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  1. You were right! @kimflorida Those 2 photos were Polina. I was able to confirm it with a DM to her.
  2. Looks like I did mix up a few models in my previous post. Pretty sure that the first one is Deimante Guobyte. And I'm certain now that the blonde with the gorgeous smile is Isabell Rist. ❤️ Thanks everyone!
  3. Thanks for the names! I'll investigate further. 😄
  4. Another striking blonde from Kohl's. Anyone recognize her?
  5. Anyone know her? I was thinking at first this was Polina Frantsena, but I guess not.
  6. I've discovered that the second blonde is Karol Marie Morrison. https://instagram.com/karol_marie
  7. So awesome! Thank you! 😄
  8. Here's one more. I've been wondering about her for years.
  9. Thanks so much! You all are awesome!
  10. Also, here's a few more I'd like to identify.
  11. From 2016. Does anyone recognize her?
  12. Maddie Sonnendecker at Directions USA (twin sister of Morgan)
  13. Lacey's new website launched today. Is she romanticly linked with him? Or is this just a professional partnership? https://www.lewisandlacey.com/
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