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  1. General Discussion

    Her childhood photos: 2003 photos 90s photos I am sure irina has never been darker than this lol
  2. Miscellaneous

    She has done it again, turned a bad outfit onto a good one and inspire people to create art out of it
  3. General Discussion

    She didn't say that exactly, she said she never leaves the house without sunscreen. So, she makes sure the sun isn't kissing her skin (or giving her cancer I KNOW) but there are other ways for her to tan and have some color to her skin. Someone lined her up with all the other models in the Nomad section, she was literally the palest. It was crazy, especially since she is of mixed heritage, even candice and Ale had more color. Adriana was so pale. I saw a video of the girls getting tans backstage, so yeah its available, it looks like she isn't even trying to use that stuff. A tan like she had in 2002 was good, but I know models like Irina shayk, they have other methods for having such a great skin tone.
  4. General Discussion

    I didn't say my piece on my thoughts on this year's show and adriana in it. I think she looked good enough. It was certainly no 2015 or 2014 where Adriana looked upset and too skinny. She looked the perfect weight for herself. She looked well rested too. The ONLY thing was that she was just very pale this year, literally she looked pasty. And I just wish Adriana new that part of her appeal, part of what made her so big, was her face (eyes, lips, face structure), hair AND skin. If she'd tan like the others do backstage, since she is afraid of the sun, and have some color too her, she would actually look great and better and that will helped with people thinking she still got it. I think I like her walk in punk. I am very upset she didn't open it. it was obvious from her outfit AND the way she walked, that was supposed to be HER segment. And from how balmain is mainly posting HER runway pics on social media. Its so freaking disappointing, she had to open nomad. Thats not as fierce, it was def made for somebody like candice to open. I am cool with her walk, I accept she will never walk like 2005 again, but she has to tone it down on some facial expressions, its not flattering sometimes and with her getting older people will use that as an excuse to pick on her "aging"when really she just has a weird facial expression. I already said, I hope she stops at 20 for HER sake, so that she can leave out with a bang. I am sooo sad to see ale go tho. Ofc I know Adriana was there before her anyway but as soon as ale started you saw her by Adriana's side. And now thats gone. Adriana is the only one left. I can't even look at a picture of them both without wanting to tear up. Its gonna be painful to see Adriana in VS and no Alessandra.
  5. General Discussion

    One of the choreographers from the show
  6. General Discussion

    20th should be it. She has to leave when people will still be sad for her to go. Not when they say "yeah, its about time she goes"
  7. General Discussion

    Woah, the photo posted at the show got 50,000 likes in just 9 minutes
  8. General Discussion

    She said she is staying to her 20th show. We just have two more years guys. I am glad she gave a realistic date.
  9. Candids

    yeah I need a final look because she is looking incomplete in most of the pics
  10. Candids

    I need more pictures before I determine whether or not she looks good at this show
  11. General Discussion

    She did interviews in a secluded area,thats probably why. But I also do think she is avoided social media.
  12. General Discussion

    We don't even get an IG story? Seriously why is she ignoring posting about the show on social media
  13. General Discussion

    She is trending number 1 on yahoo.
  14. General Discussion

    maybe its just a tanned person with a light eye lol
  15. General Discussion

    I don't know, she may be working out alot. We just don't know because she won't post anything lol. There was one pic someone from their gym staff got with her on the first night I just want a fierce walk from her. Thats all. Parasian nights or something. Hopefully she actually gets an opening