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  1. Duplicate sorry.
  2. Oh, beautiful Hilary! I have loved this girl's look for so long! So elegant and graceful. I really miss Rhoda with a less defined face. Anyone else feel that way? I think she looked best with a fuller face. Still a gorgeous girl of course .
  3. Yeah, I recognize this is her thread and definitely don't want to seem like I don't appreciate her. She is sexy! I am sometimes blown away by her frame, always find her face to be a preferred taste, but she can really be stunning sometimes! I don't mind pointless boomerang videos, weirdly in the gif I referenced, her caption was 'total dork' and for some reason she just does not come off as a dork, ever. It's not because she's hot, there's plenty of hot women that are believable when they're being dorky. Just seems like Emily can't play herself off in that way, she always comes off as pretty cautious or trying too hard? Hard to explain. But I almost always cringe!
  4. Do these kinds of videos from her ever annoy anyone? I feel that she doesn't have the personality or attitude (maybe personality is unfair, I don't know her) but she can't pull it off in a way that says 'I'm joking/messing around'. I always cringe when she does anything on instagram video.
  5. I am so happy for Gisele and Tom! I adored seeing her FREAK out. As she should, as she should!
  6. What a beautiful face!
  7. Beautiful, like always! So tired of them always styling her with the bright red lips and safe make up.
  8. I wonder if any of you agree with me. Lais has been with VS for years and I never was particularly a fan, of course she is extremely beautiful (and her body is probably my favorite within VS, right after Candice) but she never used to really stick out to me. But before this year's VS show, I watched her lip sync video where she was dancing with Adriana, and oh my lord!!!!!!! I could not take my eyes off of her. I may have watched it 50 times, she is so beautiful!!! I think I much prefer Lais' beauty in motion. Have any of you heard of Sabrina Jales? She looks a lot like Lais, imo.
  9. Hi Candice fans! I have a question for you guys. I look at Candice's instagram every once in a while, she's not my favorite model but I am sometimes inspired by her beauty! I was thinking to myself, I don't know much about her personality in the way that I do some other models, she seems kind of shy or reserved. But I've always had this impression of her, that she is in love with her job and what she does and that if she got pregnant, she would be one of those models that is back to work before you could blink! as soon as she delivers. Are you guys surprised that she's not back to work yet? I am curious because I imagine you guys have insight into past decisions and maybe a more defined perspective of her personality. I am surprised every time I go to her instagram and see she is still in beautiful brazil with her beautiful baby! I think it's so lovely though. That she is so happy and taking her sweet ass time!