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  1. Almost every year Adriana has to work on her birthday
  2. I mean, I agree Adriana looked very old at the chopard event, I do agree it aged her incredibly.we all know it was just the damn makeup. But you can miss me with constantly comparing her to Irina all the time. I know out of the two Adriana is not the one seen as the second rate,so that may suck for someone who likes Irina more, but still. Adriana is Adriana Lima, she doesn't have to be anybody less than that. Sorry.
  3. You know, you compare Adriana to Irina ALOT. I want to say the last atleast three comments ever made in her threads by you, you compared her to Irina. Even when it came to that mirror selfie adriana did, you made that shit about Irina. Out of all models, Irina? Adriana came before Irina. Half of what Irina will be remembered for is her resemblance to Adriana. Just saying. I don't think Adriana needs to take any kinds of tips from irina and she doesn't have to be her in anyway. Especially not when it comes to makeup. Irina's dress and body looked great at cannes but her face was a different story. Her makeup didn't conceal how tired she looked. and that might not have been a makeup issue but Irina aging/being a mom now, but she doesn't look as fresh and young as Adriana has been. (Adriana looks younger in the face constantly than she does, at the movie premiere in cannes included). Adriana does not have to be irina at all lol. The person who did her makeup at chopard just sucked. But that doesn't have anything to do with irina
  4. lmao thats kinda shady
  5. Maybe it was like autocorrect or something lol. It had to be because I don't see how anybody can mistake those two
  6. I heard the lyrics, you don't have to underline them. I just don't give shit about them, and I am a rap and hiphop fan myself. He is a white rapper thats not Eminem. That alone should make everybody brush that off. Its already been said and done. Fuck him. They are just shitty lyrics, like alot of raps songs these days, I know that doesn't make it ok, I am just saying its nothing to be caught up on.
  7. Yeah, I am just saying not too many people gonna hear that lol.
  8. About G eazy, he has always followed her. I knew there was a reason I never listened to his songs LOL. I have seen a rapper leaving explicit comments under her IG photos, but he was a black rapper from compton who used to be with eazy-e from NWA. His name is BG knocc out, he also follows adriana, maybe thats the one you are talking about. Alot of rappers do like her though so you could be talking about another rapper lol. As far as that line go, whatever, he said heard not smell lol and he clearly still likes her. But most importantly, he isn't the biggest guy in the industry, especially not as a white rapper.
  9. Yeah she is aging soo well these days.
  10. she was happy the whole lot with him, I will say that.
  11. It seems motherhood changed her just a little, for the better ofcourse. Its actually good to see a model taking alot of time out to be a mom, candice clearly loves it. And I like seeing that personally. VS sucks anyway, I gave up on them using their better models a while ago. Being with VS wouldn't do anything for her these days. However, she probably is working on other projects too and we just don't know. I can see that
  12. I think today she knew her look wasn't good or something
  13. Exactly, I have no words for how badly the person who did her makeup today messed up. Thats ridiculous. They caked her way too much
  14. Her makeup was awful and made her look way older than she did yesterday. wtf, whoever did that needs to be fired.
  15. Maybe, I clicked on his profile and he posted one of the hq pics