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  1. @PinkCouture SEASON 6 IS THE BEST. I'll fight anyone who disagrees with me.
  2. Oh I haven't heard about that, I'll search for information into Reddit and let you know what I find! Also, I'll be finishing my exams in a few more days and I'll be free. Would you like me to start a game again?
  3. I watched it this afternoon and damn... I imagined it wouldn't be an actual competition but that was a choice. The only things I liked were: -Sonique. She looks so good, my mind is blown by her beauty. -Trixie's angel costume. -Everything Kim Chi said or did. I've read somewhere that Jasmine left the studio earlier because Shangela was always late and holding things up, that's why there were no Jasmine confessionals. I think she went live and spilled this tea but idk.
  4. New Funko Pops will be added to the RPDR's collection and I'm so happy it's Jinkx and Katya!!! I'm already saving money to buy them as soon as they're out.
  5. Of course Gia is there to clean Ru's name, same with Sonique being in the Christmas special. It's a shame but oh well... I believe the top 4 will be Manila, Valentina, Trinity and Naomi.
  6. What a cast you’ll love Sharon, she’s just amazing
  7. So no big wings for Candice lol
  8. ELsa’s wings are awful omg
  9. I liked Adri’s outfit tbh.
  10. And people are going to post pictures anyway. Some way or another we’ll get photos and vids!
  11. Wow, the makeup looks amazing on Barbara! Thanks to everyone posting pictures. ♥
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