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  1. Some very young photos of her. She was so beautiful
  2. I just realized something. It's weird that Lee is her middle name because there's no letter L in Japanese 🤔
  3. Found this one that had been posted on Tumblr. No info but it's gorgeous 😍
  4. Yeah it's weird, I posted the original topic and it appears that I accidentally used a picture of...Aline Weber?
  5. Benetton United Dreams Together Fragrance Ad
  6. Bio from models.com: Nationality: Ukraine Who you are 7777 If you know answer on this question My answer You are what you think about yourself My name is OSTAP i Work as a model i play in the theater acting in films A musician (Rapper) I do Boxing I do Yoga I’m Raw Vegan Run helps me don’t think about sex We have so many choice Who we can be Who we wanna be Choose what you love Travel Fall in love Discover Feel Exploring Breathe Dance Get that your life is now So live now and enjoy the moment ))) less His Instagram
  7. Danish Guy with mighty eyebrows Stats from Two Management (Mother Agency): Height: 6'2.5" / 190 cm Chest: 35.5" / 90 cm Waist: 30" / 76 cm Inseam: 33" / 84 cm Collar: 14.5" / 37 cm Hips: 37.5" / 95 cm Sleeve: 26" / 66 cm Suit: 36" Suit Length: L Shoe: US 11.5 / EU 46.0 Hair: Dark Blonde Eyes: Blue/Green
  8. Another Man Spring/Summer 2018 Midnight Heavens
  9. height : 185/6' 1''; chest : 94/37''; waist : 76/30''; suit : 48R; hips : 94/37''; shoe : 44/10; hair : Blond; eyes : Grey Instagram: @norton__carr
  10. I defy anyone to tell me that this photo isn't disgustingly fabulous.
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