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  1. That actually gave me more hope lol. Because it wasn't the best idea and she realized that. It told me that she was going to do a different and more like better approach with her future work. Glad to see she is officially BACK especially with all the haters that couldn't wait to jump down her throat as if she wasn't an already established supermodel who is 40 years old
  2. Exactly, Adriana already started working in Vogue and had HF campaigns BEFORE becoming a VS angel. It was further proof that being with the brand can stall things more for you in HF. But the fact that she was already granted first rate work before he contract hit, says something
  3. Also, watched a Gisele interview yesterday and she talked about how at that time it was very risky to even accept a VS contract if you cared about wanting to be a Vogue kind of model. She said she had a long talk with agent before accepting VS contract because they warned her, signing a contract like that is basically like committing to commercial modelling and not Vogue. Clearly someone like Gisele made it happen, but it explains the careers of Tyra, Heidi, etc and to an extent Adriana's. Adriana STILL did well enough, she has alot of HF campaigns actually and 2/4 of the Big Four. But yeah,
  4. Exactly. Adriana has not only reached a great supermodel status, but she actually has one helluva OVERALL career. Sure, she doesn't have the most Vogue covers because she was rising at a time where it truly was hard to get one, even Tyra had to retire with only one Vogue cover and Heidi only has like 4, it was hard. But outside of that Adriana def has an exceptional career, the only thing she hasn't done is a hair campaign and skincare. But she did basically everything else, and was highly successful at it too. Even when she sold cellphones, everybody remembered her for doing that. Anytime she
  5. You need to read again, someone ELSE came in here bring Adriana down in comparison to Irina-another model. You're literally acting as if we were talking badly about other models here. We were not. Stop lying, you need to accept that, if ya'll don't want people talking about your favorite models, DO NOT bring them up to try to attack Adriana in her own forum. That is how this started and YOU need to accept that. Wasn't nobody talking about other models until the other Irina stan came in. If you all don't want people talking about other models, don't try to use them to bring Adriana down, PERIOD
  6. I agree that AT THIS POINT we don't know what Adriana has going on or even planned. Like we haven't even seen her at the gym because she hasn't even been sharing that. It was last year when she made that statement, and she actually removed that email from her bio. That is for a reason. So, at this point we don't know how people are going to be able to contact her for stuff. We do not know why this change was made but it has to mean something. Clearly some things have changed and we do not know what. We do not know what she is up to or her next plans, or where she wants
  7. Why to praise other models like Irina, attack Adriana? This is Adriana's forum not Irina's, thats not gonna be okay here. I don't see THAT in other threads. Nobody is going in Irina's thread and shooting her down for not having the career of Gisele , Adriana, or Naomi. SO ya'll don't come in Adriana's thread to shoot her down for not having 1 year, out of 20, like Irina. Don't be a hypocrite. A person can criticize Adriana without constantly comparing her and shooting her down for the same model. If you all don't want people being honest about Irina, don't bring her up here. WE did not bring
  8. Another brand deal SOME people forgot she has done since leaving VS was her deal with Chopard's in 2019, she had a campaign with them. Thats Jewelry and they sell watches. We haven't seen Adriana work with IWC since she worked with Chopard's in 2019. So that deal has been over with actually. Because they are both Jewelry and it would be a contradiction in terms of contract. I don't recall Karolina having another jewelry brand deal outside of IWC so it makes sense she was still there. I think that was a good move on Adriana's part because she had been working with SWC since 2011. Ch
  9. Did you really just typed two large paragraphs yourself. Just like Irina did x, y and z to finally get where she is. Adriana also did what she had to, Adriana comes from fucking nothing. You're acting like she is lazy 25 year old. She is 40 and has nothing to prove and you don't know what she is doing or WANTS to do right now-she actually removed that email link. What you should know is that she has done too much and still did more than the others for you to talk like that, and she did it the harder way. Adriana BEEN talking about older models in Fashion AND overall representation, she did in
  10. 1. Fell Off and can't blame covid?... So you really forgot about all her early 2020 work and 2019 work. I will get to that later tho 2. You always come in her JUST to compare her to Irina. Thats like putting Adriana down for bella hadid or Jenner. No matter how much work they get, nobody thinks they get it for good reasons. People know who is the superior model, its not them. Adriana has already made her mark, she doesn't have to compete with girls like that, she is 40 and had a long career, call me when they do that. She doesn't have to keep proving herself for the rest of her li
  11. Whoever did her makeup here needs to continue to do it
  12. Yeah but its always been that way, like when she was number 1 with 47 million, the least it was from was modelling at that point. I think whoever made that, just combined alot of popular models and some numbers lol. Because Rosie was above Adriana, which has never been the case and its because her career isn't that extensive.
  13. No they didn't....2018 was the last time it was made and I think Adriana may have been like number 6 or something But no, they did not count 2020 especially not in light of covid, and they didn't count 2019 neither. EDIT: LMAO also, Gisele isn't even on that list. Gisele is always on that list. Def a fake list lol
  14. Same I thought she was wearing a grill for a second lmao
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