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  1. Candids

    +1 There wasn't even one negative comment on dailymail for these photos, which is rare for that site. She looks great and happy. Strikingly radiant
  2. General Discussion

    No I am sure its a genuine mistake, I think I have seen her spell it like that before actually. Update, the actual photographer of the photo has caught on to the post, and as I predicted, he wants to give Metin "The talk" about posting that photo without credit. And it seems that some turkish person tried to say that the photographer was lying about owning the photo, another persons This a damn shame how this had to happen. Ofcourse only right after I post this the photographer comment to metin here, thats when he gives credit. But the dude photo is reposted everywhere now without credit and metin has the nerve to delete thommy's comment. Someone asked thommy if he was the one who deleted his own comment, he said no and if its not there, he didn't remove it..So metin did it. He honestly has some nerve to delete his comment like that. That's not right. He doesn't know if Adriana has to work with thommy again or something, because he liked a comment saying "bf or not, give credit when credit is due". So its not like thommy assumes he is just a regular person, he knows metin knows Adriana. He shouldn't have deleted Thommy's comment especially after he caused so many reposts anyway and he dragged his feet on giving credit. This is what we be talking about, he has no consideration for anything else in Adriana's life thats not him. Not her family. Not her work. Tbh, I hope she realizes she shouldn't just be annoyed at some commenters, but also Metin himself. If he didn't post a picture like this people wouldn't assume whatever they did from that picture. Like, don't just scold the people who only react in the way Metin honestly wanted them to. I mean, obviously he can't control what exactly people say. But with the way he watches his comments, he can control which ones are left and which are not. He can also sway people to assume things. He didn't even delete the comment she responded to himself and he surely has been watching those comments and he still deletes them. He won't delete a comment that made her annoyed, but he deletes simple comments that states "Did you and Adriana break up", they weren't even mean when they asked. He deletes someone comment asking him for credit. It just wouldn't be right to only project that annoyance at the people who comment (even though we don't know what exactly they said or how but you get an idea its about who took the photo and when), but the person who allowed that space for those kind of comments. I know she said "kindly", so she tried, but it was obviously still a scold and I hope she remembers who was the one who decided to post a picture thats gonna make people assume things and didn't bother to remove those comments
  3. Candids

    yeah thats true but its not everytime. Be hopeful lol
  4. General Discussion

    I mean, we already knew she was looking at his profile, because of those turkish fans, they used some kind of app see what she is viewing and they posted it on IG. So thats not surprising The a1 user is speaking in 2nd person so thats what makes it a little confusing but lets be real that grammar/english.... That lets you know who it is. No offense to Adriana but we know how she types lol. At first I was put off because she sounded kinda upset. I don't know what the person said but it seems they assumed Metin took it or something like that. And I am not sure if she said what she did because she was annoyed that the person made an offensive claim about the pic and when it was taken OR if its because Maybelline photographers are getting really tight with being credited for photos. Literally they have been hunting people down (understandably) about their photos being posted, without credit. For example, the person who actually took this photo, its not Andrew, its Thommy White and Here is him asking and complaining about not receiving credit. Every user I have seen posted this same photos, before metin, had to tag him because he made sure of it when the picture first came out: Thats the actual photographer who took the photo that Metin posted, he has been private messaging people and everything for credit because they would repost his work without giving it to him. Which is something Metin just did himself. And With someone like metin posting this, this photo is all over her hashtags and blogs now and the real photographer (Thommy) is not getting the credit he has been asking just regular users for.Now way more people are reposting the photo without crediting him, so he is probably gonna be really upset now that it is literally everywhere and Metin didn't give him credit before, so all those other accounts and sites won't neither, they will metin. The a1 account herself had to state credit to maybelline Hurricane Metin strikes again messing things up because of his ill intentions. Seeing how that photographer feels, he is probably upset because his non-credited work is everywhere. Smh, What did I tell you all earlier about this damn solo photo? if Metin was just genuine like Adriana, and chose a picture of them BOTH instead, this wouldn't have happened.. things like this happen when you're shady and not genuine
  5. Candids

