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  1. I agree, the eyebrows are a bit too much.... But she still looks amazing. That dress fits her perfectly.
  2. Love the hair and makeup , and the outfit is great, but those shoes are horrible! They almost ruin the whole look...
  3. +1 She is just so beautiful and her body is incredible!
  4. Thank you!
  5. What is her instagram?
  6. So this is just a cameo... That is kind of disappointing. I thought that she would have some role, but this is what models usually do in movies... At least she will be at the premier!
  7. Wow! Finally in a movie! So happy for her!
  8. Yes. Thank you!
  9. ^ I don't think it's true. I read something similar on one of the Serbian sites and they are saying that American media is writing about it but I didn't read anything anywhere... I hope so too! I'm so happy she got the Sportmax campaign, and I'm really curious to see what she shoot with Joan. Btw, does anybody know who is the photographer for the campaign?
  10. Thanks everyone for the pictures! She looks stunning at the event! I love the way Carolina does makeup, but sometimes she overdraws the lips. It can look good (if someone doesn't have full lips), but Adriana doesn't need it, so here they look a bit fake. But I still think she looks amazing. Eye makeup is perfect!
  11. I was not expecting this! So happy that she got the campaign. I hope there are more pictures.
  12. When I first saw that last week I thought she might be a part the campaign, but there is a video in Joan's thread that includes the whole cast and Adriana is not a part of it... I was really hoping she would have at least one campaign this season.
  13. She did have a live video yesterday. She was dancing in front of that 2017 sign with the people from the pic and the video (that she posted). It was cute, but short (maybe a minute). Thanks everyone for the pics! She looked beautiful at her NY party.