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Found 18 results

  1. BeachBunny2017.mp4 BeachBunny2017.mp4 please Id the 4 models that I don´t know 1 2 3 4
  2. Miami Swim Week Models – a forgotten group? Since two months I try to identify the models participating in the Miami Swim Weeks. There are a lot of videos from these shows on the Internet, I started to download a couple of them some years ago. It was easy to find names as Tika Camaj, Joy Corrigan, Celeste Bright but soon I discovered that most of the photos mention “ a model walks the runway”. Discovering the website of Bellazon I got a little further, especially when one of the members started to help me. By making topics especially about the Miami Swim Weeks I found more and more, now I have 185 models identified, 90 by others, 95 by myself searching a lot in Google and Instagram. But it becomes very difficult to find more. I am content with that and I consider to stop making more of these topics, because the response is minor now. The legacy is that other people interested in ID-ing can find now at least 110-120 of these models searching in Bellazon the topics with “Miami Swim Week”. But there is one reason trying to find more names. A model that is not recognized and nameless has less possibilities to work, I guess. The model can fill her Instagram account with many photos but it doesn´t help if you don´t have a name. Companies like Victoria’s Secret and Etam publish at least the names of the models in their shows, the companies in the Miami Swim Week don’t. I hope they will change their policy. On the Internet you find many pictures taken during these shows but only with the name of the designer and the photographer! These photographers are not interested to know the name of the model? Their only interest is selling photos on sites like Alamy and Getty Images ? It´s like making and publishing a picture of the Taj Mahal without mentioning the name and the place of the monument. Bellazon has a nice gallery of models, but again without having a name how to find someone in particular. I try to find a way to give the less-known models a name. I am searching another way then going on with the topics. I guess that many models (or their friends) are also member of Bellazon, so my idea is the following. I publish here the complete list of 185 names, that I already identified and ask others to supplement this list with new names of models they know as participants in the Miami Swim Week shows from 2014 till now. The best should be to mention also the name of the company and the year of the show. In that case I can find them easier. Finally I hope to publish a more extensive list of models with extra information like –for instance- if you can find them in the model directory of Bellazon. Many of them are not in it. I hope to get a lot of response. Ajahnoe Baker Alden Steimle Alexandra Elizabeth Parker Alexandra Morris Alexandra Palmer Alexandria Morgan Alexis King Alexis Randock Alexis Rupp Aline Lima Allie Marie Redmond Allie Silva Allison Mason Amanda Elizabeth Mann (Meyer) Amanda Li-Page Amanda Pizziconi Amber Davis Ambra Battilana Gutierrez Ana Herrin Anastasia Wachter Andi Longan Andrea Mendes Arroio Angela Martini Anna Avila Anne de Paula Ariadna Gutierrez Ashley Haas Ashley More Asley Sky Ava Dash Avery Brown Bethan Sowerby Bettyna Figueroa Bodine (Bo) Koehler Bree (Lynn) Kleintop Brooke Marie Adams Brooks Nader Caley Rae Pavillard Cameron Rorrison Camille Kostek Carli Glubok Carmella Rose Cassie Gardner Celeste Bright Chanel (Margaux)Postrel Chantal Kammermann Charlotte McKinney Chelcie (Chelsea) May Christina Zapolski Cindy Pardo Cindy Prado Courtney (Lynne)Smits Courtney O´Connor Danielle Knudson Dashil Hernandez Djaniel Carter Eden Fines Elena Kurnosova Elizabeth Turner Emily Hutchison Emma Golijanin Emma Shea Faith Schroder Felicia Smith Fernanda Uesler Fiona Briseno Gabriela Salles Gabriella Cataño Gabrielle Adrian Genna Leigh Luciano Georgia Gibbs Glynnis Stoot Graine Gallanagh Haddassah Richardson Haley Kalil Halima Aden Hannah Stocking Hyunjoo Hwang Iesha Mariee Isabella Martini Ivany Guzman Jamea Byrd (Lynee) Jasmine Blandford Jasmine Sanders Jasmyn Wilkins Jazzma Kendrick Jehane (Gigi) Paris Joelle Frederick (Pheonix) Johanna Thompson/ da Ru Josie Canseco Joy Corrigan Julia Friedman Julia Pereira Julia Peres Juliana Aguiar Juliana Serna Kaci Tansey Kamila Davies Kara del Toro Kari Riley Karina Ramos Kate Citrone Kellie Stewart Kelsi Kuhn Kiana Alexis Kristina Cocoli Kyra Santoro Lacey Nelson Laura Ivaniukas Laura Tanguy LeeAnna Michelle Burton Lily Easton Lina Shekhovtsova Lisa Dillon Lisa-Marie Jaftha Lisi Witt Lissa Delorenzo Lorena Haliti Louisa (Lulu) de Freitas Lura Normand Mabelyn Capeluj Maitlyn Simmons Malin Svensson Marie Laurence Gravel Maya Toure Melanie Ribbe Melissa Bolona Melissa Britos Melissa Varon Miki Hamano Mirla Sousa Morgan Avery Natalia/Nataniele Ribeiro