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  1. You were right! @kimflorida Those 2 photos were Polina. I was able to confirm it with a DM to her.
  2. Looks like I did mix up a few models in my previous post. Pretty sure that the first one is Deimante Guobyte. And I'm certain now that the blonde with the gorgeous smile is Isabell Rist. ❤️ Thanks everyone!
  3. Thanks for the names! I'll investigate further. 😄
  4. Another striking blonde from Kohl's. Anyone recognize her?
  5. Anyone know her? I was thinking at first this was Polina Frantsena, but I guess not.
  6. I've discovered that the second blonde is Karol Marie Morrison. https://instagram.com/karol_marie
  7. So awesome! Thank you! 😄
  8. Here's one more. I've been wondering about her for years.
  9. Thanks so much! You all are awesome!
  10. Also, here's a few more I'd like to identify.
  11. From 2016. Does anyone recognize her?
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