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  1. does it look photoshopped or is it just me?
  2. sometimes i have mistaken jill for taylor and vice versa. it's for the haircut imo ¿
  3. alexina, barbara, grace elizabeth, taylor, sara, jasmine, lais, josephine, leomie, romee, stella but i'm not sure anymore lol vs wishes happy birthday to the angels and this year they didn't say anything about alexina, taylor and grace and they did with leomie and jasmine i think so i'm confused either way, the angel concept is dead at this point so......
  4. yep, i believe it's the same... https://fashionweekdaily.com/grace-elizabeth-coronavirus/
  5. i was afraid she was really pregnant lol i think she's too young to have a baby but, of course, that decision doesn't depend on me. maybe she took advantage of this covid situation and decided to take a break?
  6. i've been wondering the same for days. i didn't believe the rumors about her being pregnant at first, but after seeing the last work we've seen from her is the v magazine shoot and, before that, the vs christmas campaign, (besides not showing her body on ig) i'm starting to think she's pregnant or there's something going on. if she's pregnant, is she waiting for the baby to be born or to be 18 years old?
  7. are these new? i kinda miss seeing her work tbh
  8. does someone have an idea about what type of contract leomie has? it's weird for me that the last time she worked with them personally was before quarantine (i just checked it; the campaign was posted on february 2020). at first, i thought she didn't want to travel to the united states because of the virus, but i don't think she's * that * worried about getting it. she's really focused on her brand now so i think that could be the reason why she doesn't want to leave the uk? either way, doesn't vs ask their angels to shoot a number of photoshoots per year or something? does vs make different c
  9. english isn't my first language so maybe i didn't understand well but does it say that *model* has been forced to sign up for that campaign or ? either way, if we have in mind that vs is trying to clean ed's mess, i also think it could be ashley
  10. no, the angel concept is dead. i believe this generation of angels will be the last
  11. jasmine, taylor, sara, josephine, lais, alexina, barbara, stella and grace have been used for the last campaigns (if i'm not wrong), romee have been used to promote the brand while she was pregnant and leomie promotes the brand from time to time
  12. i believe she is, the last time she worked with vs was for the christmas campaign. her birthday is on march 18, we'll see if vs wishes her a happy birthday or not...
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