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  1. Marie Claire Spain April 2007 photographer: Thiemo Sander model: ling tan
  2. Vogue Singapore May 1996 ph: tom munro model: ling tan
  3. does anyone have this editorial in better quality? i think its from 2001
  4. she does look like her a lot but it's iris palmer
  5. mayuko asano ❤️❤️ (sometimes credited as mayuko kawamata). thank you for scanning this
  6. kenzo fall/winter 1998/99
  7. jean paul gaultier spring /summer 2001
  8. Was going through my old magazines and found this pic of kae iwakawa walking balmain (not sure if it’s 1999 or 2000) i couldn’t find any pics of this show online
  9. vogue nippon 1999 november models: kae lee iwakawa, mayuko asano scanned by me
  10. Hettabretz fall 2001 model: kae lee iwakawa
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