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  1. haha she went to public h.s. for a couple years with friends of mine...the admin there supposedly asked her to leave because she was a distraction? Not b/c of anything she did. I believe she got homeschooled afterwards. She was adorable in Remember the Titans, but I don't know if I like her that much now. She is pretty though.
  2. Iris

    Designer jeans

    Wow it's been a while since I started this thread.. well I can say I'm offically addicted. I have 16 pairs and counting of Hudson, True Religion, Seven for All Mankind, Rock and Republic, Taverniti So, Citizens of Humanity. It is an expensive habit but I am enjoying it very much... I don't buy designer bags, designer shoes, so this is where all the money goes I guess! (btw any jean whose price is over $100, I consider "designer" HOWEVER this does not mean they are all worth that money! And some are just TACKY. In the end it's all about your personal preference) Not sure how I feel about s
  3. Iris


    I agree with this. I worked retail for them for a while and I noticed the gradual change.. still, you can get good deals during Semi Annual like you said. You just have to go on the first day. Or you can get an Angels card (credit card) and use the coupons they give you Don't get me wrong, I love their stuff. That's why I worked there and spent all my money right back into the company! I just think that the price is not always worth it.
  4. After only seeing her in VS Pink I thought she was just "cute" but I'm really happy to see she's capable of more! I love seeing all her different ads.. p.s. the 1st asian I saw in VS was Audrey Quock but Jarah is probably the first regularly featured Asian mod I've seen (Other than Aline Nakashima who is 1/2 Japanese) Thanks for all your pics guys!
  5. sorry, this is the only size I have It's from Victoria's Secret early/mid 2006
  6. she has such a beautiful face, but I wish she would gain at least 15 lbs. I loved her body in Blue Crush- so athletic looking and toned in all the right places
  7. Iris

    Lindsay Lohan

    as much as i don't want to like lindsay, I think she's beautiful (esp her eyes, and with red or golden brown hair) but does anyone else think she's going to age really poorly? I bet cigarettes and tanning aren't gonna help
  8. Iris


    Could you live with someone without being married? No, absolutely not. Then that brings me to believe that your interview with GQ was true after all? I don't want to talk about that, have you spoken to my agent? Of course, but if you want to correct something.. I'll tell you one thing: it was a misunderstanding. as you can see my English isn't perfect I have trouble with English too (i think that's what it says). And so, is it true that you are a virgin or not? I won't tell you if what I said was true or false. But true or not, that statement/affirmation/declaration is a good message for te
  9. Iris


    Grazie shirak, che sorpresa....(NOT) It's long, not that interesting in some parts I'll translate the parts of interest until someone else does the whole thing. P.S. my Italian is not so good, beware for lots of errors starts at "Hai pregato?" Did/Do you pray? Yes, of course, I pray often. I pray before every fashion show b/c I get scared like it's my first time. Faith/religion is important to you? Very very important. I received a very Catholic education at a school with nuns. Every time I return to my home in Brazil I visit my nun teachers. Do you attend church? (Are you a churchgoer?)
  10. I just saw it today, she has HUGE eyes! and she's pretty tall too, I didn't realize quite how tall. oh the movie was cute too. I saw her in NYC walking her dog once
  11. Iris


    does anyone remember the sauvage bikini with the knotted bottom VS had a few seasons ago? i LOVed it, couldn't find it anywhere, then bought it off eBay last week in a size too small. I'm losing weight as we speak so that won't be a problem, but do you think it's too slutty to wear to an informal reunion party with all of my hs buds? (we graduated hs in summer 05, this party is gonna be the first time most of us are seeing each other again since we all went off to college). Otherwise I"ll just wear a regular string bikini. I guess I should mention I've always been pretty conservative, wi
  12. Iris


    Try working in Victoria's Secret around Christmas or during one of the Semi-Annual sales and you'll stop liking lingerie pretty fast it happened to me but I still like it sometimes
  13. Iris

    I Love You!

    hm that's a bit awkward. Grammar-wise it's correct, but it's like the super formal way of saying it and you usually don't say "I love you" in formal settings. So basically no one really says it like that... If it's a family member or bf/gf (which I assume are the usual people you tell "I love you") you'd say just "Sarang Hae" or 사랑해.
  14. Iris

    Designer jeans

    boo, go back to talking about jeans!!
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