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  1. Another viral tweet of Adriana, I am glad that she can still manage this without being with VS
  2. BS. The turkish media is always lying. I am just glad Adriana is no longer with somebody from there. I pray she never gets another guy that lives there again. Turkey is too fascinated with her and their media is too bad. Their media treats EVERYBODY like crap.
  3. Yeah the third girl looks like candice in general, she has her facial structure, I mean I don't think it was the "attention" but the fact that she left VS after 20 years in general. Like it was the accomplishment itself, which is why the award is deserving IMO. Along with the other details about her career (her Superbowl association), Adriana truly is an iconic model for alot of reasons, so being recognized as an icon with an award is fitting. She has been nominated and I think MAY have won awards from like models.com (I am not sure, she has for sure been nominated). But that was just models.com and based on public survey. She also won an award in 2007 from SPIKE TV's "Guy's choice" award but that was just because she was hot LOL. But this would be her first honorary award as an actual model.
  4. I want to say two things. 1. Adriana's Oscars looks were so good she has inspired alot of people to replicate the look and make tutorials off of it. 2. I just want to say that I am so HAPPY and PROUD of Adriana for being honored as a fashion icon. How ironic, thats the same award Sway tried to get her to talk shit about Kendall Jenner for getting (and Adriana was smart, and chose not to do that, even though clearly there was an issue with Kendall getting it because its "Fashion Icon of the DECADE", Kendall has not been modelling for a decade lmao, a decade ago she was like 11), but anyways, Adriana receiving the honor is actually well deserve. And it says alot about her. I don't think any other VS angel even got awarded that. Its a big deal and its a good thing and it is totally deserved because CLEARLY by these videos and what not, the public still love her. And she has truly worked hard, she is a great model and has had an exceptional career so far (lets hope for even more things). Its not easy doing what she has done in the industry, so anytime she is being honored, it is well deserved. And ofcourse this is another great notch on her belt. Funny enough, I just saw a comment that said if there was a hall of fame award for supermodels, Adriana should get one and look at her now, she is receiving some kind of award for who she is
  5. That is noteworthy because I don't think that ever registered to Adriana. You can tell by the things she did post and liked that it didn't dawn on her that she fell in love fast. It is a good thing and it is growth for her to see that she should talk her time more and move slower. Not only has she realized that she deserved better but that she shouldn't be falling in love as easily and all that. GROWTH, her being aware of these things will help her better in relationships
  6. I think comments like that is the reason why she no longer posts on her feed, Adriana is older and does not come from this generation so its understandable. I would just like for her to be active regardless of what she posts lol
  7. I am not sure when she met the WAGS but she did, there was a pic of all of them lol
  8. Came in here to post this, Candice left a cute comment under this pic of Adriana that someone else posted
  9. I don't remember a cheer dance being done infront of him. What DID happen was he actually introduced Adriana to Gronk's and Danny Girlfriends. Gronk's girlfriend used to be a pats cheerleader and she showed Adriana a dance, but there was no indication of Julian being around for it. Also, after they broke up, Gronk's gf Camilla posted the video again to wish Adriana a happy birthday, and this was after her and Julian broke up. Camilla and and Danny's girlfriend Olivia still follow Adriana actually. But yeah, I just saw that video of Adriana and Camilla dancing recently and Julian isn't even in it.. Also, during the superbowl you rarely saw Adriana with him. I remember when they won PLAY OFFS, and thats when Adriana was seen with him. But she didn't dance, she ran up to him and they kissed and hugged. That was it. She was waiting for him while he was greeting fans but it wasn't embarrassing some people are just over exaggerating because they don't like him for her lol. He wasn't THAT bad. He just didn't want to be as serious. But its clear he did like Adriana a good deal. You can tell by the things he did and still does do apparently and he tried to treat her better than he usually does the women he messed with. Because from what I have seen, Adriana has gotten treated the best out of all the woman he has messed with. I don't even think the brazilian model that he dated after Adriana got to hang out with the Pats WAGS like Adriana did. It seems like he tries to keep the girls he mess with away from all of that, but Adriana was ok to all of this. Then there was the MET gala thing, and you said he did like posts about her VS retirement and there are other social media activity that he has done that shows he does keep up with what Adriana is doing sometimes. So, he did like her, he just didn't want to be that serious at the time. You can't blame neither him nor Adriana about how they felt about that
  10. Eh there is alot of options these days, Who knows. Hopefully whoever she ends up being with next is the right match in ALL aspects and someone who she can be serious with
  11. That was just them being flirty lol. I also don't blame Adriana for her side because she is older, keep in mind she was older than him. She has no time for games or waiting years for someone to be serious with her because like I said, he hasn't been serious with anyone. So it wasn't only the timing. Its ok for a younger girl with no kids to put up with that for years but not someone like Adriana who is older and has kids.
  12. He did?? First time hearing that. If thats the case, I am not that surprised, I think EVENTUALLY he really did want something with Adriana, Just not very soon. Not surprised about the SB pics because Adriana always supported the pats. The news was that he wasn't ready to be more serious yet, so thats why it didn't work out. And you could tell from the 2017 MET gala that they didn't end up on bad terms. A statement was actually released because people thought they were actually together, and it said that they basically hung out and came to a good agreement and understanding with eachother, but were not back together
  13. I do think he really liked her but I wouldn't say it was because of that. He is like that with every relationship he has been in. Thats why I mentioned that brazilian gf that he was with after Adriana, they aren't together anymore I don't think and people never knew they even dated. Thats just the way he is regardless of who he dates and I honestly think its so that others won't know that he isn't single, so that he could still mess around probably. Like his best friend Danny who was caught cheating, birds of a feather. The way Julian goes about his relations aren't specific to just Adriana is what I am saying. He was never ready to be serious with anybody and he was always extremely low key, to the point that the general public don't realize who has dated/messed with with the exception of Adriana. I think he tried a little bit more with Adriana because of who she was, she isn't common so he knew to go about things with her better. Someone who knew him mentioned he was trying his best to woo her and be romantic. But I think he still just didn't want to get serious
  14. I liked them as well. He is actually is a handsome guy and clearly he does great in his field of work, he is a star. However, like someone else said, I don't think he was ready for serious relationships and he doesn't seem to like to be very open about his relationships. Nobody ever caught on that he was dating the other brazilian model after Adriana and I am sure thats because he wanted it to be that way. I think there is a reason for that and its not a good one. I just don't think he was ready to settle down, thats the thing. And Adriana is in her mid 30s , she should not be dealing with someone who doesn't want to be serious anytime soon. If he was serious about his relationships, then it would be different
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