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  1. It could be work. I don't see her going there for a vacation so quick. But then again, I am pretty sure Greece is ok Corona wise. It's in Europe, alot of areas there are back to normal. Its no different than celebs who go from on state to another infested state where the virus count is still actually climbing. Don't get me wrong, the virus is still a thing. However they are dealing with like 24 cases on a day, where as in states its in the 1,000s. Hopefully it is for work, if not, I guess she is one of the others who are ready to go back out. I see it being for work because its been a long time since she has worked. I don't see the first thing she does is vacation. Even though her birthday did just pass.
  2. Its not that Adriana didn't realize she added a location thats the problem. She probably doesn't realize that a person can click on those things and get an actual direct address. Because when a location is tagged it doesn't come up as the direct address on the feed. Like you have to make some clicks to see that. So, it makes it easier to forget about that
  3. I literally just saw a maybelline commercial with Jo and Adriana on my TV THIS week. When she had the green on. Also, remember Covid. I doubt they would release her during such a time and thats part of the reason she can't work for them. Also Maybelline usually keep their models for even longer than 5 years, Look at Christy. It wasn't AS obvious sometimes that she was still with them but she actually was. Pretty sure thats just how they are with models who have been there longer. They have alot of models, they can have them do different things
  4. Her first Vogue Italia cover was her profile photo for facebook for like a year LOL. But I do remember one time she shouted it out either in an interview or on social media as one of her fav ever that she has done lol. I think because she always wanted to be on it, she mixes it up with Vogue UK, which she doesn't have but she never wanted to be on it as badly as she did Italia
  5. Yeah if it wasn't for that, she would have probably left it up, IG doesn't let you edit the stories. Gotta take the whole thing down. Made me happy for some reason that she is well aware lol. Not just her fans who peeped all of this, it was nice to get that confirmation. I can see Adriana still wants to accomplish alot in this business and I hope when quarantine and stuff is olver, she accomplishes even more
  6. Actually, she has been keeping up all the activist stories for 24 hours, except that misleading one. I think she deleted this probably because of the Vogue Italia part . She said she was still waiting on her Vogue Italia cover and she got TWO of them lol. I know some people probably told her she mentioned the wrong Vogue. Thats def something that was important to get right. Can't say that a Vogue that worked with you twice, didn't give you a chance. She might repost it with the proper Vogue covers that she is missing but its been shared and its the thought that counts. She had a good reason for deleting it though because she mixed up one of the Vogues
  7. LOL try telling people this on twitter. That lady's message was too poorly written and misleading. People still circulating it and some people are saying nasty nasty things about Adriana because they think she supports trump. And it's sadly understandable because of the misleading post. Trump looks HORRIBLE right now, it is not smart to even look like you are defending him. I don't understand why the author felt that would be a good first sentence Trump def does have alot to do with what's going on. Yes the rest of the message was better but like don't screw up the first line like that. Adriana should have left that post alone, especially since she doesn't support trump, these people don't know that, so not a good idea to post something that looks like its supporting him
  8. Yeah, the point would have been a great point, if the person who actually did write it didn't include Trump. They used his names too many times in that statement. Adriana is an adult, like most adults she looks at things from a BIG PICTURE perspective. But generation Z on twitter don't LOL. They saw trumps' name and immediately got the wrong idea. I can't blame Adriana for thinking the OVERALL message is alright but I kinda can't blame the people on twitter who took it wrong. You can say that EVERYBODY, including Trump himself, need to make a change without sounding like you're defending him. As I said before, I don't care what that lady who wrote that claims, I think she is a closeted supporter. Most of Trump's supporters will say things that either he will say himself or they will sound like they are defending him. But then they will backtrack and pretend they aren't because its clearly a bad look. We all know Adriana does not support him as she participated in a whole video against him and has talked bad about him since he became president. But the lady she reposted from I am not sure. Like she could have said what Adriana did in her black lives matter post, but for some reason she felt the need to say more than once