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    ^ yes but I hardly noticed her in that show for some reason..
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    BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    Quote Quote Quote h
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    BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    I will start off: Ahem, you're supposed to sit down at the bar, drink your glass of wine, and watch two men wrangle about women over some beers.
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    Weight Loss

    He just won the Men's physique Olympia competition (the lowest level of the Olympia) . This is his "shredding" diet He still eats however, an enormous amount of protein (288 grams). Little fat (54 grams) and 248 grams of carbs.
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    The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    Christeeeee Beautiful Christeeeeeeee!!!!
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    Interesting Youtube personalities

    thank you youtube for another recommendation: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNg0aTV6d_qzmM1kaKpXnPg/videos
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    Beautiful Female Artworks

    post them.. I'll start
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    BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    her hourglass is beautiful, she must have super potent ovaries!!! Quote Quote
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    The Witcher

    A new netflix series is being planned
  10. {name}

    The Witcher

    thanks for the info Frankly I don't know what to expect. I never read the book series and I don't know any of these actors except for Henry.
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    BZ'ers talking models at the Bar

    Swimwear IG a Bikini IG Quote
  12. {name}

    I hate...

    women that don't wax their arms 😄
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    I did the tea cermony once. I don't remember much about it- I felt that I didn't entirely "get" it. tamagogani I just ate 2 dried baby crabs- one was okay (grey color), the other one (red) was absolutely disgusting. You don't open up the shell: you eat the shell! : overall, gross. won't do it again.
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    The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    https://www.roche-bobois.com/en-US Roche bobois is my new favorite furniture brand
  15. {name}

    Skin Care

    My review of the Cetaphil wipes after using them all summer: - They helped kill some bacteria and prevent breakouts with "mild" sweating and humidity -However, at high humidity levels, heavy sweating, and beaches, they are less than adequate. Nevertheless they are better than nothing and are not irritating.
  16. {name}

    Josephine Skriver

    ^ ah, thanks I got it now!!