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  1. General Discussion

    Is it as ridiculous when Adriana posted on her ig stories a quote saying that “social media ruins relationships”. I don’t remember nobody pointing out the fact that she said that was “ ridiculous”. So it shouldn’t be ridiculous when other people are thrown off by social media activity too. And social media activity is not the only thing that showed us that Adriana was irresponsible enough to gain too much weight, and that she hasn’t been working. Social media isn’t the only indication that she hasn’t been working, its just one of them. But those posts do clearly tell us when she is with him instead. Its not ridiculous to be able to see whats infront of you. You see she hasn’t worked besides events where she is just showing how beautiful she is. You see she is constantly with him instead of taking care of other things in her life @Corner she is still contracted with Vs is what they mean. I think after her empty causes post and people thought she was shading VS and caused commotion, maybe like her fans they too don’t feel the same about her anymore. But like I said, that was another irresponsible moment for her. Its hard to seperate the artist from the art when, there isn’t even no damn art lol. Literally all we have to admire and enjoy about Adriana is from the past. Not only when we liked her the most as a person, but also when she actually produced “ art” and actually worked.
  2. General Discussion

    Yeah, as I said, people call me and some others names for saying what we say here. But I know I am saying what alot of her fans feel. And alot of her fans truly have been struggling to continue to like her and be fans, for obvious reasons. She just isn’t giving us much to be proud of anymore. Her own words are having to be used against her: But like everybody is saying, she won’t care sadly
  3. General Discussion

    Marko. Her schedule. Their schedule because, They spent about two weeks with Marko in Colorado last month. Nobody is just going by how many times she post her kids. Just seeing where she is, you know when she is home and when she isn’t. We know when she is with them alone and when she isn’t because other people will show that. Trust me when I say, I try not to even see it like that but even Adriana’s most dedicated fans who don’t even talk about this much on here, have felt the same. They just don’t want to say anything for obvious reasons ( per usual, I have been saying what alot of fans are thinking but don’t want to say). We could be wrong but its not an unpopular opinion amongst her fans. It used to be ofcourse but as even you know, things are not looking the same with her
  4. Candids

    She's still every young boy's dream haha
  5. Candids

    Yeah, she looks great. Her skin is still the best.
  6. Miscellaneous

    Yes, that was one of her best looks. I think VS team styles her though, so its no wonder.
  7. General Discussion

    Her cake IG story gave me a flashback lol. The last time she posted about Baking carbs was.... but to be real, she probably hasn’t eaten cake since a month ago or something. So don’t think I am shaming her, she is probably treating herself because she was traveling with her own healthy meals and everything. I just hope that considering the obvious circumstances she doesn’t find herself having the same issues she did back in January because even if she continues to not do any modelling, she has that show coming up soon
  8. Motion

    Adorable video of her tbh. Its been awhile since we have seen her humorous side.
  9. Maybelline

    The unedited version is so much better
  10. General Discussion

    I used to care what kind of work that I would like this see, because she has been wayy more dry than usual on Covers and Editorial Work. At first I just really wanted that and I was hoping before she starts shooting for her show again thats what would happen. But you know what, I will take whatever lol. It can be Maybelline again, VS, it can be that show. Just something that is separate from all the propaganda with her boyfriend.The only major break there was, was the Germany event and Oscars weekend, sadly both of those events still went back to the subject of her boyfriend because the pregnancy rumors. Same thing with the Brazil event. Even now because she isn't solo brazil. Every single thing this year (Since November tbh), something happened that becomes more than about just Adriana. Everytime, for alot of reasons, not just because of how she looked. Atleast now, Adriana appears to be back to her usual look. Hopefully the same goes for her mindset. After she finishes all she does with her family there should be some kind of news/project that comes up and it will be about her, assuming no more stunts are pulled.
  11. General Discussion

    I will be so glad whenever Adriana starts working again or being more productive as a public figure
  12. General Discussion

    Thats interesting... “die together”? Thats all I am gonna say. Anybody else that comments on this, be careful talking about content and information that was released to the public for your to clearly talk about, it will get you named called
  13. Candids

    I have. When she went there for Christmas, alot of the same people were there. That was my first time seeing them. If you go on some of their profiles that posted photos of her from when she visited for Christmas. That photo with metin makes me laugh because its so obvious how hard he is trying to be seen. Look at his body posture compared to everyone else, he is leaning so far over lol
  14. General Discussion

    I am thinking about the various ways this trip can go. It can go many ways. Thats all I will say.
  15. Editorials

    Join the club, I really hope after she comes back from Brazil work is next. She looks like she usually does again