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  1. This thread keeps on delivering! Thank you so much @Shale586!!
  2. No Dude, Bettina meant to post it right here and you should be grateful for it! 🤓
  3. So adorable. Thank you @Bettina Saw-Morgan!
  4. I wonder if they approached Kendall Jenner? She would have brought considerable attention to the issue while also fitting the classic Sports Illustrated aesthetic.
  5. Amazing posts! Thank you so much @Bettina Saw-Morgan!
  6. Thanks so much to @Weasel79 and @Shale586 for the Maggie updates. The Luli Fama content is particularly exceptional. 😮
  7. It's from the VSFS Viewing Party in November 2017.
  8. This seems like a very curious yearly tradition. 🤪
  9. Yes! This look and the dress Taylor wore at the Cote des Roses event are both highlighting that.
  10. A big thanks to the legendary @Bettina Saw-Morgan and @Clarence for their incredible Elsa posts. And a casual thanks to @TheDude2k as well.
  11. Their connection is so beautiful to see.
  12. Your avatar is pure joy.
  13. Checking out of NYC hotel 05/03/2022
  14. A huge thanks to @Prettyphile for the spectacular photos of Taylor at the MET Gala. And to @Kane for these wonderful after-party photos which I hadn't seen until now. I'm speechless. 😳
  15. So good to see more regular updates in Karlie's thread again! Thanks so much @gedeon67and @Clarence!!
  16. Thank you very much @Zaelia. Utterly breathtaking. I have a slight suspicion that @BAGGOTwill be a fan of this look too. 🤩 Lucky you @MERPER! Had you ever met Taylor before?
  17. Gosh, stunning! Thank you @Shale586!
  18. Thanks for all the Charlotte updates @Clarence!
  19. @Shale586thank you so much for posting Maggie's article. An incredible story from such a wonderful person.
  20. Thank you so much @Wackand @Shale586 for the very special Maggie updates. I have to agree that she excels even in the white wall pictures!
  21. Beautiful post. Thank you @Bettina Saw-Morgan!!
  22. Thanks so much @Clarence! Great work again.
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