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  1. ~ Genta, hope you are having a wonderful birthday. :-) ~

  2. Happy Birthday Genta! :D

  3. Happy birthday, Genta! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Genta :D

  5. Gen, Happy Birthday again <33

  6. I agree totally with your review of the movie, though I didn't cry at all, don't know why ... I didn't expect Miley to be this good neither, but I adored her brother and father...and Liam was simply wub And I didn't know that she actually plays the piano by herself I though someone else did that
  7. does anyone know the name of the song that is in the part when Bella and Edward are in his bedroom making out?
  8. I don't like it at all and frankly hate it
  9. Yeah I didn't like that too...actually I forgot to mention it as thie one thing I didn't like in the movie..does anyone know why the actress was changed?
  10. amin!!!!!!!!!! I hate spain!!!and I mean that in a very non-disrespectful way
  11. I love it///it's really great!!
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