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  1. It's better for her career. I just hope she doesn't let it influence how she takes care of her looks. We know she is probably gonna have to work hard to get back to herself but I don't want her to come back a brand new person lol
  2. She is probably gonna do what most celebs do when they have kids with someone else who lives in a different state. They spend half the year with one parent and another half/part of the year with the other. It sucks but thats what happens when celebs break up and end up having kids with someone else later on. Yeah she is apart of a superficial industry as is but its clear that Adriana was never THAT into it, like she didn't live in that industry. She did her job and went home. Its a whole other thing when she really does live in such area, are around people who normalize going under the knife, AND she is older and she def wants to get her looks up to par again-especially with how people were talking about how she looks pregnant. Its not longer 2002, her career is no longer at its height and she is no longer a motherless woman who is very young. She is more vulnerable at this point
  3. 😍Beautiful natural face
  4. I am happy she is getting out of Miami but I am scared for her to live in the LA scene. LA is a freaking beast when it comes to looks and being superficial. I don't want her to turn into the Kardashians or anything like that. For example, Lori harvey was such a beautiful girl naturally but she buccal fat removal from her face which changed her look drastically and she didn't look better. Especially since its obvious Adriana will still continue modelling after she gives birth and we all know she gonna want to lose all the weight she gained and wants to rejuvenate herself, especially to prove those who critics wrong saying she "hit a wall" just because she got pregnant and gained alot of weight. I am sure (and would hope) that she is gonna work hard to get back to herself because her looks are her jobs. But I just hope she doesn't get UNNECESSARY things done or permanently change her look in a drastic way. I support her getting back into fitness and being fit again but I pray she doesn't mess up her face. Living in LA has done that to many celebs
  5. Yeah Adriana would have def wore something like that that some years ago
  6. I was looking at what shanina shaik wore yesterday. I wish adriana wore something like that. That used to be adriana’s maternity style but she is going the opposite route now. Her old maternity style like what shanina wore yesterday (who is pregnant too) is what something adriana would usually wear. Its just more cohesive and put together. I’m talking about the dresses only. Adriana usually has very classy and like elegant maternity wear. Thats whats been missing this year from her, except for the balmain dress.
  7. I can't with the amount of body shaming Adriana is getting. I almost want her to just go home, because it is crazy how inconsiderate people are of her looks. For those who doesn't speak the lanaguge this tweet said "This is a great example that the physical is not the most important thing. It is clear that you have to be careful, but everything expires. Age does not forgive and Adriana Lima knows it." This person really cropped out the rest of her body just so that she could say that about adriana
  8. This was a good look. I liked this better than yesterday's. Patrick did good 2/3 of the events. He just has to be a little lighter on her face and not do too much. But she looked like herself in the most recent event
  9. Did not like the makeup at today's chopard's event. It was much better at her first cannes events. Tonights look made her look like some fake wax figure, his hand was a little too heavy with this one. She looked like she got bad work done, which is not how she looked at the cannes premiere event. Since she already looks different from pregnancy (and she talked about this with elle magazine, she admits how much it changes her face) its not good to do so much on her face. People's comments and accusations have been so offensive to her, It drives me up a wall. People do not understand that she is one of those women that pregnancy makes her look like a different person, and that she literally opened about it. Makes alot of sense why we didn't see her much during her first two pregnancies now. Now we see why Adriana has always been a naturally skinnier and fit person lol. Having extra weight isn't for her. But at the same time people should remember she can't control how she looks right now
  10. These are such great shots! *Sigh* Adriana is such a good print model. I don't think she got enough credit how well she can take a stunning photo.
  11. I'm so proud of her. Its not easy doing what she is doing, especially since people have been weird about her pregnancy but she is gonna get the last laugh I am sure. Career still going, still booking top tier jobs consistently
  12. I know I am surprised but happy she did!
  13. OMG she looks so beautiful. I wish she would post this to shut haters up, but I know she won't https://www.instagram.com/p/Cc_zlwJJ_Qu/
  14. The fact that they are blocking fans for it is crazy.
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