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  1. ^ Wow! She looks amazing in that photo! Also, I LOVED her video for Valentine's day! It was so sweet! Serbian tabloids are already writing that her and Marko are back together...
  2. Stunning! Beautiful hair and makeup. And I love that pink dress.
  3. Maybe Jason Wu? That is the only one I could think that is today that she could attend or walk...
  4. They always have a lot of articles about them. Most of them are just gossip... Recently they wrote about her and Edelman, and said that he is her new boyfriend.
  5. Congrats to Rosie and Jason!
  6. I was about to point out these two pictures! She looks unreal! I love her look last night! Hair could be better, but I love the makeup and that dress makes her look like she has a waist. She is just so beautiful...
  7. Thanks! That actually wouldn't be a bad cover....
  8. She looks great in the ed! I hope that she will have her own US Vogue cover soon....
  9. I think this is an already established pattern. She now has a boyfriend and so she will not be posting as much...
  10. She looks stunning! Actually, they all look amazing.
  11. Wow! She looks amazing! Thanks everybody for all the pics!
  12. I agree, the eyebrows are a bit too much.... But she still looks amazing. That dress fits her perfectly.
  13. Love the hair and makeup , and the outfit is great, but those shoes are horrible! They almost ruin the whole look...
  14. +1 She is just so beautiful and her body is incredible!