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  1. She looks like an ordinary southeast asian girl here in the US but just taller. (despite her being half Thai). There aren't many southeast asian people in france? Vietnam was your colony..:p She is pretty ugly to me, there are so many good looking asians that could have been in the issue.
  2. “The birth of a man is the birth of his sorrow.” Zhuangzi
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    DMX & Busta Rhymes too.
  4. Many people sweat and toil and feel satisfied that they have accomplished many things. However, in the end we are not all that different from this polished piece of bone. In a hundred years, everyone we know will be just a pile of bones. What is there to gain in life, and what is there to lose in death? Liezi
  5. can't believe that I forgot about her, she is a fairy
  6. explaining how to sleep (and get paid while sleeping!)
  7. lol hot girl talking to random men on omegle
  8. this actually made the news lol. Supposedly the elephant liked her scent. This is the model: https://www.instagram.com/francety/
  9. Some good parts, not all of it works. My favorite starts from 3:48- 4:22 as it includes two of the best lines of the 3rd movie.
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