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  1. I've been waiting for this to happen since 2011..😍
  2. Isn't Armani part of the L'Oreal Group?
  3. can't stop checking the theard if the VS pictures are finally out.
  4. still can't believe that she's back with VS! Never thought that.
  5. These outfits make her look like she weights 10-20 kilos more than she actually does. oO
  6. I wish they would have a higher quality.
  7. Can't wait for the shoot to come out!
  8. She's working with H&M again?
  9. I think he's working with VS. Maybe for the VS Swim Special?
  10. Have those been posted before in HQ?
  11. I want more pictures of that outfit & hairstyle. It's so.. cute!
  12. I don't care what she's wearing, as long as she sticks to the dark hair colour!
  13. I'm so glad that she's back. At least it seems so.
  14. Tobias for Victoria's Secret with Jasmine.
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