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  1. It seems like she thinks that Matt is blaming her for missing his game. I don't know if she doesn't know how sources or media gossip works or if there is some other reason she thinks this. I find it hard to believe that Matt would tell someone that he missed the game because he's heartbroken. It would make him seem like even more of a b*tch. She's being kind of aggressive in her response, I don't think there really is a way to respond to this. You just let it blow over. But making that post and then the video on top of it... What are you doing Adriana? I don't think she has tainted her image n
  2. Yemen


    I wish she went on antm while tyra was still the host. I remember reading she was no longer going to host it...I could be wrong and maybe she's still there. I love photos of tyra and Adriana together.
  3. I think she should keep from commenting on it. I don't really think she's complicit in what happened as it relates to Matt missing his game. He's almost 30 and he and Adriana dated for all of a couple of months? Sure it's shady to be seen with Edelman if you're giving another athlete the impression that you're seriously interested in him, but Matt apologized and this is on the verge of blowing over... Why is she creating videos trying to blame Matt for not taking responsibility? I don't think it helps her cause. She comes off looking worse because this isn't a situation where blame
  4. I think Blanca Padilla would be a beautiful addition to their line up. She has a look that none of the other girls do, and she's still pretty young (although she can sometimes look older)
  5. Lais has such a beautiful body. She and her boyfriend look lovely.
  6. Wow. ????. She is beatiful and the way the sun hits her skin in this picture is fantastic.
  7. I wonder why VS (on ig) doesn't promote Adriana as much as some other models. I understand giving the newer and less popular girls promo so they can gain followers since they are ambassadors to the brand, but I noticed they shared photos of Behati and Candice (Candice has more followers than Adriana). In fairness there's a lot of go to girls of theirs that they left out, like Taylor, but I feel that they hardly feature Adriana. It probably all goes back to the fact that she's the best known and doesn't need promotion, but not like there's a post limit on IG.
  8. Yemen


    Yeah but imo the difference being that he has every reason to be
  9. I have to agree with this. Assuming it fact that the tie is his, it makes quite a statement to wear that around your thigh. I'm sure some would disagree and say it can still be innocent-- but he is her ex, quite a recent ex. It's not like they're chummy in the way of Gwyneth paltrow and Chris martin. It's all very odd to say the least.
  10. I did not catch this bow tie thing until someone pointed out. Logically, whose would it be? I only saw it in the photos after she left the club with him (or was in proximity to him). I could be wrong and maybe you guys spotted it prior to then and she had been wearing it through the evening. But it seems obvious if she only sported it coming out of the club/leaving with Julian. I guess there's a chance it was the bow tie of a random male designer friend or something like that. Seems very unlikely though.
  11. I agree that there's no telling what happened but because I think Adriana seemed to have strong feelings for him, it would be difficult to be just casual friends with him so soon after a break up. I do hope you guys are correct though and that she doesn't go back down that route.
  12. Yemen


    Yes you are wrong. Thank you for acknowledging it.
  13. Yemen


    Lol you guys are ridiculous. There were near 15 people from this forum alone that were apart of it and screenshots involved from their actual agents/PR people. No one is asking you to believe anything. Stop demanding that you are owed some kind of proof. I asked someone to stop directing nonsense at me and told them why they should. No where in there have I suggested that all of you need to have the same views that I do.
  14. Well, once again, since you don't know exactly what I'm referring to you would have to *assume* that I'm going off of gossip sites-- but you would be incorrect. We don't have to agree. But you keep insisting that everyone that has an opinion that you might not agree with, has to have formulated it purely on speculation via gossip websites. I was letting you know that you were mistaken.
  15. Yemen


    Any hopes her having a small future role in a Tarantino film? I feel that he has parts for women where little dialogue is needed. Might be an advantage for Adriana.
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