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  1. Candids

    Tamara is back!!! 😙😙😙
  2. Candids

    She is posting a lot these days and back totally to the gym
  3. Candids

    But she went to the fight like that
  4. Candids

    My god..those eyebrow so wrong
  5. General Discussion

    I saw that was live but I could't see I don't know why
  6. Candids

    So cute..the girls cut their hair, they so all together ♡
  7. Candids

    Oh thanks...so it was just a visit
  8. Candids

    She signed with Elite from UK? Why?
  9. General Discussion

    So is she in Turkey right now? She just arrived from Brazil no?.... and her kids..well are with Marko for sure....
  10. Candids

    Just look this dude' face jesus! I want to erase this image from my mind...this guy makes babies cry..so creppy... Totally agree with the teenager part Emma
  11. Candids

    Thanks! I will stop to watch her ig stories... I'm scary lol really
  12. Candids

    When was this?
  13. Candids

    Why the interogation?
  14. Candids

    Never saw these people...it is not her family... Friends maybe? I'm talking about the photo where metin is