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  1. I guess they heard me. She looks amazing. Love the makeup.
  2. She is probably the only celebrity that goes to L.A. and never gets photographed by paparazzi... I want some nice candid pics.
  3. I agree. Even people on tFS are loving it... And that rarely happens with Adriana.
  4. I'm so glad she did. This cover is one of her best.
  5. She just posted the pic. I'm glad she did, but I wish it was the other cover. That close up is perfect.
  6. Wow! That cover is stunning! Can't wait to see more pics!
  7. Happy birthday!
  8. Thanks for all the pics! She looks stunning! Actually all 4 women look amazing!
  9. I really love this look. The outfit is a bit weird, but she rocks it. Beautiful makeup.
  10. I think they are just lazy... They rarely update anything on Twitter. And on her Facebook she posts the same pics from Instagram. Before her Facebook was updated regularly with new and old pics and quotes and people seem to love it. I have no idea why they stopped. I feel like we have complained about this many times and nothing ever changes. Oh well, at least we have Instagram...
  11. I think it's her and her team. She had almost 1 milion more followers on Twitter than Ale, and now Ale has more. The same is with Facebook compared with some other models. They don't updated at all. Her Facebook has had the same number of followers for more than a year now...
  12. I loved the looks yesterday. Hair and makeup were amazing too! Thanks everybody for the pics!
  13. I can't watch any of the videos. The only thing that opens is the Ford commercial at the beginning and than the video just doesn't load...
  14. No problem. Thank you for all the videos/pictures!
  15. It's RTL.