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  1. I am just wondering... What can u do when your little boy is telling that he is a girl? Beat the shit out of him? Calling him a monster? Force him to play with toys for "boys"? Telling him he is wrong and to shut the fuck up and eat his cereals? Do u really think it's an easy think to deal with the gender identity of a child? And there is nothing cruel about Charlize is doing! How can u even say that? You say in another comment that the kid was pushed to be a transgender kid? How do u know that? By reading an article? You know nothing about the reality of that kid life and what their parents are doing to help their child. They are not making him transgender, they are just doing their best as parents. Their best is maybe not "your best" but at least they are trying something for Jackson to feel their love no matter what. And the fun part of that is that she is waxing her arm pits and pussy and legs. Not making a fucking sense!!
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