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  1. I'm still reading about the Wexner/Eppstein thing, but in the meantime I'm curious about somethings. IDK if anyone will respond to this, but 1)who are some of your favorite Angels of all time? 2)who are some of your least favorites of all time ? 3)Favorite PINK spokesmodel? 4)Favorite runway presence (angel or not) 5)least favorite runway presence (angel or not) for me 1)Barbara! Candice, Miranda, Lily, Behati 2)Alexina, Jac, Kate G, Selita, Chanel, Lindsey, Adriana, 3)Grace 4)Rosie, Behati, Jourdan D, Marisa, Doutzen, Shanina, Elsa, Grace, Romee, 5)Alexina, Selita, Jac, Izabel, Lily D, Lais, Cara, Josephine, Taylor, I hope someone responds, I really like learning about what you guys like/don't like. None of my friends in real life know anything or care about VS or modeling. I am for real the only person I know in real life that is into this stuff.
  2. omg her ribs...she looks healthy and happy aside from how thin she is. I hope she just likes looking that way (which is you wanna be that skinny, more power to you). I personally like her with a lot more weight on her, though. she is one of the only ones for the VS fall collection that I like, so well done to her because I kinda think Fall collection sucks (I think I'm the only one that thinks that lol)
  3. she looks amazing in everything lately, except the black and white Fall VS pictures. I don't like those. Idk if it's the lighting or what, but her face looks too puffy. she looks GORGEOUS in the VS beauty posts, and the penshoppe ones are lovely as well.
  4. I literally just saw this guy on the front page of Bing yesterday I think. I don't know anything about it, so thank you for providing the links so I can check it out. ok: just clicked on the link and he's a sex offender. oh boy. sex offender of minors too. and the Wexner dude was friends with him? ewwwwwww. I have some researching to do. what do you think of this, Schemer?
  5. wow, thank @Kane. I did not expect to see new pictures. It still kinda looks like she's done modeling, but maybe not if she's still going to events? I don't like her outfit, but she looks pretty. Hope to see more from her.
  6. She seems more enthusiasitc about Lancome than VS anymore, which is not a bad thing I guess. I really want that Rose Cryo Mask thing now. Lancome has some pretty cool stuff so I'll have to add that to my pick-up list when I go shopping. thank you to all who have posted the pictures and videos! There are quite a few of you so I'm not going to name everyone, but I appreciate all your work!
  7. I would like more fashion shows as well! and I love soooo many of her editorials, I would like to see more of those. I also really miss her VS work. she was with the company when they still produced good pictures and products and she always looked so lovely. but I'm happy with whatever. she is just so pretty.
  8. I really like the Aqua Bendita campaign! She looks great for VS swim, but I think I like her other swim stuff better than theirs and I used to be a huge VS fan. Go Lorena! thank you to everyone who is posting the pictures and stuff!!!
  9. thanks @Ewciolina!!! How did I ever not think she was pretty? VS made her look terrible, but she looks GORGEOUS in everything else. that is so strange. well she looks great in all this stuff!
  10. I couldn't get the link to work. is it a video or just stills from a video? thanks for posting it anyways, I love anything to do with Miranda and skincare/beauty!
  11. Candice has been looking amazing lately! Yeah girl! I love that pink skirt so much, I want it and I normally wear ratty shorts and old-ass band shirts...not pink skirts. but that's how good she makes it look. now I want it! thank you everyone who has been posting pictures and videos!! you guys are the best!
  12. Romee Laetitia Candice 100% Barbara, no questions asked no matter who's she's up against -I noticed how empty the regular VS thread has been, so I'm really glad to see all kinds of people posting on this thread! thanks for making this @Prettyphile
  13. Are Martha's videos any good? I really like Sanne Vloet's videos and Romee's too. I'll have to go check out Martha's. I don't care for Karlie's. I never used any VS makeup, so I wonder if their products were good. I watched a video of some lady talking about how VS makeup isn't very good (it was posted in this thread somewhere) but I always like to try things for myself. Guess I can't if they don't sell them though. And I have been re-reading through this thread (now on page 289) and it used to be so much busier, like there used to be SO MANY posters. Now it's just like a handful of people (awesome people though). It's just kinda sad to see how the interest in VS has declined over the years and how many people who used to post here are no longer even participating on this site, let alone on the VS thread. I love this thread even though I bitch a lot. I hope we get some more people on here, I like discussions and reading everyone's opinions! Bettina- love that picture of JAsmine! Thank you for posting that! 😃
  14. I can't believe I missed this round!!! 3 of my all time favorite Angels were in this.(Candice, Barbara, and Miranda). damnit.
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