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  1. She did follow her before and then unfollowed her.... And Candice just started following her also (Adri was the only angel she didn't follow on ig). Only one pic of her shooting the commercial... Everyone shared so many pics. Being Adri's fan is sometimes so hard...
  2. Amazing pictures. I hope we get to see her in VSFS this year.
  3. She is there!
  4. Yes. Today is the last day.... I really hope she is there. I kind of like the cowboy theme. It's different then usual. Maybe it would be good. But I would love to see Adri in it, and then be the judge of it.
  5. I saw on Instagram every girl shooting except her...
  6. Even Ale is shooting today for VS... Where is she?!
  7. She looked beautiful at the event. I loved the hair and makeup. The outfit is not bad, but I don't think it fits her figure the best. Also why not tag the makeup artist in her post about the event...
  8. That is where they are filming this year's holiday commercial.
  9. They are all (supposedly) going to attend the HB party next month: http://wwd.com/business-news/media/the-weeknd-to-perform-at-harpers-bazaar-icons-party-front-september-issue-10956080/
  10. I'm very happy she got the cover! And with Irina! But this angle of her face is so weird... Not the best shot for either of them. And not to even mention their names on the cover...
  11. I saw that discussion in the VS thread. And she is still gaining followers, it's just that the drop in numbers was so sudden, that I thought it might be related to something... I guess its just a bad month...
  12. I have no idea, I noticed that last week. I hope it gets back on track. Oh, and Irina is now gaining more than Adriana... or at least according to this site.
  13. Yes, she is still gaining. They all are, but She used to gain about 8-10000 followers a day. Now it is around 2500 or losing... Here is were I follow: https://socialblade.com/instagram/user/adrianalima
  14. This feels very weird... He already has a statement, paparazzi... It feels like he is using her. Like somebody wrote I never really find anything good in self help books. But maybe he is better than those athletes...maybe... I have no idea how will this work since they live in different continents. Has anyone notices that in the past month she is losing Instagram followers almost every day. I noticed that with some other VS models. I have no idea why?
  15. This picture is incredible.... Thanks everybody for the updates and pics.