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  1. Baskin Champion at Industry LA, Elite, CW Talent
  2. Michon Van As at Heartbreak Mgmt, ONE.1 NYC, NEXT Miami, MP LA & Chicago
  3. Morgan Sonnendecker at Directions USA, DT Model Management LA
  4. Camille Opp at Supreme NY, Wilhelmina MIA & LON, Red 11 NZ, Priscilla AUS, Freedom LA
  5. She's been all over kohls.com for the past year.
  6. I've followed Caroline and Ashley for years. And I do like Devon. She's like the host of the show. 😉
  7. Looks like Julian Acevedo. https://www.instagram.com/julianreneee/
  8. She's currently in Kohl's in-store signage as part of their back-to-school campaign.
  9. Berit Birkeland at Wilhelmina LA
  10. Nina Marie Daniele at DAS, One Management, LA Models
  11. Megan Mielke at Factor/Chosen Chicago
  12. #9 is Gemmy Quelliz https://www.instagram.com/gemmyquelliz/
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