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  1. RidgewayMedia

    Kohl's Models

    Berit Birkeland at Wilhelmina LA
  2. RidgewayMedia

    Kohl's Models

    Nina Marie Daniele at DAS, One Management, LA Models
  3. RidgewayMedia

    Kohl's Models

    Megan Mielke at Factor/Chosen Chicago
  4. #9 is Gemmy Quelliz https://www.instagram.com/gemmyquelliz/
  5. RidgewayMedia

    Sophie Littman

    She's gorgeous! I hope to see her in more ad campaigns in the next few years.
  6. RidgewayMedia

    Sophie Littman

  7. RidgewayMedia

    Sophie Littman

  8. RidgewayMedia

    Sophie Littman

    SOPHIE LOUISE LITTMAN Bust 81cm/32" Waist 61cm/24" Hips 89cm/35" Dress 32-34 EU/2-4 US/4-6 UK Shoe 38 EU/7 US/5 UK Hair Blonde Eyes Blue Agency: DAS Chicago/Miami, Moore Talent (Minneapolis) Birthday: April 5, 2002 Place or origin: Minnesota http://www.das-chicago.com/portfolio/women-development/women/1266186/sophie-louise-littman http://www.das-miami.com/portfolio/women-development/women/1266186/sophie-louise-littman http://www.mooretalent.com/content/talent?id=112315
  9. RidgewayMedia

    Kohl's Models

    Lily Easton at Two Management LA
  10. RidgewayMedia

    Kohl's Models

    Victoria Britt at DAS
  11. RidgewayMedia

    Priscila Monroe

  12. RidgewayMedia

    Mikel Ennis

    Discovered some old photos of her from a photographer's website.
  13. RidgewayMedia

    Amanda Torrance

  14. RidgewayMedia

    Alex Martin