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  1. A few models from Kohl's

    27th model
  2. Hali Kai Burns

    A few Kohl's images from 2014 and 2017.
  3. Kohl's Models

    Madeline Ford at Ford and Wilhelmina International (I think)
  4. A few models from Kohl's

    Confirmed it is her.
  5. Kohl's Models

    Erin Williams at Wilhelmina NY, Ford Chicago, Heffner Seattle
  6. Kohl's Models

    Araya Nicks (Reinhardt) at Ford
  7. Macys Model ID Request

    You can close out this forum by PMing a moderator. Or I can do it for you.
  8. Macys Model ID Request

    Another possibility is Danielle Herrington. I just discovered her. In fact, that mole matches up perfectly!
  9. Macys Model ID Request

    Julia Evans, Thamika Morais, Taelor Thein, and Shivani Persad all seemed like possibilities, but I can't make a positive ID.
  10. Macys Model ID Request

    I'm searching my Instagram. She *seems* like someone I follow.
  11. Macys Model ID Request

    I believe she's the same model as this one I found on macys.com. Maybe we're a little closer to solving the mystery. https://www.macys.com/shop/product/hula-honey-sand-trap-printed-push-up-halter-bikini-top?ID=4604717&CategoryID=57597
  12. #3 is Amanda (Hill) Harvey #12 might be Hazel Grey, but I haven't taken the time to confirm it. #17 is Ellie Pickett at Kim Dawson
  13. The Official JCPenney Model Thread

    Olivia Whittaker at Wilhelmina LA and Kim Dawson