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  1. azgirl

    I Am...

    trying to figure out why I can not see one picture on here... UGH... All I see is boxes with X
  2. ILPB... I have my torch lit and pitch fork ready to drive . oh dang, I guess I should read first.. hehehe JK.. Looks like we have some smart men in here. OR married men.. hehehe I had a whole paragraph about who makes the best parent but it might scare any guy wanting to have kids so i will tame it down to this.. most guys can't say that when they have a baby, its adding a play mate for the kid they already had before giving birth
  3. azgirl

    I Am...

    Agress with the catch phrase. ... missing BZ
  4. Happy halloween:)

  5. Yes do you like cheesecake?
  6. Yes do you like cheesecake? Duplicate but it is the answer to the question.. hehehe
  7. Occasionally Do you gamble?
  8. I think there is a porn for just about every movie.. hahaha I think your selection was ok. Thor
  9. azgirl

    Music from the 90's

    ^^ that was one of the first songs that got me into rap.
  10. She is a really good actress .. she really is so different in person.
  11. azgirl

    THIS or THAT

    Rosie.. Love the accent chevy or toyota
  12. He sounds like he should not go to Vegas or he would be the worst husband ..
  13. azgirl

    THIS or THAT

    i am such a Dr pepper fan too.. if I drank soda anymore. i am more a grey person but if I had to choose.. Black .. its soooo slimming. Decepticon or autobot
  14. azgirl

    The Song Above

    Good Radar love - Golden Earring
  15. azgirl

    THIS or THAT

    Wiiiiiiii PS3 or XBOX 360
  16. Guilty .. Of cheating on a diet?
  17. yes Are you patriotic to your country?
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