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    Music... everything from Slipknot, Bauhaus, Whitechapel, Black Flag, Bad Brains,Muddy Waters, Black Sabbath, AFI, Joy Division, Suicide Silence, Marilyn Manson, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Alice in Chains, Deftones, The Cramps, Linkin Park, , The Offspring, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Primus....I could go on with this list forever lol

    Models I like: Barbara Palvin, Lily Aldridge, Candice Swanepoel, Karlie Kloss, Miranda Kerr, Behati Prinsloo, Kate Li, Lorena Rae, Taylor Hill, Doutzen Kroes, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Cindy Mello, Kate Moss, Romee Stirijd.....

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  1. IS PINK still doing better than VS? I went into the PINk and VS stores at my mall last weekend, and there was a line to get in, but the clothes in PINK were so ugly! I used to love their yoga pants, but I don't anymore. The quality has really gone downhill as well.
  2. The models I like the most are established (Barbara, Candice, Miranda, Lily A, etc) but I tried to find some newer models as well. 1. Kate Li 2 . Marina Laswick 3. Lily Easton 3. Candice Swanepoel 4 Yasmin Wijnaldum 5 Bridget Satterlee 6 Lauren de Graff 7 Effy Harvard 8 Scarlett Leithold 9 Barbara Palvin 10 Lily Aldridge
  3. Thanks for organizing this and running it. I absolutely loved the way this worked, and I hope there are more like this! Thanks for all the hard work, and also thanks to everyone who participated and made this so much fun!!! My only complaint is that I don't like the team that won. I like Hanna Edwinson and that Marina girl looks like she might be pretty, but other than that I dislike all the other team members. I I had no idea how many people liked Clara Alosnso, like I thought she was a has-been model, so good for her for sill being around and having a big fan base. I really don't like Isabell Mathers, but Annie Morrissey is ok.
  4. Hannah Ferguson Doutzen Kroes (that was a hard choice!!!)
  5. Hannah Ferguson Grace Elizabeth (that was so hard to choose!!!) Elsa Hosk Barbara Palvin!!!!!
  6. Thank you so much for this competition! You put in so much hard work and it is really appreciated! I'm sad it's over, this was one was especially fun! I hope there are more competitions in the future because I really enjoy these as well as seeing what everyone else thinks compared to what I think.
  7. I missed the last round, but I just figured I'd say that I would've voted for Effy. I have looked through her thread, and I really like her look and her work.
  8. Charlie Austin (I don't like either of them though meh) Elsa Hosk (that was hard! I wish Taylor would've been against Charlie or Edita) Grace Elizabeth (see comment above. what a hard choice!) Vika Bronova(neither but I really don't like Clara)
  9. 10 Hanna Edwinson 9 Saige Petersen 8 Gig Paris 7 Bridget Satterlee 6 Caris Tivel 5 Hailey Carlsen 4 Marina Laswick 3 Renee Murden 2 Anna Avila 1 Ashley ARre
  10. Grace Elizabeth!!!!!! Alessandra Ambrosio Candice Swanepoel (I adore Elsa too though, but Candice will always win with me) Vika Bronova
  11. 10 Sywila Butor 9 Vika Radchenko 8 Sara Orrego 7 Vika Bronova 6 Britt Rafussen 5 Annie Morrisey 4 Aubrie Williams 3 Simone Vilas Boas 2 Isabelle Mathers 1 TAylor Justine Howard (I didn't like any of these girls, but I tried to organize them the best I could)
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