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  1. {name}


    I hope she starts posting on her feed again!
  2. They look like random scratches. It could be from anything. Could be from a ghost even. Like, I remember one time I looked at my back and I had scratches like that. They didn't hurt and IDK where they can be from but they are there. When people talk about ghosts and stuff, they are capable of doing that to you. THIS may sound like reaching for you all depending your stance on ghosts and stuff, however those scratches are red and randomly distributed on her stomach. My back has looked like that before and I still don't know what caused it, but I do know that the school campus I went to is known for ghosts.
  3. Yeah, its crazy how she is with Lenny lol. And its not like she dislikes him, she follows his daughter and when she was asked about him she said she liked his music but thats all she would say. Its not impossible for her to go back, all things are possible in this life. However, its not heard of for her to do. It seems like she does not have trouble getting over people.
  4. I would say that because Adriana never does. Once she is done, she is done. Sure everytime her and a person get in a tiff she goes through the whole unfollowing thing. But after a statement is released confirming she is single and broken up with that person, thats it. Can't name an ex she got back into a relationship with after releasing a statement on the status of their relationship. She had chances but didn't go back to Marko, Lenny, that prince., that baseball player. Yes, the MET thing happened but a statement was also released with that saying that her and Julian were still not back together. That they just decided to be on good terms, just like her and Marko. I don't agree exactly with the whole second chance thing. I think she is only capable of that when they haven't broken up broken up. Basically only when the relationship is just in a TIFF but nothing is official. But when it's official, Adriana never went back to any of her exes even when she had the chance. She is constantly around Marko because of her kids, they have a great friendly relationship and he openly stated when divorce news hit that he didn't want to divorce from Adriana and wanted to work things out. But as we have seen, that did not happen. I remember she was asked about Lenny during a radio interview in like 2008 - 2007, and she act like she never even dated him lol.
  5. After Adriana he does lol. As we have seen before, he still checks out her photos and stuff and be liking them. And literally every brazilian model he has been with after her, are kind of like her. Like they aren't the Gisele or Alessandra type of Brazilian, they are Adriana's type (exotic, racially ambiguous) But it doesn't matter because I honestly doubt Adriana would go back that route. EDIT NEVERMIND LMAO. The new model he was seen with is not like Adriana at all lol. ABORT that statement. Owe, Adriana was the best brazilian he ever had thats for sure. I mean clearly she left her mark anyway. I agree with @Corner who said VS basically has no reason to do the show anymore. Like, it got to the point that ADRIANA would be the only angel consistently trending during the show. So, when the only angel you got who is big enough and great enough for the brand leaves, there really isn't a point of having it televised. The one everybody watched that show on TV for is gone.
  6. As she always did in VS lol. Truly was the Queen of that brand
  7. {name}


    Candice has skipped some years as well. I don't think thats a thing. Like banning somebody just because they decided to not come one year or something, this is fashion. Its a big industry. Nobody has time to tally who comes to the MET and who don't one year and then sabotage them for it. I don't see it working like that. There has been years where Candice, Alessandra, and Doutzen have not gone and other years where they have. Just like Gisele, Doutzen, Alessandra and etc can not go some years for whatever reason, so can Adriana. And just because she liked certain posts about the met this year does not make it untrue
  8. {name}


    I agree. THESE days Adriana has better chances at connections and networking at the other events she goes to now. In the past, yes she would have benfitied from the MET but these days its not even a big deal if she didn't go. Not only did the royal baby overshadow it but I feel these days the celebs who go overshadow it. Literally all you see are the celebrity looks, you barely saw any models being talked about it. If they were they were from the neo gang (kardashian/jenner/hadid) or one of the models who people are mainly interested in because of who they date. And that is true Gisele is just now returning these past few years. Honestly, Anna needs to step down everything she touches seems to just decrease in value. I wouldn't care if Adriana had her approval or not. Her career speaks for itself
  9. It wasn't mocking her in a mean or bad way, and even Emily didonato and l'officiel magazine commented it being funny. L'offieciel has made alot of post covering the MET. Adriana isn't the only model or person in fashion who liked it, its not controversial
  10. The reasons you've listed after this statement is a reason for her not to be able to go. Adriana's spent alot of time in LA getting stuff done, its not for a reason. I think something is coming up very soon and she had to sacrifice something so that she could spend time with her kids or something like that
  11. The MET has been a thing for so many years. Adriana was never included until 2014. She joined social media in 2010, and didn't go last year. She never made posts about that last year nor did she in the years 2010 - 2013, during those years she clearly was not invited. But she never made posts about it. So she probably couldn't go or just chose not to. As I said before, it really doesn't matter anymore. Alot of people did not go. Not even Rihanna or Beyonce and the other designers that chose to not go. Also there were times when Adriana only went because of a designer, some years Anna did invite her but other years she was only there for a designer, and if some designers didn't go it could be another reason of why she didn't.
  12. I don't think she would like met gala stuff is she was snubbed this year. And thats not a rule considering a number of models are inconsistent when it comes to the Met
  13. {name}


    She surely will go to Cannes, its something she genuinely seems to enjoy. Also Adriana posted a good amount of times today, looking happy and carefree, she def seems to not care about it today. Also Harry and Meghan having their baby today didn't help MET's "crisis" lol, like nobody cares as much right now
  14. {name}


    No... some models would not be where they are if they didn't do the certain things they do. Some models you can tell would not be where they are if they handled themselves the way models from Adriana's era has.
  15. {name}


    All of this is true. Adriana was never one of Anna's favorites, from time to time she'd get something from Anna but not much. And yes, Adriana doesn't kiss ass. She IS pleasant to work with and she does acknowledge those who help her and give her opportunity but Adriana doesn't seem to believe in doing the most just to have a career opportunity. Some models who are like that, HAVE to be like that. Adriana is one of those models who have a genuine career thats built off of what she has to offer as an actual model, not anything else. Love it or hate it, thats just the truth. I think Adriana doesn't get enough credit for that because TODAY not enough models can say that
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