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  1. wow adriana with super short hair for photo shoot
  2. http://youtu.be/mmCHThyfqxk another rare video of adriana i have never seen
  3. http://youtu.be/I5qiV9gqxUk rare adriana video..(atleast I have never seen it) from 2003 VS Swim
  4. isn't there a colored version of this?
  5. oh my goodness i dont comment often but adriana looks so incredible..i love that shes gettin back to her roots (ha quite literally)
  6. her face looks so aged by all the tanning...poor girl
  7. I knew she would win from the beginning...so stunning!
  8. Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza, has been crowned Miss Universe 2008. Brunette Mendoza, 22, is a professional model and an interior designer who claims to love photography. She was awarded her crown at the Crown Convention Center (Diamond Bay Resort) in Vietnam's city of Nha Trang The pageant finale was watched by nearly a billion television viewers worldwide. Mendoza's win makes it the fifth victory for Venezuela. The model was once kidnapped in her homeland and said the experience has taught her to remain calm under pressure. "This is something that happens in my country and that's why
  9. she's so pretty! she reminds me of karina longin...from that nsync video "gone"
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