that people should stop just blaming him. Like come on, this is somebody being accused of absurd shit and who called protesters thugs just because of their race, you can say that we all need to change, without saying something isn't Trump's fault. Adriana did just that, why couldn't that lady do it? And then the fact that it seems like she didn't want to tell Adriana, who is a public figure, what everybody thought makes it even more suspect. Its like she didn't want Adriana know about the misunderstanding. That's pretty selfish to do but I wouldn't expect anything less from someone who actually does support that man. I am glad someone genuine let Adriana know that people misunderstood her. This is a very sensitive time, these celebs gotta be careful I can tell DEEP down, people knew Adriana meant no harm herself because we have known her long enough, but they just disagreed alot with that lady's message
  9. That is messed up. Adriana doesn't even like Trump. He is being accused of murder, rape, sex trafficking and making racial tension worse any decent human being who cares for Adriana would warn her that people think she was defending trump because of that poorly stated post. Like let her knowwww atleast
  10. Adriana needs to leave these kind of people alone, they always end up using her and making her look bad. This is crazy, her response to someone telling her to let Adriana know that people are unfollowing her and don't want to support her anymore over it is " I didn't tell her to post it and I am not a trump support", OKAY but what does that have to do with you atleast warning Adriana that her reputation and brand is about to be hurt over a misunderstanding from your post? She doesn't want to risk adriana not posting it and that is very wrong and selfish
  11. She didn't but people already screen shot it and put it on twitter so it doesn't even matter. Its on the internet forever and it just not a good look, too LOOK like you posted support of trump. The lady put too much emphasis on how its "not trump's fault" which is why I don't believe she didn't vote for him and which is why it seems like she was defending him. Trust me, you will be amazed at how people will act and do to cover it up. But like I said, if she doesn't tell Adriana that shows that she only thinks about herself. And adriana makes it worse because she KEEPs posting. The more she does, the more people get a notification that she has been updating, the more they will be likely to see it. This is just not the time for this mess, people are too tired.
  12. See that's bullshit and thats dead ass wrong. If her and Adriana are cool, she should be telling her what people are saying about her. She probably doesn't want to tell Adriana because if she deleted it, thats less attention. Adriana really is losing fans over that trump story because it does seem like she is defending him. That is not a good look in this climate. SMH. She should be telling Adriana, and I doubt Adriana's team is up to date on things because of quarantine. Smh, IDK why Adriana didn't just leave that post alone, I really don't even buy that this lady didn't vote for him. His people will lie when they get clocked, but if she isn't going to tell Adriana because Adriana will probably have to delete her post then that says something to. It's just bad, its not the time to be posting cryptic shit. People are getting mad at Adriana for that post
  13. She has to be made aware to delete that trump story and I don't see how she possibly can when she doesn't go on twitter. . I do agree that she should not even speak on him, not on this climate man. Like he is trending for bad reasons right now. NOBODY should be posting a story that remotely sounds like she is defending him
  14. I agree, that person who posted honestly does sound like one. I do get their point but it came off as that. What saves Adriana is her previous jabs at post. But there was just too much mentioning of trump. Also you can't trust others to not be smart themselves and realize this. They aren't smart enough to know how Adriana really feels about Trump, they aren't smart enough to understand the BIG picture. Trump's name is a trigger, period. I hope she does delete it, But she doesn't get on twitter, so she doesn't realize that these celebs are getting in real trouble for how they handle all of this. She HAS to be careful. Just a celeb being silent about this stuff is getting them in hot water, you def can't be saying Trump's name like that. UGH I just hope for her sake it doesn't go viral because she doesn't even get on twitter and she barely posts, how is she even supposed to know that she needs to make a statement or needs to delete something? IDK I am just going to hope and pray that, not many catch on to this. Hopefully so much other shit going on in the world, will distract from that post because her intentions were not bad at all and we all know she doesn't like him. But not everybody will
  15. Ugh I wish she didn't repost the person who mentioned trump's role in whats going on. I get the point but all of the generation z idiots won't
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