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  1. Hello, I am really sorry for my very late answer. Indeed, I had not seen your message. Judging by the photo you attached, that model is Meghan Amelia. You are a genius! It looks like her face is different now, possibly she had surgery, what do you think about that? By the way, I find her even more attractive now, even if I am not a huge fan of fitness models. Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Does anybody know her name?
  3. Hello! Any news about the two models in the pictures?
  4. Hello,

    Is it you the girl in the picture?

  5. I don't know which is the "original" source. I found it a lot of time ago on a forum where a guy was asking for somebody to identify her... On the other hand, I found the first photo on Gettyimages or something like that. Thanks again!
  6. Hello!!! Since you seem to be an expert, I woudl like to ask you if you could also identify these two ones... I have been trying to find out their names for a long time, but without success... Thanks a lot!!!
  7. Hello, Does anybody know the name of this model? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello everybody, Is there somebody who could identify this model? Regards!
  9. Thanks to you as well! She a sweetie!
  10. Does anybody know the name of this model?
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