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  1. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Adriana is in China now
  2. General Discussion

    I know. I honestly don't think she can even help it sometimes, thats just the way she was talk. I'm just saying as someone who actually watched it, she was pretty different on the show. I was waiting for her to be how she usually is in interviews and stuff and she wasn't that much. Even others on social media regular viewers said she acted like she was on some kind of medicine/drug that calmed people who are like hyper/anxious down to a sedated state. And thats never her lol,
  3. General Discussion

    Well actually, there wasn't any of that really on the show. It seems Adriana tried harder not to do that and anytime when she ended up doing it, the camera cut from her. She looked good completed, even when talking but as I said, it was because she was def trying harder to be presentable, which is why her actual personality ended up not shinning through much. She was more robotic but its understandable. Because then people would pick at her english or her facial expressions when she expresses herself.
  4. General Discussion

    I watched the show and eh. I never really liked shows like this, I never even watched project runway. But I think the freaking EDITING, is a no. Its hard to catch up with whats going on. There is so much and Adriana must got somebody who edits VS current fashion shows to edit this show because it was so choppy and quick. Now, Adriana as a host... She wasn't herself much, I feel like. I think she was very nervous and it was her first time and she was so focused on pronouncing things right, she couldn't even be herself. So, I understand that, its just unfortunate because she actually has a great personality to contribute. I hope she got less nervous as time went on. But can't fault her for being more focused on making sure people can finally understand what she is saying and not complain about how she talks
  5. General Discussion

    Hm, It didn't get a little popular on youtube. But everyone actually took the time to watch the videos themselves. And everybody complimented her on how classy she answered the question, and gracious. I did see two dumb people who clearly didn't watch the video and only looked at the headline saying "she is older and bitter", they are stupid trolls ofcourse. Not even smart enough to look at the video themselves
  6. General Discussion

    I doubt it will be big. Idk any person who felt like Adriana's comment was offensive. And it wasn't. She clearly doesn't want any appeared problems between them. The interview happened yesterday anyway, if nobody is talking about it by now they aren't going to be.
  7. General Discussion

    I noticed that when she did that beauty panel last month, she was getting better.
  8. Candids

    I hope today is her last press day because I can't take anymore of her eyebrows looking like that and the rest of the bad makeup.
  9. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Right. The stuff Adriana and Ale shot hasn't came out yet. And we are just now getting candice's commercial she did when she first got back earlier this year
  10. General Discussion

    Its funny how on the today show, she was there to only promote her tv show and the hosts still wore angel wings Lol
  11. General Discussion

    yeah, people were congratulating her on the street.
  12. Candids

    I don't. The makeup artist is so shitty. Even when he uploaded a picture of Adriana's makeup today, he def photshopped/retouched it
  13. General Discussion

    I just hope it all works out. I don't want her to end up like Halle Berry.
  14. Candids

    Yeah her makeup was awful in that white dress wtf
  15. Candids

    I think he is a fan lol. And she could be one of his music (he did make some good music), its just dude is literally satanic lol