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  1. {name}

    El Pais - Spain

    maybe Teresa, I don´t think is Caroline
  2. {name}

    some covers

    Thanks @modelknowledge
  3. The only one I can ID is Frauke. Maybe #11 can be Rosemary McGrotha, but I´m not sure!
  4. It´s a new name for me. I will keep my eyes open!
  5. Hi Sanja, this is from Cz Republic
  6. Charlotte is a real favorite of Femme Actuelle
  7. {name}


    Elle Japan, July 20
  8. {name}


    Elle Greece, june 20
  9. Sad...it will be an amazing cover!
  10. Female, Singapore, april 2019
  11. Yes can be her. I always saw this cover ID as Aya, but the two girls are very similar
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