Natalie Kelly Natalie O'Connor Natalie Pack Natalie Roser Nathalia Roth Nicole Williams Nikki Murciano Paige Watkins Paola Diaz Paula Montes Pharis Willauer Priscilla Huggins Priscilla Ricart Qui'yona Salmon Rachel(l) Vallori Raelynn Harper Robin Holzken Salina Jade Samantha Hoopes Samaria Regalado Sandra Kubicka Sarah Elainna Rautio Saria Chen Savannah Ivarsson Shani Zigron Shannon de Lima Shannon Lawson Sharee Michelle Shelly Scholten Sofia Jamora Sofija Milosevic Soraya Yd Steph Rayner Stephanie Peterson Szonja Uhrin Taina Duarte Talia Graf Tamara Nikolic/Milicevic Tanaye White Tanya Mityushina Tatiana Elizabeth Thais Martins Tiana Parker Tiffany Keller Tika Camaj Valentina Ferrer Victoria Gab Vita Sidorkina Xhesika Berberi Yara Kmidan Yovanna Ventura Zandria Theis
  3. The video's of both VDM shows are great. Pretty models and very good video-quality. In 2018 only 6 models - in order of the presentation- 1.Kamila Davies 2.Julia Pereira 3.Tania Duarte 4.Bree KLeintop 5.Celeste Bright 6. Nikki Murciano In 2019 many more models, see here the presentation at the end of the show with nearly all names. Only 3 models I do not know. Please help to ID them no 4 no.6 no.10 VDM2019-endwalk.mp4
  4. I know only a few of the 12 models. Hopefully you can help with the ID. The final walk is not usefull to show, neither it has to do with the numbers. 1. Tika Camaj 2. Emma Golijanin 3. Ariadna Gutierrez ?? 4. 5. 6 7 8 9. 10. 11. 12
  5. This is probably the last video (one of the best I have seen) in my topics about the Miami Swim Week. I am not sure that this was in Miami, I guess. I can give only a few (4 )names and I ask the ID of the other 8 models. Especially no. 4, a beautiful model I like to know. I should be very grateful. BB2012-finalwalk.mp4
  6. This is already my 9th topic about shows from the Miami Swim Week. What started with editing my own video-material (mainly about my traveling and about birds) evaluated in editing video’s (from You Tube) about shows like Victoria´s Secret and Etam and finally the Miami Swim week. For VS and Etam you can find lists of the models from that show. Surprisingly you can´t find the names of the models from the Miami Swim Week except the most common ones. Googling “names models” … give most of the time no results. It brings you often to the webpages of companies that try to sell photos. The caption of the photo is in that case usually “ a model walks ….” One month ago I started in Bellazon to post photos of the models whose name I wanted to know. In particular one of the members was very helpfull and within a short time I knew around 100 models by name. It´s now already 160, but it took me a lot of time to find these 60 names. This knowledge I use now making new topics of the Miami shows with photos (that I made from the video) with the names I know and the questions that remain. Amongst the 1000-s of topics in Bellazon there are only a few useful ( I found only 2!) with respect to the Miami Swim Week. So my question is: are there more people interested in my topicsin order to get the names and are there more people able to contribute with ID? If not, why I should go on? Here my last topic about Lybethras during the Miami Swim Week of 2016. Photos of all 15 models, partlially I know, partially I ask their ID The sequence is like the "endwalk" of all. 1. Joe Corrigan 2. Julia Pereira ? 3. Ashley Haas 4. ???? 5. Tika Camay 6. ??? 7.Faith Schroder or (perhaps) Josie Canseco 8. ??? 9. ??? 10. 11. ???, the one I most like to know 12. Melissa Varon 13. Talia Graf 14. Thais Martins 15. Courtney O´Connor (with the designers)
  7. In the video of Baes 2018 you see the presentation at the end of the the show with names of the models or the question to ID. Some models are not included because I am not interested, but if you like to know their names, indicate that model and ask to ID. Baes 2018-Bellazon.mp4 Still to ID the following: no. 5 no. 7 no.9 no.11 no.12 Not included (as an example for you) What is the name of the model after no. 8 I tried to delete the following (double) photos but without success.
  8. The final walk was not good for ID-ing the models, so you will see in 2 parts a small piece of everyone of the 15 models. Some I recognize. 8. Tika Camaj & 14. Ivany Guzman are 100 % sure. 7. Tanaye White ??? 11. Dashil Hernandez ? 12. Thais Martin (90% sure) 13. Alexis Randock ? The video was too big for uploading, therefore 2 parts: models 11 till 15 and models 1 till 10. Please help to identify everyone. CM2014-11-15.mp4 CM2014-1-10.mp4 CM2014-11-15.mp4
  9. In this fashion show 18 models. Not shown 5: Ivany Guzman, Zandria Theis, Amanda Piccizoni and the sisters Schroder. Many of the 13 models I can´t ID. The strong make-up makes it more difficult, but for sure there are also models that I have never seen before. 1. Manuela Alvarez 2. ?? 3?? 4 ?? 5 Ajahnoe Baker ? 6. Kaylin b 7. ?? 8. ?? 9. Jamee Byrd 10. ?? 11 ?? 12?? 13 ??
