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  1. {name}

    The 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    The question about stopping is talking about VS because thats what they were discussing. At the bottom of the article VS is tagged. In the link it mentions VS. The question before that were talking about VS fashion show performers. SO that is what they were talking about. I think it beats someone using a magazine article that didn't even talk to her to confirm something because of a rumor. It beats an unspecified IG post.. And This is only one of the few things that hint that she will be back, its not the only thing, its just the best example. She doesn't say directly that she is walking this year, because they didn't ask her that. They ask her about stopping and she does say she hasn't stopped. Not sure what more you guys want and expect if nobody is outright asking Adriana "will you walk this year". Nobody is asking Adriana that specifically, so she isn't going to answer like that. But its way better than some random ass article with rumors as its citation and people just taking a random guess. Ya'll are making this way more harder than it has to be. They asked her if she thought about stopping, she said no. Before that, they asked if she was still excited after all these years being in the show and she said "Always" and then added" The moment I am not there anymore i'll..." She didn't even have to say that because she answered the question with saying "Always and until the end of my life". Plus, she already had a statement released denying it earlier this year actually. She did deny her leaving early this year, we were just waiting for more things like this to be sure. She isn't going to release another one for those who clearly missed the statement. This is all enough for people to shut up, in my opinion
  2. {name}

    The 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Because that interview came from the horses mouth itself "uncensored" it said, which is usually enough. I mean, you don't get any better than adriana herself talking about it. Your response is more appropriate for the person who used a cosmopolitan article from 2017, that didn't even talk to Adriana, to "confirm", Adriana wasn't walking. Your sarcasm should have been saved for that or the many other small cases people mentioned here about why they think she is walking, not an interview done a month ago where Adriana herself is talking about it.. Funny thats when you chose to say this.
  3. {name}

    The 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    I love Lais and Jasmine as angels. I don't think Lameka would be better. Jasmine and Lais have the proper vibe. I mean, some people may think they are boring but they look the part
  4. {name}


    I saw that. She has been on it twice lol. She must meant UK or US.
  5. {name}

    The 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Also that IG account videosvictoriassecret does not like Adriana Lmao. That person used an old rumor filled article to speak Adriana's retirement into existence and clearly get people to talk shit. These IG VS accounts be on some bullshit and its sad because Adriana just got done praising them when she didn't have to. And not alot of models do that. I wasn't a fan of what Adriana did myself on the IG post. I felt it was completely unnecessary but to be real she was not specific and everybody knows it.
  6. {name}

    The 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    SMH at some of those comments. Adriana is 37 and has clearly taken a seat back in VS and she still has haters pressed. Anyways, I came in here to say, Adriana was asked about VS in this interview for W mag last month. She is said, she never said she was stopping VS and still has not thought about it yet. She knows there will come a moment of "transition" (I believe she is speaking on not being used as much anymore) but she has not stopped yet https://www.wmagazine.com/story/adriana-lima-instagram-victorias-secret-career-interview
  7. {name}

    General Discussion

    Random but for some reason Jared Leto purchased a hoodie that had Adriana's and other model's salary on it
  8. {name}

    The 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    I am not down for Lameka being an angel. I don't like her.
  9. {name}

    The 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Adriana would probably get so much hate, just at the though of that knowing those accounts lmaooo. Give them a heartattack
  10. {name}


    Thats so true. The one who is closest to her appeal is Irina but Adriana is still seen as the blue print. I think it is because she is the perfect mix of classic and exotic and striking. Adriana has some of the best facial features and structure. She has good lips and eyes and all of her facial features (nose, lips, eyes, brows) are the right size. Nothing too big nor small. Lol even Adriana herself knows she is lucky to be aging the way she has, you can tell by some of her IG stories lol. Also, things like keeping her hair cut helps and stuff like that, and she hasn't been that skinny which helps as well because she has weight on her face, which means she has more collagen, which is good for the skin.
  11. {name}


    Yeah, I am not understanding the abandonment of her social media. I can see reasons of why she doesn't want to post selfies or anything anymore. Its obvious that social media has been giving her the blues all of a sudden and she is pushing it away. But like you said, Adriana is a model and has been one for 20 years. She has alot of work to be shared, even currently she does and its still not being shared, I really don't understand why her team sucks so much at that. Like, they will leave her feed dry for an entire month. Adriana doesn't have to post if she doesn't want to, but if she has work coming out, why not post it? If you see her feed is not being used for a month, why not post a throwback or random photo with a quote? I really don't understand lol. Yesterday they did post something new, but they don't do usually do that
  12. {name}


    Yes, I have seen people compare her to sophia alot, I see it as well because Adriana has done so much work that was based off of Old hollywood looks. I have also seen some people say she reminds them of Liz Taylor, like here: In my opinion Adriana is like this beautiful mix between them. Which is amazing, because they are both such beautiful women. Anybody that can look like a mix between elizabeth taylor and sophia loren is one lucky person lol. People can say what they want about Adriana but what they can't deny is her beauty and how well she has aged. She has been around for so long and people still find her just as beautiful as when she first came out. Which is not typical for models. I agree with Clauds, Adriana is gonna be remembered even more years from now for her beauty, because she has been so beautiful for a really long time. And plus she is an iconic model.