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  1. Bert Kreisher, his 7 month pregnant gut, and his fake stories are offensively unfunny
  2. female V character changes (not sure about if 2013 was V) : The jump from 2013 to 2018 is huge.
  3. no gamer girl, more beautiful than Alina playing witcher 3 again, with a blonde wig?
  4. Jaden Smith is one crazy kid, unbelievably entitled and hungry for greatness- probably due to the way his parents raised him as hollywood royalty.
  5. frankly I think Kate Li should be a top model, she's as tall and facially perfect as can be.
  6. I don't think I've ever seen a model do so many pictures with such a toothy smile. Her instagram account is mostly pictures of that pair of teeth!
  7. To clarify I mean in terms of story. I prefer the darkness of DC and the Cynicism of the Boys to Marvel. Marvel movies/TV shows are way more successful outside of the Dark Knight trilogy. "stormfront's" look is lackluster.
  8. @Stromboli1 I prefer the cynical take on superheroes over anything from Marvel
  9. There is some swordplay in the beginning and some "GTA" antics- according to the developers you can go GTA style in the game.
  10. 3rd person to 1st person toggling should be a simple thing? When you drive it toggles to 3rd person. I don't know but there may be a mode to do so. Deus Ex series had augmentation too.
  11. the most important resource in the world is TIME, not money, power, fame, property, externals. The Stoics were right and public education, economics, business, political & popular culture sees TIME as a disposable resource to be used to get other things. Modern man puts a far too low value on TIME.
  12. This game is getting an enormous amount of hype due to the exceptional nature of the Witcher. Yea, the melee combat doesn't look very good, and stealth games should be 3rd person. The combat also looks rather average? But the story and world building should make up for it. I have a few observations/issues -The art direction is more Robocop/ Judge Dredd / rather than Blade Runner/ Ghost in the Shell -The graphics have very intricate art direction however one closer inspection the animations don't look all that smooth- a certain jankyness like in the Witcher. -The extreme detail and wow factor of the first few reveals is unlikely to be reflective of the average mission of the game- most of it is probably more like the 1 hr gameplay released not long ago and the recently released footage. -I hope that the writing and storylines will be as high quality as the amazing Witcher game!
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