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  1. that's terrific, Sanja--thanks!
  2. The lovely Ms. Llompart for a testimonial for a boxing gym in Mallorca
  3. What about that runway model form the 1990s, Tatiana something (Sorrenko? something...)? I don't have a clear image of her in my head, but if anyone knows who I mean, maybe you could check to see if this is her.
  4. On the right, actress Marie Gillain
  5. Very lovely. I hadn't seen the Little Black Dress pics. Thanks.
  6. Some resemblance to Daniella van Graas, but I don't think it is her....
  7. {name}

    Sonia Rolland

    Those are really lovely--thanks!
  8. {name}

    Venus models

    If it's not Marcela Braga (and I think it is), it is Ashley Revollo.
  9. That is Rayla Jacunda, not Diana Morales
  10. 354. Saira Mohan? 362. Danielle Zinaich 363. Teresa Lourenco 365. Is it Valeria Mazza? 386, right: Looks for all the world like Laura Valentine. what year was this?
  11. My scans. I think this is one of the most beautiful of all HSW editorials. By Andre Carrara. Marie Claire Italia, 1992 July. Warning-nudity
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