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  1. Oh man :(, I hope it gets better for her. Anxiety and panic attacks are such a bitch to deal with and to try to get rid of.
  2. I think this is only Ale's event. It doesn't seem to be linked that much to VS. Thats probably why they chose such a dated outfit (as opposed to been given a recent that VS still has). It was replicated from her 2008 look. Those aren't the actual wings or anything she walked in
  3. It looks better than adriana's in terms of face lol.Because It actually does look more like Alessandra generally. I think Adriana, just fitted for hers during the wrong time, it was when she gained all that weight, and it showed her in face, so her face doesn't look much like herself. I think Ale's was done as accurate as possible. She must be known there for her to get it there, Adriana got hers in the NYC and we all know she is big in the US than probably anywhere else. The only I don't like is ale's pose. It looks awkward in wax. I don't get why she thought it would be a good pose lol. But besides that, and her obviously dated outfit, I think its good. If Adriana's outfit and pose wasn't better i'd say it was overall better than Adriana's. IMO its one of the best figures as far as models go. I am only HALF surprised VS didn't make a big deal with this like they did Adriana
  4. I would like to change my name to Souled-Out.
  5. not sure about that. But I have heard taylor's own fans be disappointing in her personality and how she treated them.
  6. That she literally had less charm. To the point where the person who met her, had to say it. She was with gigi and of course taylor looks better than her but gigi had more charm noticeably.
  7. agree with you guys. She isn't THE prettiest to me, but she undeniably is so, but she truly is the perfect example that looks aren't everything. She has no charm and her talent is lackluster too. She is lucky she is great with selfies atleast and the kind of people she appeals to with her look.
  8. her. posture.
  9. Yeah thats true. Even Adriana is growing followers quicker than her.
  10. Taylor has no charm. Even in her individual pics she looks a mess . Useless.
  11. thats messed up. There was soo many ways to avoid that, they clearly did it on purpose
  12. I don't think the problem is sara as far as taylor is concerned. Its taylor herself
  13. Really? Hmmm. didn't consider that but perhaps..
  14. I said some of the new angels too. People want who they want. Because alot of people outside of here don't think they are as good as past VS models and it ruins it for them. You all don't like to hear that but thats how alot of people feel. I am sure if people didn't feel that VS wasn't losing its greatness that the sales wouldn't decrease as much as they do sometimes now and that the show would do better. I think its ridiculous trying to blame it on the network when VS has experienced failures in other parts of their company, this year, that doesn't have a thing to do with a tv network. Its them. If you don't wanna say what kind of models they are choosing is part of the problem, its VS surely