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  1. doubtful, this is not what messing with your lips look like without lipstick: Her lips are the same size as here: She just has lipstick with liner on in that photo plus her face is slowly getting thinner again too (well atleast in the selfies) so her lips aren’t looking smaller on her face either Sidenote: I wish she would stop getting her eyebrows done/arched tho, she looks so much better in the second picture with her natural brow shape.
  2. I disagree with the first bit. Her not posting any of the modeling work she does at all makes her look like a retired model who also has 0 interest in modeling. Its better to seem reminiscent of modeling than to look like you aren’t interested anymore. Adriana makes it look like she isn’t interested in it She says she miss vogue but then the high fashion campaign she got with marc jacobs this year, she didn’t even post or acknowledge it, is crazy lol. Like how does one expect for high fashion to flow in when you’re not actually posting the high fashion work you got this year? How are they supposed to know you still want to do this? IDK when will adriana ever get that its a disservice for her to do fashion work but not post about it. Especially since she actually is still popular with people on social media. She could easily use her social media to get even more jobs because her popularity is still there, but she never does
  3. Ugh She left new york fashion week so quick I was hoping we'd get atleast one more activity from her. I will say she had been away from cyan pretty long, so I get it Paris Fashion Week is at the end of this month. I really hope she attends! She talks about missing Vogue, in that interview with them on the Pink Carpet. Well Adriana, you run into these kinds of people when you actually are active/attend fashion events and maybe posting throwbacks/modeling content on her instagram would also help. Does she really not realize she hasn't actually put herself out there much
  4. Yeah, notice how she is also actually looking better in real life while posing and videos than in some of the pictures. Or she looks better in the actual modeling photos. The difference I think is how much she actually tries to look confident. I think she's has an (understandably) harder time appearing more confident in these public events. She naturally looks beautiful and fierce but her posing gives that she doesn't feel that way making some pics awkward. I hope she gets through it because her looks are definitely returning. She looked rested, she was def one of the best looking models at the event! Unfortunately, how she feels on the inside always shows on the outside. Atleast she seems happy and I think she is. I just think her stepping back into the modeling scene the way she has these past two week has her nervous. She shouldn't be though because no model there looked better than her imo lol. She still proving to be the prettiest VS angel to me And whoever did her makeup last night, should continue
  5. In my opinion this is the best she has looked. She does not look tired to me but I do feel she is uncomfortable or not having much confidence in the photos. However she looks well rested imo and I think she looks better her than in venice.
  6. So should we be expecting a campaign with pinko??? I hope so! I feel like thats why she was there, especially since she went alone and they posted alot of content of her in it. All of the pink content was good. I really hope this is leading into a new fashion campaign! Adriana looked very happy too which is always nice to see and enhances her looks. I love how long her hair has gotten
  7. omg the fans were so happy and excited to see her. Aww Adriana herself also looks very happy
  8. she liked it beforeee 😩 lol I get the whole sun screen thing, but she could atleast spray tan! I don’t think she realizes she looks better and more exceptional with darker skin/a tan. The pale skin makes her look russian and not the irina kind of russian because irina actually tans lol. I actually like the hair especially since it goes along with the back of the dress. I saw other photos and I think I def liked this look and it was much better than yesterday. Her eyebrows was messed up pretty bad tho unfortunately
  9. This makeup was def better I just wish he'd do better by her eyebrows! lol
  10. this makeup was almost better but its like the artist doesn’t know what to do with her eyebrows. She has straight long ones, let them be straight and long lol. Also her eyebrow color is too light but it is lighter than yesterday atleast also her hair looks brown!
  11. I want to take this moment to love the fact that Adriana is there solo LOL. She seemed so much more interactive too.
  12. These are a nice set of pictures
  13. its weird because usually makeup has the opposite affect. I thought the MUA would use makeup to make her face look slimmer but it didn’t. I def think the makeup today wasn’t good enough however in the video from yesterday that was the more recognizable she looked in awhile imo. Her face is def still smaller than it was 2 weeks ago. So it makes sense her body is as well. She still got some ways from both but she is def approaching her old body again. I think in general she overrall is smaller. Its just her face looks really different as long as its not smaller. Thats just the reality. I think her face will look like we are used to when its at regular size and with better makeup or tan. I really don't think its fillers because it didn't appear to be the case in austrialia at all. And I do think Adriana is smart enough to know the last thing her face need is fillers
  14. Not a fan of the makeup today. I liked it better at the July event. IDK if its because her face has gotten bigger again or maybe its the lack of tan. Maybe a spray tan would have fit the look better
  15. I agree, she looked wayy better in the tiktok clip than the actual commercial because of the lighting. I hope its the same during the show.
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