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  1. what did she have done?
  2. Airport-From-Hell Selfie
  3. Great shot but it feels like I've seen it before?
  4. Great stuff.
  5. Sorry. no. Completed auction on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/DONNA-Aprile-1988-83-Gail-Elliot-cover-rivista-Moda-VINTAGE-FASHION-magazine-/352017260275?hash=item51f5dd1ef3:g:3V8AAOSwax5Y26vq
  6. Yasmin & Gail
  7. DONNA 1988 April
  8. 2 pages?? I don't get it..
  9. Did you use a machine learning algo? it did a pretty amazing job overall.
  10. Reminds me Sara Sampaio.
  11. Fixed up to page 140 sorted by "most viewed" on female models done. fwiw.
  12. lol no. I just went thru both ways and they are good. Up to pg 60 by "most viewed" is done.
  13. I just realized you fixed them based on "last updated", and I fixed them based on "most views". oops!