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  1. General Discussion

    I think before you could actually tell by first model on the board was the model opening the show, but that changed in recent years... That being said, I would love Adriana to open. And to be in the Balmain segment...
  2. Candids

    She looked amazing for the past couple of days. Her makeup wasn't great on pictures, but she looked stunning in videos. I liked most of her outfits too. I hope the show is a success! Thanks everyone for the pics and videos!
  3. General Discussion

    ^ I hope that is true. They look great together. I read this yesterday in the VSFS thread: "Guys, I heard Ale and Adri are both going to China (Adriana said it in an interview she gave to a Brazilian website on IG Stories). So I guess they'll be doing some promo for the show, right? " (I have no idea how to quote from a different thread) Does anybody know anything about this? I know Ale is in China right now doing something for VS.
  4. Maybelline

    This picture is perfect...
  5. Candids

    +1 She looked incredible opening Philipp Plein and closing Rihanna's show... LOVED her walk on both shows. I wish she posted some pics from events too. Her outfits/makeup has been amazing at all of them. I think that is the reason it looks like she has been ignored at events (I know somebody wrote that earlier). She doesn't post anything, or she doesn't tag people so they don't do it too often either...
  6. Candids

    I hope not... She is already losing followers... She looked stunning last night. That makeup was amazing. Thanks everybody for the pics.
  7. Candids

    Great. I hope she goes to the Bazaar Icons party on Friday too.
  8. Candids

    I think she was in Miami yesterday, based on her Instagram Stories. I hope she is heading to NY for fashion week....
  9. General Discussion

    I would love her to open the show. I think she has the best energy and a strong walk. None of the other Angel's openings were good...
  10. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    I agree that her body is amazing as ever. But I think her face has been looking (quite a bit) older. I'm still exited to see her back on the VS runway, but I hope she changes her hair by then.
  11. Frida Aasen

    Stunning! I'm so happy she will be finally at the VS show!
  12. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    She doesn't look orange there, but she is not looking great... She looks 10 years older than she is. I think it's (in part) that hair. I hope she cuts it, dyes it... does something to change it to refresh her look. I'm excited to see some looks! I know they are probably going to be tacky as always, but one can still hope...
  13. Candids

    She looks so beautiful. Especially in those pics leaving with wings...
  14. General Discussion

    Me neither... I think she can pull off any bad outfit, as long as hair and makeup are really good. Last year I didn't love her outfits, but she looked incredible on the runway, especially with The Weekend. 2015 was bad, and in 2014 her hair was really flat... Last outfit of hers that I really loved was the red one from 2013 VSFS in the Parisian Night segment...
  15. General Discussion

    I'm sure she will. Only few Angels had their fitting last week. I hope she gets some great outfits this year...