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  1. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I like Nadine for VS. She's not someone I want to become an angel, but as a regular model and VSFS model, I like her. She's a better version of Erin. I liked Erin at first then her stank ass attitude got in the way and she lost whatever spark and prettiness she had. Nadine is the happier and more professional version, in my opinion. I hope to see her in the show. Rommee's boobs WTF. when I read @toodarnhot's comment about how her nipples are in her armpits, the picture hadn't loaded yet....then it loaded and I was shocked!!! I was thinking they were definitely going to be off kilter because I often agree with toodarnhot's comments, but I really didn't think they'd be THAT close to her armpits, holy hell those boobs are soooo bad. poor girl...her face isn't her best assest either, in my opinion. I really don't understand why she's an angel..... Could anyone provide me with some names of models who may make it to the VSFS? I only really follow Miranda, Barbara P, Doutzen, Candice, Behati, Lily, Grace, Elsa, and a few others who won't be in the show for sure. I like doll faced models, not angular and weird HF models. I would greatly appreciate it because I do not know hwere to start and am curious to see what the current crop of models looks like. Thank you in advance if anyone reads this and helps me out. @Siemgi those videos are so cool! those were much before my time, I was 8/9 years old when those came out and I've never seen those as I've only been interested in VS/modeling in general for about 5 years now. the current Angels are much prettier than the models in those commericials, but the models in the commercials have a lot of sex appeal, and this is coming from a straight girl who doesn't really care about that kind of thing...but wow they are just so womanly and mature and sexy! I much prefer that aesthetic than the little kid bullshit they have going on now, except in PINK where that look belongs.
  2. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I think she is not very attrative (ok, she's not attractive AT ALL to me her face is puff and her lips...omg please no) but her attitude on the runway was awesome. Or maybe I was so used to seeing all the really young models that I was drawn to Irina during the show because she is much more womanly than most of the teeny bopper looking girls they had. I hate most of the new angels, by the way. So I'm already bummed about the VSFS because last years didnt' like most of the models that walked. I thought Punk was the best segment they've done in any VSFS, but there were a lot of older models in that one. I like models like Lily, Candice, Miranda, Doutzen, Karlie (I know they arent with VS but I'm just using them as examples), Grace is young but I like her, Barbara P but she's not as young as the PINK crowd thank god....I'd love to see Jourdan Dunn come back...Bella was good, it would be nice to see Isabeli again...Joan smalls had a great attitude she can come back.....but I don't think a lot of those names I listed will ever walk the VSFS again....sad 😪
  3. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I keep forgetting Irina walked this year. She never walked before, right? I don't find Irina pretty at all, but I found her to have that oldschool glamazon style VS is missing these days and would love to see her come back. I don't know much about this Hailey girl and I'm going to keep it that way lol....unles she's cast for the VSFS, then maybe I'll take a look at her. But if she's been rejected so many times, would VS really let her in now just because of the buzz she would create? How pathetic if so.
  4. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Oh I know she hasnt, I was just saying I even thought her PINK pictures were cute adn I liked her walking the PINK section. I was surprised when she transitioned to mainline and did such a good job because I only saw her as the PINK girl and now she is one of the few mainline angels that I think is worth anything. And I agree, after looking through her thread it seems like VS is a staple for her so hopefully she'll stick around.
  5. bump

    Barbara Palvin

    Could someone please tell me if she has done anymore work with VS? I do not have social media accounts and don't know if those pinkisih pictures where she was waering the sweater and panties were the only ones she shot or if there could be more coming out. I would love to see her do more for VS. Thank you in advance if anyone responds 😎
  6. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    These contracts confuse me. But since we're talking about Elsa I just want to say I hope she sticks around for a while. I like her. Sometimes I forget she's an angel but her VS pictures, even in PINK, are usually always good. She is so pretty too!!
  7. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Ew that RObin girl is not pretty, she looks confused and even if the look on her face was actually worthwhile, she's still not pretty. I hope she doesn't work with VS anymore. And @toodarnhot "discount Joan Smalls vibes" is perfect for the other girl. What a waste of a shoot. Idk who this Timur person is but this was just bland and boring like the two models themselves.
  8. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I adore Lily's print work and personality and I think she looks great, but it's time for her to go. She doesn't fit in with teh other angels (cause they look like teenagers) and she's been with VS long enough. While I would ideally like her to continue with teh brand, it just looks strange to have her there being like the only older angel (does Adriana do anything for VS anymore? I don't like her so I don't pay attention). Lily had a terrible walk too and even though I enjoyed her smiles and energy on the runway, I won't miss seeing her chunky walk.
  9. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Ok, thank you for replying! I like your avatar, Doutzen was a great angel. Her abs bothered me but her face is stunning and she was wonderful in print and motion and her personality just seemed awesome!!!. Too bad they didn't keep her.
  10. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I want to know when they're going to get rid of some of the angels. Some of them are pointless and IDK why VS would waste money paying them. Does anyone know VS may cut some of the angels?
  11. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I loooooove her personality and taste in music and clothes (when she dresses grungy, not when she dresses like a hippie) and I think she is great for VS swim...but yea she is really plain looking. But I like that she doesnt do herself up all fancy when she goes out like Miranda. I love Miranda and think she is beautful and stylish but she is so calculated and I like that Behati is cool and chill. but plain, yes.
  12. bump

    The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I like her face shape a lot but she looks like a doll and I like dollface models. I don't like angles or cheekbones and masculine faces (I think someone like Izabel or Alessandra looks masculine) or big Rosie/ Sara S style lips. I like petite faces. Maggie is too skinny though, but I'd say that about most VS models except maybe Adriana (and I don't think she's very pretty). I think their plainest model would be a toss up between this new Kelsey Merrit girl, Martha (SO BORING), and Lais. I see nothing special about any of them and I forget they exist half the time. And Stella she is soooo forgettable, that's why I forgot to add her with the other 3.
  13. bump

    Doutzen Kroes

    Ok so this is streetwear fashion then....like mixing streetwear/comfy errand running clothes with high end styles? Is that right? EW for real that's LV she's wearing? I would've never guessed that its so ugly. But I still like Doutzen despite some of her questionable "fashion" choices.
  14. bump

    Lindsey Wixson

    Wow I had no idea either. I totally forgot about her until I was browsing the Miranda Kerr thread and saw she had a picture with Lindsey and I remembered how much I liked her look and thought she was a good model. Then I was surprised to find she only had 54 pages here...I thought she'd have a lot more because she's been modeling for a while but now I see she's retired...well good luck to her!!!
  15. bump

    Lily Aldridge

    I think Lily still looks great even after all these years of modeling. i wish she did more VS but at the same time the VS pictures suck anymore so she dodge a bullet by not being used as much. I like everythign else she is doing and that's saying something because I'm very critical. Lily is really a great model. @m86fc thanks for posting the pictures. I like the second outfit better. She looks a bit tired though, but still pretty.