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  1. kinda agree. i think she looked better with long hair, but good for her for such a big change after a long time wanting it, i could never. i think the main problem it's the way they cut it or it's styled most of the time, looks like my grandma's hair, sorry. also, the color doesn't suit her imo
  2. she looks amazing! i think she was shooting for zara?
  3. i was confused because i remember him posting something about being mexican (or latino) a while ago on social media, and yes, he said on twitter he's mexican. so i guess that's why they're getting married there?
  4. yes, it's her long-time boyfriend, alexander deleon. and also yes, he's in a band named "the cab" besides having a solo career as "bohnes"
  5. idk ask candice, she's the one deleting stuff after "trolling"
  6. posts aren't "forever", there's an option called "deleted" and also another one; "archive". stories lasts 24h but people can download them or take an screenshot and post again, same with posts btw
  7. i'm sorry for not being as smart as you are and being able to tell when a person i don't know is being sarcastic through a screen. i'll ask her next time. my apologies
  8. very disconnected. i guess it's something that comes with money and fame
  9. she's untagging herself from these pictures, so i assume they're just knowing each other and that's why she said there was nothing going on in her dating life?
  10. jas. i think jo doesn't want kids for now, tay is so young and she just got engaged but i'm not 100% about her tbh
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