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  1. Ok! It is a plan then...hahaha :P

  2. sure i will! i wanna go back badly!

  3. You can be my tour guide...hehehe ^_^

  4. You definitely should! For you (since you earn in dollars, am i right?), if you shop there, things would be like dirt cheap. bags there..like fake ones but still really good quality would only cost you 10 dollars. :laugh:

  5. I am so jealous!!! You got all this fabulous stuff. I must go to Thailand soon...LOL :P

  6. definitely! and don't forget the bags and shoes too! :))

  7. Glad you had a good time :D I assume you bought a lot of clothes :P

  8. Fun :)) Lotsa shopping! Haha!

  9. How was Thailand? :)

  10. Hi Ali! How are you doing? I hope fine. I got a lot of free time now, send me a pm! SO

  11. hola! uhm, not much actually. still summer so im just bumming in the house always. although im getting my braces really soon! :(


  12. What you been up too lately?

    Au revoir

  13. yes, we'll say everything we think about them when they come:))))))))) i g2g. see u on the bz pages. take care

  14. Yeah! They just don't know how much we miss them!