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  1. THE VS PICTURES ARE EVERYTHING. (Even if they are white wall). She looks absolutely stunning.
  2. I love the Vero Moda video she look stunning but I don’t really like the pictures, the filter the edited them with is very underwhelming.
  3. The reformation campaign is totally perfect for her. I’m in love. I read that she signed a one year contract of campaigns for Rene Caovilla so we are going to be seeing a lot of them soon. She has an upcoming jewelry campaign and a Numero Berlin cover, it has been a good year of work for her outside so far.
  4. Do you guys think that her contract with VS is ending soon? They haven’t use her in ages, she didn’t do the Celeb Family’s Feud thing, she didn’t promoted Livy, she is not in the new Swim promo pics and apparently they are sending Martha to the Oscars...
  5. Maybe the Marc Jacobs it was a fitting for the upcoming Oscar related events, last year she was at the VF party, maybe was for that.
  6. I know and the pictures are way better than some actual covers. Is it me or the VS work stop being exciting for her since she got her FB? I think she needs to leave that sinking ship asap and get a beauty contract.
  7. Kinda same, but honestly It not like I expect her to work with Chanel either so, its weird that she was promoting them so much for no reason, maybe she went to a casting and decided to warm up the scene in her benefit before hand but didn’t work?
  8. Did she closed the whole show? OMG I AM SO PROUD!!😭
  9. I am completely in love with this video.
  10. Baby Elsa and her grandparent in 1996 by her uncle!! 😍 (sorry I cant download them).
  11. She just hit 5 million followers on Instagram! I think she won like 500 k since her FB reveal (I might be wrong tho) but it's really cool.
  12. {name}

    General Discussion

    Taylor saved those commercials. She did not come to play this time, girlfriend is killing it. Thank you, @Fashionsketcher for the link. 😘
  13. It looks amazing! Can't wait.
  14. She was shooting today with Emily DiDonato for Numero Berlín. This two are one of my favorite duos so I can't wait to see it, also the styling looks cool. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq7tjphgtBR/ https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq7t_5KANVa/
  15. What do you guys know about this? A friend finded it and I'm a little confused because he said that IMDb is a reliable source.. But it looks a little bit fan made to me.
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