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  1. Dayrell

    Susan Holmes

    Two differente covers
  2. Dayrell

    Grazia magazine models

    Famke Janssen
  3. Dayrell

    Grazia magazine models

    Estelle Lefebure
  4. Dayrell

    Isabeli Fontana

    Elle Portugal
  5. Dayrell

    Hamptons magazine

    I realy don´t know Lisa very well, but I checked some pictures of her, and I think can be. Thanks @missparker7
  6. Dayrell

    Constance Jablonski

    Another cover
  7. Dayrell

    Doutzen Kroes

    Cosmopolitan Nederlands
  8. Dayrell

    Shana Zadrick

  9. Dayrell

    Hamptons magazine

    thanks @Kim Florida. @Minerva13, @Vogue Girl, @missparker7 any idea who are the other girls?
  10. Dayrell

    Flaviana Matata

  11. Dayrell

    Valeria Mazza

    only Vogue Beauty**
  12. Dayrell

    Valeria Mazza

    Sorry, I don´t know, don´t have date on image. I found on the web with another issues. Most of them I don´t know who is the model, I put them in models ID forum
  13. Dayrell

    Hamptons magazine

  14. Dayrell

    Hamptons magazine