    She doesn't live in NY anymore. So anytime she is there its because of work. She could either be working now or/and be meeting with her agency, which is also held in NYC. She isn't just there, its work related.
  6. General Discussion

    For someone reason I am just still hoping she one day finally sees his BS for what they are and how literally since she has been with him things haven't been the same, and I don't mean that in the good way. I think that is the optimistic person in me, that I swore actually exist lol, coming out. Also because at the end of the day I am a fan. If I truly thought Metin was some good, I would not have an issue, the problem is, he has done too much shady stuff. He has even upset her badly before himself. And the way he chooses to handles those situations makes their relationship toxic now. I can't see him the same anymore. And its sad, we all think so low of him, but its literally because of all the things he has done. Nobody is picking on him anymore... @The iora has brought up a good point too about him doing this when there is a chance she could head his way, like last time. Anyways, because of this stuff, I just still hope she sees why she deserves better and that there is better for her out there. I think she is a good person and despite her tastes and what she decides to put up with, I still want HER to win. And she hasn't been winning since she has been with him. And its literally like everything gets to normal when he is away. And I don't want this for her. I want the BEST for her. Somebody who isn't going to use and exploit her only because it will be convenient for just them. Somebody who doesn't even need to use her because they don't care about what her life comes with, or because they have a big lifestyle of her own. Somebody who is actually in shape and that can help motivate her to stay in shape and stay healthy. Somebody who isn't always trying to manipulate a situation after they have been caught doing wrong. Someone who doesn't claim to influence her and like a comment that implied that Adriana wasn't as great before her. That moment showed what he was really about. Adriana doesn't deserve this, somebody like her can find someone who is real and truthful and not shady. Someone that will actually bring better. He isn't bringing the best out. Regardless of her bringing it on herself, I will never wish less on her, I will always want better for her when I think she needs it. And I think she does, if it takes me speaking it to exist I will try lol. So yes, lets hope Adriana realizes this is not a coincidence when Metin behaves this way on social media. Anytime she publicly removes something of him from her social media + they haven't been seen together in two weeks, he does this
  7. Candids

    Not you're fine, I wasn't upset. Sorry to hear that, hope things get better for you! Gotta love her "talking to the paprazzi" photos lol adorable.
  8. General Discussion

    I just think him using her has became an increased thing over time. It’s obvious when this all started. As I said, when people weren’t sure if he was still with her. And its not like he even posts pic of them together anymore, he is either sneaking pictures of her, sneaking pictures of her home tagging the “ Miami” location. Like he isn’t even fucking posting pictures of them together.... its surely him using her but trying to make it seem like it was just a thoughtful post. If that was the case he would have just did that on Valentine’s day anyway. But on V-day, its wasn’t two weeks of them being apart yet and she didn’t delete that pic And the more he acts like this, the more obvious the differnce between how him and adriana respect their relationship and eachother it becomes. To me its clear, Adriana wants more privacy out of this now. He can’t take having privacy for their relationship. Like I said, adriana never posted solo pictures of him and promoting her work while doing it. Adriana always posts them together. Adriana doesn’t sneak photos of him. Adriana doesn’t record/take photos of his home. Adriana doesn’t care if people know what their relationship status is. Adriana wouldn’t do that because she doesn’t use people and she has nothing to gain from him. This is literally like: genuine ( Adriana) vs non genuine (Metin). Using ( metin ) vs not (Adriana) . As I said the difference in how they treat their relationship these days is so obvious and I think it’s because they view this relationship in two different ways and they want different things out of it. He true colors show more and more I am surprised she is just in NY. But I knew she was in a work location and she looks happy and looks like herself. She looks good
  9. Candids

    Lol I just screenshot the caption incase he tried to change it because I mention how the caption promotes his own work
  10. Candids

