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  1. General Discussion

    Death threats? Really? Well, there are freaks in real life too and she knows that very well unfortunaly.. I think she needs to be more careful with who she puts near her kids too Idk what Adriana wants but she has an amazing carrear and that is it! Just hope she doesn't let anyone affect that
  2. General Discussion

    Worse drees out there jesus... really awful and everything else.... And people who are really asking if she is prego REALLY think she is crazy and dumb right?!? Or that she has no values or respect for herself
  3. Runway

    Yes, awful dress and make up
  4. Candids

    I didn't like this make up
  5. General Discussion

    I said she blocked once in the past... Did she liked? So I don't want talk about this anymore
  6. General Discussion

    I think I remember he liked some photos... so she probably blocked him so....
  7. General Discussion

    ?? Former? .. "why not" LOL
  8. Candids

    Yes I know..that's why I thought that could be a fan but related to that guy people
  9. Candids

    Really? So I won't talk about it anymore... I thought it was a fan..
  10. Candids

  11. Candids

    "Love you first"...To me she is sending a message.. and she is more open, responding to people..even said that woman to dm her
  12. General Discussion

    Lol... I think it's a good sign?! Lol
  13. General Discussion

    Never saw Adriana unhappy after break up with these recent guys
  14. General Discussion

    Some women go to a hair salon after a break up... lol hope this is the case
  15. General Discussion

    But Adriana liked the comment? Bc she was reading many comments and she even responded people