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  1. Happy Birthday Jo!
  2. She is incredibly beautiful and she looks good in everything! So nice to see she is doing great this FW.
  3. So beautiful!
  4. Congrats to Rosie and Jason!
  5. She looks stunning! Actually, they all look amazing.
  6. +1 She is just so beautiful and her body is incredible!
  7. Thank you!
  8. What is her instagram?
  9. Stunning! Her body is incredible!
  10. I finally watched the show today and (for me) it was better than 2015 and 2014 shows. Somehow the energy seemed better. And this year I liked some of the music and performers. Still not a great show. Like everybody said it felt rushed. Also I really miss the days when all the Angels had 3 outfits... My favorite Angels were Adriana (Queen), Elsa (her opening was great, better than Behati and Candice), Jasmine, Sara and Jo. And other favorite models were Irina (such a goddess), Grace and Kelly Gale. None of the others stood out... Last good show for me was in 2013 (Parisian nights) and I could watch some of the older shows (2003-2008) over and over again... this one doesn't feel like that, but it's still an improvement from the last year's show.
  11. She is just stunning! And she makes every outfit look desirable. I can't believe that they didn't cast her (and Robin M) in the VSFS...
  12. She looks beautiful. I don't understand why she is not working more. I think she needs a better agency... Hopefully next year we'll see her on VSFS!
  13. This thread is moving so fast! Love it. I like the FB, it looks great in the videos and Jasmine looks very beautiful. I can't believe that Robin H. and Frida A. are not in. They are literally perfect for VS! So far the cast is boring...
  14. I would love to see Frida Aasen! She is stunning and has a great body. Also, Robin Marjolein , Anna Mila Guyenz, Luna Bijl, Sharina Gutierrez, Luma Grothe are some of the new girls that I think would be perfect for VSFS.
  15. Congratulations to Candice and Hermann!