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  1. But she likes them hit in the face LOL
  2. Probably for fun because we all know Adriana doesn't do handsome and gorgeous men lol
  3. I kinda agree. Not sure about the jet part, but it seemed like a thank you to showing her a good time.
  4. I agree you can tell she is a real fan because despite Adriana's feed not being the hippest and Adriana post all kinds of things she never unfollowed and continues to be a big fan lol
  5. {name}


    They didn't notice how bad Irina looked as well from the photoshop? LOL.
  6. Exactly Adriana would be PERFECT for youtube with her quirky personality and because people are intrigued by her anyway. But like you said, it took Adriana so long to warm up to the idea of social media + alot of these models see it as a side hustle. We all know Adriana only hustles in the field that she cares about (modelling and fashion). If she ever created a youtube the last reason would be for money and branding But I do hope maybe her new agency might throw the idea out there to her atleast
  7. {name}


    RIGHT, a thin fast will age Adriana
  8. {name}


    And its actually her face, not her body. But I think she looks fine, plus Candice's face is pretty much the opposite now and people are complaining about that. You really can't win sometimes. I'd rather Adriana look like the way she does than some of these other models facially. Alot of them just aren't aging well and they have not even reached Adriana's age yet. They gonna wish those models looked like her when they reach 38
  9. {name}


    Yeah thats an annoying topic they won't let go of. I saw some people saying the same shit on an article of candice and doutzen (I realized its because some user said Adriana looked better than them both) but they conveniently forget that she is almost 40. She's older than both of them and guess what they aren't even talking about that lol. Nobody can say she looks old or worn or anything like that. They should be praising her for that because honestly Adriana is the best looking model for her time. People may complain just because she doesn't tan much so she doesn't look as exotic or if her face is plumper from whatever (weight gain or procedures), but ain't no model in her age bracket or from her time is actually look better than her. She arguably looks better than alot of them. People forget that part. They know damn well if she was looking like Gisele or Irina is without makeup (Irina is beautiful but she has more signs of aging) they would also bash her for that. But yeah I can see why you are surprised at the photos DM chose. They are so fucking shady, they usually chose the worst photos
  10. {name}


    The comments on dailymail were SURPRISINGLY (because its a horrible place with horrible commenters) not that bad. Actually nobody complained about her body. If anything there were comments about her face but most of them were from haters
  11. {name}


    wow...I didn't know she still didn't have that. What kind of Visa was she using ?
  12. {name}


    Her body looks ok to me, you can still clearly see her abs
  13. Just let them be great lol. That video with him and the kid was actually cute. He seems to be cool around children. He honestly isn't that bad looking the more I see him
  14. {name}


    I disagree about the athletes alot of them are so dirty and put their spouses through shit. That money and power and fame I think causes them to be that way. Only steph curry comes across as a good one. But he got his girl before making it into the nba
  15. {name}


    I like that emir is friends with other successful people. I honestly hope this works out. This is the kind of man I would like with her. I mean he isn't the most handsome but he isn't ugly and he is low key. Also, Adriana has been low key about this in terms of social media. She hasn't posted about him, she hasn't posted anything that could be influenced by him. She is still herself with him. He may be turkish but obviously he resides in Italy. That is nice. Also, he isn't a meat head. Body could be better, lets hope Adriana doesn't end up with a body like his, however I am glad Adriana let go having a big meat head/super athletic bf. Athletes just aren't shit, they ain't good for anything but their money.
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