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  1. nightowl

    Vanja Rupena

  2. nightowl

    Elle 2002

  3. nightowl

    Baukjen model ID

    I think that's Viktorija Bauzyte
  4. nightowl

    Heather Stewart Whyte

    A few screencaps from the show and a short backstage interview
  5. nightowl

    Flaminia Romeo

  6. nightowl

    Cosmopolitan magazine models

    and Magdalena Wrobel in "Paint yourself sexy"
  7. nightowl

    Tania Onishchenko

  8. nightowl

    Elsa Benitez

    Could be, but I am not convinced. Compare earlobes--Elsa's are more detached than this model's.
  9. nightowl

    Heather Stewart Whyte

    Some screen caps from this show:
  10. nightowl

    Nibar Madar

    She is stunning. Thanks.
  11. nightowl

    Heather Stewart Whyte

    1995 SS Herve Leger. Unfortunately there is virtually nothing from this show on the web.
  12. nightowl

    Cute Brunette and blonde 2004

    3. Juliana Martins
  13. nightowl

    Models from the Eighties

    not Carre Otis.
  14. nightowl

    Heather Stewart Whyte

    Some caps and two small pics from Donna Karan 1995 FW. Curious show--she had three looks, but then didn't appear in the final walkout.