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  1. Awesome model! Thx for sharing her images!
  2. it seems to be Heather Payne. See: google image search heather payne Additional link: https://www.magazinecult.com/products/elle-italia-april-1999-stephanie-seymour
  3. Sam Frost presenting showreel:
  4. Sam Frost Showreel:
  5. By the way: She was Miss Universe Australia 2000! It exists a site in the net called "Samantha Frost". However I don't know if it is an official page or not. There you can find her biography and a bunch of nice photographies of this lovely woman. One of them is this: Can't find social media accounts!
  6. She's Giulia Carolina Vaz see:
  7. Yes! Thanks so much snorkel!👍
  8. She's moddeling for hellomolly.com. Can anyone Id her please ?
  9. A few links (found at google.de): Sedcard: Lotti @ MGM Models (Düsseldorf/Paris) Her Instagram Account Lotti @ britthekid Lotti @ Fizzy Magazine
  10. Here's a video playlist on YT with Carla and other Models for some different lingerie brands:
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