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  1. Thank you for the BL link @TheDude2kand I have to agree with your Taylor wish too. Quite a thought. 😳
  2. Thank you @vatras! Very good work.
  3. Absolutely exquisite Bella looks at Cannes. Thank you so much @Clarence!
  4. Hey @TheDude2k, where did you source all these from? Were they all posted on here? There's a few I'm not familiar with.
  5. Thank you so much @gedeon67! 👍
  6. This thread keeps on delivering! Thank you so much @Shale586!!
  7. No Dude, Bettina meant to post it right here and you should be grateful for it! 🤓
  8. So adorable. Thank you @Bettina Saw-Morgan!
  9. I wonder if they approached Kendall Jenner? She would have brought considerable attention to the issue while also fitting the classic Sports Illustrated aesthetic.
  10. Amazing posts! Thank you so much @Bettina Saw-Morgan!
  11. Thanks so much to @Weasel79 and @Shale586 for the Maggie updates. The Luli Fama content is particularly exceptional. 😮
  12. It's from the VSFS Viewing Party in November 2017.
  13. This seems like a very curious yearly tradition. 🤪
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