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Elona Lebedeva

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Name: Elona Lebedeva
Base: Moscow (Москва)
Nationality: Russian (Русския)
Born: June 7, 1991
Eye Colour: Green (Зеленые)
Height: 168cm (5'6")
Measure: 81-58-88 (32-23-35)
Shoe size: 37 EU (6.5 US)
Dress Size: 40 (6 US)
post-16106-0-89955600-1432490699_thumb.j post-16106-0-66373400-1432490702_thumb.j post-16106-0-26801000-1432490704_thumb.j post-16106-0-05998700-1432490706_thumb.j post-16106-0-92040800-1432490706_thumb.j post-16106-0-74761400-1432490707_thumb.j post-16106-0-39299600-1432490717_thumb.j post-16106-0-94251500-1432490718_thumb.j


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I made the mistake of setting the picture on the right as the wallpaper for my phone.

Every time I unlocked my phone, my heart would skip a beat.

This happened for two weeks. There is no way to prepare yourself for this kind of beauty. 


Я ошибочно установить это, как мой фоне.

Каждый раз я смотрю на моем телефоне, мое сердце замирает.

Это продолжалось в течение двух недель. Вы никогда не можете быть скучно ей.




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Here are some higher resolution pictures.


Вот некоторые крупные фото.


post-16106-0-76058200-1432496379_thumb.j post-16106-0-16942300-1432496433_thumb.j post-16106-0-97985300-1432496460_thumb.j post-16106-0-29126000-1432496490_thumb.j post-16106-0-16908700-1432496515_thumb.j post-16106-0-14080800-1432496542_thumb.j post-16106-0-37408200-1432496572_thumb.j post-16106-0-17287100-1432496606_thumb.j post-16106-0-27576300-1432496630_thumb.j post-16106-0-95228400-1432496657_thumb.j post-16106-0-60446800-1432496816_thumb.j post-16106-0-62882000-1432496851_thumb.j post-16106-0-86618300-1432496883_thumb.j post-16106-0-31218300-1432496915_thumb.j post-16106-0-32398700-1432496945_thumb.j post-16106-0-79229800-1432496978_thumb.j post-16106-0-61658500-1432497011_thumb.j post-16106-0-53484200-1432497046_thumb.j post-16106-0-60596100-1432497081_thumb.j

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Here are some even larger photos!

вот некоторые намного большие фотоии.


post-16106-0-06583400-1432498329_thumb.j post-16106-0-25781200-1432498492_thumb.j post-16106-0-74730600-1432498654_thumb.j post-16106-0-95769700-1432498809_thumb.j post-16106-0-07303700-1432498981_thumb.j

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