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  1. ^ it is entirely too early for this. Locally and in the state we still have the mask mandates in place. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep wearing mine when I’m out and about. Cult, will you?
  2. Match #62: 1 Match #63: 2 Match #64: 2 Match #65: 1
  3. Match #52: 1 Match #53: 2 Match #54: 2
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    Ok, this song has been stuck in my head for a while now.
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    My Hubs loves him. Especially because he did the soundtrack for the (OG) Transformers movie.
  7. Match #46: 1 Match #47: 1 (has anyone noticed the photoshop fail on her waist?) Match #48: 2
  8. One of my brothers said it best a couple of weeks ago. (I know I’m going to butcher this) Talking about social media and the way of #45’s postings. ”Trump is an asshole and thus posted as such, because he isn’t a politician. He has no filter for the bullshit that politicians dish out.”
  9. So true, @Prettyphile! Long live the landline!
  10. Honestly, this has gone on for way to long. Parents not being parents, teaching our kids right from wrong, expecting teachers to do so instead, then blasting the teachers for doing it. It’s been that way since the late 80’s/early 90’s. I lay partial blame not only on social media, but reality type shows. Your dad is wise. Deadpool said it best in the 90’s; (except I’ve seen it as fucking superpower)
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