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  1. I agree totally with your review of the movie, though I didn't cry at all, don't know why ... I didn't expect Miley to be this good neither, but I adored her brother and father...and Liam was simply wub And I didn't know that she actually plays the piano by herself I though someone else did that
  2. does anyone know the name of the song that is in the part when Bella and Edward are in his bedroom making out?
  3. I don't like it at all and frankly hate it
  4. Yeah I didn't like that too...actually I forgot to mention it as thie one thing I didn't like in the movie..does anyone know why the actress was changed?
  5. amin!!!!!!!!!! I hate spain!!!and I mean that in a very non-disrespectful way
  6. I love it///it's really great!!
  7. I'm gonna cry!!!!!!!! btw that's my new desktop!!! I love it
  8. Has anyone seen the movie yet? I'm so extremely surprised that I liked it A LOT and it was so true to the book! They did everything as it was in the book...absolutely everything-I can't think of a thing that differs from it :|
  9. with the "that's a little mean, don't you think?" I was referring to russellb and not you... and about your question I replied with my experience "I've started shaving it about the same age as you, and lately I also go and get a brazilian wax"...sorry if there was any missunderstanding
  10. that's a little mean, don't you think? anyway @sweet me: I've started shaving it about the same age as you, and lately I also go and get a brazilian wax
  11. I love the second ones!!!!
  12. I still haven't made a decision about my hair and I should make an appointment NOW!!!
  13. I'm just worried that my feet get so tireeed
  14. thought so Idk I just liked the shoes and bought them two months earlier to practice walking with them
  15. sure...I'll show you some pictures as soon as I have my special day :P

    (that's somewhere in the middle of May) so you're gonna wait a little :P

  16. lol that's in school during a boring lesson
  17. I actually meant just the upper eyelid, but maybe a V shape can look good too! try it both ways, but just don't make the line in the lower eyelid too long-make it very short @ lyon: I don't wear makeup that much lyon, but I spent hours with my girlfriends having girltalk
  18. I got them in a shop called Gulliver-I don't know if it is just here or anywhere else too, but it's a pretty expensive shop here but I bought the shoes 60 euros, I don't think they're that expensive Heels are so amazing! WOW You look stunning ML! You really do. And i say that 2nd hair style you put up there, if ya can do it, i like it thanks my mom like's the second hairstyle too, but I wish I could find other ideas too what happened in your prom? My chief worry these days is to keep walking in them more then half an hour without my legs starting to hurt I don't think I'd put any f
  19. I don't have much experience in wearing eyeliner cause I'm too lazy to put it - you have to be so patient and careful- but in my opinion if you have small eyes you should only line your upper lid and that from the middle to the end, not from the beginning, if you understand what I'm trying to say
  20. I promised pics http://img249.imageshack.us/i/dsc04247i.jpg/ http://img191.imageshack.us/i/dsc04255x.jpg/ and some posts would be nice, cause I'm starting to feel awkward being the only one posting pics
  21. midnight lady

    I Am...

    My feet are already hurting I hope it gets better with practice or else I'll die :|
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