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  1. tudorhistoryguy


    I defy anyone to tell me that this photo isn't disgustingly fabulous.
  2. tudorhistoryguy


    That's what Wikipedia has to say about her. What do you guys think?
  3. tudorhistoryguy

    Aleksandra "Ola" Kursa

    Gorgeous seventeen year old Polish girl HEIGHT: 5'9 BUST: 30.5 WAIST: 23 HIPS: 33 SHOE: 8 HAIR: BLONDE EYES: BLUE
  4. tudorhistoryguy

    Reinaldo Berthoti

    Anna Sui Spring 2014 (second picture is backstage with yours truly
  5. tudorhistoryguy

    Melanie Safka

    Melanie Safka (often known simply as Melanie) has been performing since 1967. She's most famous for her songs "Brand New Key", "What Have They Done to My Song, Ma", and "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)", which was written about her experience at Woodstock.
  6. tudorhistoryguy

    Filip Hrivnak

    I like him. He's like Kelly Mittendorf as a boy.
  7. tudorhistoryguy

    Filip Timotijevic

    He's flawless. Thanks for all the marvelous Serbian models Sanja!!!
  8. tudorhistoryguy

    Nemanja Maksic

    I'm digging the face.
  9. tudorhistoryguy

    Jacopo Olmo

  10. tudorhistoryguy

    Jacopo Olmo

    Interesting Italian guy
  11. tudorhistoryguy


  12. tudorhistoryguy

    Imaan Hammam

    She's lovely.
  13. tudorhistoryguy

    Kae Lee Iwakawa

    Found some more on firstVIEW. Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2001
  14. tudorhistoryguy

    Kae Lee Iwakawa

    Don't know anything about this one, but I'm always happy to see more of her
  15. tudorhistoryguy