    It has been like two weeks since he was last seen with her and she deleted just one photo of them. What did I tell you all he was going to do after that mark? Do something on social media to remind people of this, after a certain amount of time. Adriana hasn't posted anything on her feed at all, so he doesn't have anything to like, now he has to do this. This a stunt. Especially since more fans probably noticed her delete that picture, so yeah, this seems about right. Anyone ever notice, when he post about her, he always promotes himself when he does it too? When he'd sneak photos of Adriana in his IG stories while in Miami he also quoted himself. He always promotes himself when he posts her. Really tired of seeing her being used by him in multiple forms. He literally can't go two weeks without reminding the public of their relationship since she unfollowed him. He can't post about her without promoting his work. He can't even stay with her for a month without him taking pictures all over her house to post on his IG stories, he has been home this entire time and he hasn't posted one piece of his home yet, but he keep showing Adriana's. He keeps coming across as disingenuous and using her for attention. The fact that Adriana, the one who is already known and successful and who obviously just wants more privacy, can actually avoid doing this but now he can't go two weeks without pulling this stuff is telling, and its not good because before she famously unfollowed him, he didn't keep pulling these stunts. He hates that the public don't know about their relationship status much, even though he shouldn't even care Thats why we saw this one coming because she deleted a picture too. It was only one picture but combined with the fact that the public hasn't saw them together for more than the week + the reason why she deleted the picture , he does something like this. All I can say is, I hope Adriana just doesn’t fall for this. He isn’t showing love, he is exploiting her constantly now. He didn’t even post a picture of them together, only a picture of her while quoting his own work...exploiting her. Thats why he also kept showing her home while in miami. This is all exploitation. I hope she doesn’t fall for this, there is a reason why he keeps being like this and she isn’t, because she doesn’t exploit him
  11. General Discussion

    I doubt she is in turkey. Wherever she is, it’s requiring her to be very busy because of her lack of social media activity. Like she wasn’t even liking stuff. She is busy wherever she is. Hopefully she is shooting for some cover. We never have a clue when she shooting for covers
  12. General Discussion

    There is no telling.She could even be going to California for ABS production? However, I think she has been traveling too long to be headed there.
  13. General Discussion

    The ones she got in brazil do look better
  14. General Discussion

    I don't agree with any of your logic. I think every promo situation is different, they aren't all the same across the board. I don't think everyone gets paid every single time they receive this stuff. Those companies just want the promotion. Its an exchange, you get something nice and you don't have to pay for it at all, you don't even have to really use it, just show it to people because you appear to have a large audience. Thats how it goes sometimes. I have a family member who is manager to one of the hottest celebs in the industry right now and sometimes they get things sent to their home for them to promote, and they actually wasn't expecting it. Granted through a letter that comes with it or something, they understand its to promote. But those situations show you it isn't that pre-planned all the time. Sometimes the things just come. It doesn't always have to be discussed before. What makes the difference is a letter explaining and there was none. Agree to disagree because I don't think she should have just taken it. She could have eventually found out what the deal was, or do as best as she can to just show it because thats what the thinks thats what they want.she chose to do the latter
  15. General Discussion

    Do we have selective reading? Uh, we have all acknowledged that she didn't know what it was, and she didn't know who sent it. Thats why I suggested it was maybe lily or jourdan. @Corner literally said "she didn't know who sent it to her". We have all acknowledged she was confused and why before your statement. Its not like someone lied on her. She also did say she "didn't know what this is about". This isn't some one sided thing. The swimsuit was made and shipped to her, that costs money and she didn't have to pay for that. "She gave them free advertising" they sent her a free swim suit. Just because someone gives you a gift with no letter that means you don't acknowledge it at all, not even a post? I don't think Adriana would have the logic of "No letter, means no acknowledgement. I'll just take it". She isn't going to do that. She didn't @ them in the post and she always does that. if she was familiar and only confused about the letter, she would have @ them like she always does.