, I think to become an Angel, the model needs to shoot with the brand for a while, walk a few shows, and have other modeling experience. VS used to go for models who had HF backgrounds (Erin, Lindsey, Doutzen for example), but now that doesn't seem as important. I agree with you that Lorena doesn't have much modeling experience but then again she has 190 pages on here, so she must have been doing a lot of modeling somewhere. I am going to start going through her thread soon. I think Lorena is gorgeous and I love how she is always smiling and I think in a few years she should definitely become an Angel. I think she should work with VS until then and slowly earn her wings. I woud love to see Martha, Stella, Sara, and Lais leave VS and Lorena replace one of them. I doubt my answer helps you because I'm giving you MY opinion, not what VS does but I don't know why VS does what they do. They confuse me. I just really liked your question and I've been thinking it myself. Hope you don't mind that I answered from a personal standpoint.
  15. Thank you to all those who are posting pictures. I always LOVED Candice's VS swim pictures, but these Tropic of C are really good, too. She looks much more serious in these than she did in VS, but I like that mature attitude.
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