  10. In this case I found first the model that I liked - Hailey Garman- and then I decided to download the video of that fashion show. Some others models rather unknown between the very common ones as Tika, Rachell, Joy, Priscilla. From model 5 I found not more than the name Jenny and neither I know the real name of angelaa222. Two models I don´t recognize 13. 16. Lybethras2017-Bellazon.mp4
  11. This swimwear show has nearly the same models as that from Ishine365. I guess the one was after the other, both on the same place. About Joy Corrigan, Natalie Martinez, Erika Costell, Brooks Nader, Jamea Byrd, Samaria Regalado, Kate Wasley, Kaylin Baer, Annarike Roberte, Anna de Paula and Amanda Steele am I sure. The following I do´nt know or I am not 100 % sure. Please help to ID 1. a model that I found different times but never her name 2. 3. and now only to verify my ID 4. Betsy Alvarez ? 5. Laura Ivaniukas ? 6. Sophie Habermann ? 7. Milner (or Morgan Avery?) ?
  12. Let´s go on with Maaji 2019. The combination of giving the names of the models I know and asking the ones I don´t know. I think that now already Bellazon is the website where you can find more identified models from the Miami Swim Weeks then elsewhere. I guess that only in my topics there are already more than 150. In the video of the final walk you will find the names I know. My questions: 6.I think that this model is called Kailin b 9. 14. 15. Maaji2019-Bellazon.mp4
  13. I have published at least 12 shows of Miami Swim Weeks at this site, hoping to get ID´s of the models and hoping to help other people with my growing knowledge. At the start I got help from KimFlorida and some others and I learned to recognize nearly 100 models, amongst them the 50 most common ones, models seen in 5-10 shows. The last 2 months I was able to ID nearly 200 models more on my own, so the result is now nearly 300 models identified, around 70 % of the models that appeared in 70 shows that I downloaded from YouTube. But it becomes more and more difficult to find new ones. I should be happy to finish "my project" with the the following 7 models. What to do with all the material, I still don´t know. I thought that it should be interesting for the users of Bellazon, but I am not sure. The response on these topics is low in my opinion. Please help me with the last 7 that I like to know very much 1. from Vanity 2019 2. from Frankies 2018 (Priscilla ?) .3. from Kai Lani 2019 4. from Montce 2018 For me a younger version of Elena Kurnosova (her legs) 5. from Luli Fama 2016 (also 2017) 6. from Agua Bendita 2017 7. from Monica Hansen 2018
  14. Recently I discovered the wondelful fashion show of Aqua Blu. It remembered me instanly to another one that I downloaded a year ago, the one of TJ. Not strange, because both were held on the same place and with 9 of the models igual. Everything was the same, also the excellent way of recording the models, only different brands In the final walk of Aqua Blu you will see the names of the models that I recognize (I hope without mistakes). AqBlu2018-Bellazon.mp4 Two models (present in both) that I don´t recognize 1. and 2. and and 3. only in TJ (instead of Julia Pereira) Please help with ID.
  15. From the period 2012-2016 I don´t have much, mainly the shows of Luli Fama and Beach Bunny. But this show of Indah I really like and I miss some fine models. 1. Is she the beautiful Natalaya Cabral? 2 3 4 5
  16. Here are all models by name in the Orphic London show of the Miami Swim Week 2019 1. Bethan Sowerby 2. Lorena Haliti 3. Jasmine Blandford 4.Victoria Gab 5.Paola Diaz 6.Melissa Varon 7.Shelby Mustang 8. Carli Glubok 9. Andi Longan 10. Raelynn Harper 11. Allie Marie Redmond 12. Karina Ramos 13. Joelle Frederick/Pheonix
  17. This time a relatively easy one. Only 3 models to ID. In the final walk you can see every model well. 1. Steph Rayner 2. ???? 3. Julia Peres 4. ???? 5. Caley Rae Pavillard 6. I think Tatiana Elizabeth 7. Kellie Stewart 8. ??? 9. Natalie Roser 10. Celeste Bright Vincija2019-bellazon.mp4
  18. Luli Fama 2019- 21 models, see endwalk-video for all numbers I know already 9= Bree Kleintop 13= Joe Corrigan 15= Kelsi Kuhn 16= Ivany Guzman 20= Bodine Koehler Can you ID the following ones: 1. 3 4. 5. 7, 8. 10. 11. 12. 14. 17. 18. 19. 21. Luli2019-endwalk.mp4
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