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  1. True. It could be store pics or just a campaign. Its just kinda weird and out of their element to use angels as old as Adriana and Alessandra for that stuff. Especially for store pics because I know they have alot of pics of ale and adri to use for their store. But it has to be one or the other.
  2. Lilly is too. Don't they usually "announce" when they shoot for holiday though? Like ed makes a post about it, the models do too, and they may even use hashtags and all that stuff.
  3. anybody have a clue what its for?
  4. The interest in VS in general is deteriorating, like you don't even see guys fawn over the models anymore. They literally were known for having the hottest and most beautiful models. Now, I see alot of famous celebs males either only following the older angels or older hot models. NA's? barely. People still want to see models like the older ones. (Old angels, Irina, etc).
  5. I think the selfie candice posted was the best she had in awhile and I think her followers will pick back up after that. There has def been worse. I am still leaning to the trump thing, but if it happens to be her content thats an issue for some reason, she should work on her name being bigger and probably working more. If enough people like you/love you, what kind of content you post or how often you post won't matter. I think candice has gotten bored with social media, so she needs to be one of those who get followers because of who they are now. It will be fixed by the fashion show time though. Adriana, lilly and ale all together shooting for something... hm. IDK how I feel about that group lol. I usually like ale and adriana. But I am indifferent about alessandra as an angel these days. Its probably VS holiday related perhaps, since taylor, lais and jo also shot something.
  6. Her regular no makeup selfies are always the best. She is looking more exotic again
  7. sadly yes lol.
  8. When Adriana posted the last pic she ever posted with her and her mom, some people in the comments kept saying her mother either looked turkish or WAS turkish. I also see some kind of meme floating around of that same picture with turkish language being used. They also want to claim Adriana's mom as turkish pretty much and know who she is.
  9. I THINK she was public (Adriana's mom) and she probably went private because for some odd ass reason they think she is turkish too. I can get adriana (sometimes) but Adriana's mom doesn't appear to have any of that kind of descent, her and adriana took one damn photo where they both look oddly pale and they ran with it. I remember them doing this when Adriana had posted that picture
  10. exactly, she actually has potential. Its just not being reached.
  11. Some people really do think lais has a personality issue? I have heard some weird things, that don't exactly fit who she appears to be. How does she come across as stuck up? I did see her gloat about her breasts once but thats about it lol. She needs to come across stuck up on the runway lol. She has a great body and look but its like she doesn't know how to use it during shows.
  12. They care and know about her the most. But you can't say that they don't know about the others. They do. She isn't the only model from there and she isn't the only one that found some kind of global success,atleast two others have. The big brazilian model phase in the industry was real now lol... so you have to consider the others. There is hierarchy that can be made and all the models of color are at the bottom. The further you go up, the less that is. At the very top is the german brazilian. Very successful nonetheless. And the most successful. Buts that just not the only thing. Its a cheapshot to say its just that. Even as far as modelling goes, its not JUST that. Its not just gisele's talent. Plus in terms of actually being liked and getting the same exposure in brazil other things are important to consider. Because you have other models to consider. Even if you don't even want to consider gisele. Consider Alessandra. Brazil is the only place where Alessandra has Adriana beat (again, except for last year during the Olympics,and I think thats because Adriana was too big not to utilize and talk about there). Everywhere else and overall, its a different. I think brazil has an aesthetic and lais, no matter her personality, wasn't going to make that cut either way. In general though, we can't deny she isn't doing well and thats on her.
  13. I think that goes beyond her personality. I def agree, lais is far behind even in the US as far as being an angel goes. But brazil never care for her type anyway. They can have some racist ass issues. The black celebrities there talk about it, and I have heard about how even mixed ones like Adriana go above and beyond to be more accepted there. Adriana herself is a good example of that, they don't care for her there. They are always so hard on her and say horrible things about her for no good reason. Then the media always show case the things gisele and izabel has done for brazil, but they never do Adriana except for last year with that boxing thing.But Adriana has done stuff for them since 2000. The media doesn't expose it like they do the others. Its a system. And its hard to ignore someone like her or not know who she is because she hit big in the US (unlike Lais), but as far liking her go, they'd rather show more interest in Gisele, Alessandra, Izabel and even candice (who isn't from there LOL). Ask yourself whats the difference between them and Adriana. So its no surprise they aren't even going to know who lais is, combined with the fact that in general Lais isn't THAT big anyway. I come across so many darker and/or mixed brazilian models (diaiane sodre, gracie carvalho, daniela braga, Emaunela depaula, and even more) but the one who has the closest amount of success and the most known there is Adriana and as I said before even she isn't a real favorite amongst their actual people. But then again look at her compared to lais and the others I named. She would be the next best thing there after all the non-mixed brazilians. And I don't even think its Adriana's look that grew that bias against her, but the fact that she once claimed to be afro brazilian. Although I have heard and seen brazilian people complain about her not looking like gisele (German looking, more Euro features ) but I think that self identification also did not help. In general, I do think the lack of success for lais is because of how boring she can be. Which sucks because she is pretty and her body is literally fucking perfect lol. But as far as brazilian specifically goes, its beyond that. She never stood a chance. Name a huge model that looked more like her from there.
  14. So does Adriana. Even before dating the turkish guy, Adriana is bad at ig. Bad at what content she posts, and there was a time where she would go a week and then some without posting and her followers never slip like that. Not posting much won't exactly cause you to lose followers, but will cause you to gain them very slowly. But in order to loose them, there has to be a sweep or something had to happen with the public figure
  15. Yeah Rommee never came across as the most exciting person. 9.48 is actually short in like youtube world. People complain when vlogs are that length. I wish somebody with a more exciting presence would do it. But I do understand some want their privacy more.