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  1. I don't suppose someone could post the pictures of Karlie outside the Loewe event during Paris Fashion Week on 28 February this year? I can't recall these being posted, but they're up on gettys.
  2. Thanks for all the Josie updates @wildestvibe!!
  3. Even supermodels have to diversify in the current situation. 😀
  4. You got me there! 😛 I knew he wasn't an actor/ singer/ athlete.
  5. I'm not sure. Quite a lot of models seem to have stable relationships with men from outside the entertainment industry. So Doutzen isn't on her own in that respect.
  6. I totally agree with you Clauds and am glad you posted this. Thanks for all your posts @wildestvibe! I wouldn't catch a lot of the Instagram pictures and videos if they weren't posted here.
  7. Beautiful!! Thanks for posting @Kane. 🥰
  8. Many thanks to @wildestvibe for all the beautiful Rachel content. 😘
  9. And she's never looked happier.
  10. And you predicted this on the previous page pretty much, that the questions would be rubbish. 😀 I'm sorry though, that must have been frustrating for you.
  11. I don't really know enough about the ins and outs of the fashion industry to answer the age question but I think there is always an obsession with youth and reaching young demographics. They're always looking for the next "it" girl or someone newer to sell whatever the product is. You're absolutely right about Doutzen, she has an exceptional face that I think will ensure she is working as a model for a long time if she chooses to do so. I have noticed the skin "issue" too though, the video she did with Karlie Kloss highlighted this a bit. I think it's very difficult to keep the plumpness in the skin at very low bodyfat levels, so weight is probably as much as or more of an issue than skincare as such.
  12. Wow, these are amazing choices from everyone. Thanks for posting! It's great to rediscover so many wonderful pictures.
  13. Yeah, must be a real pain! 😜
  14. Yes I'm doing ok, bump. Thanks for asking.
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