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  1. I've been immersing myself in the game and I understand the mysterious purpose of the sculptor. The spirit of Buddhism is strongly embedded in the game's lore:
  2. there are some hot ones with stella that haven't been posted. It's being used at stores!
  3. the full video is going to be released later- it looks like she was being sexy for that guy in facetime
  4. Search her "elizabeth turner leaks" and you have shower pics...
  5. The key to getting thousands of subs for doing almost nothing: be a beautiful girl 🤣 : It's Megan •22 hours ago Thankyou all so much for 23k subscribers! You've all blown my mind! I didn't even think i'd ever reach 100, let alone thousands! I have some interesting videos coming out soon which I think/hope you'll love!"
  6. I've never heard of her. My youtube doesn't recommend a lot of foodies.
  7. makes sense if true, she doesn't look very british
  8. Superwoman Campaign BTS HD [1920x1080] Model- Georgia Gibbs Photographer- Jessic
  9. ^ yep!!!!! although a bit too photoshopped. I wonder if she is h alf hispanic c Noir and
  10. now m Swimwear, Shot by Libby Willis Quote
  11. Yes, just watching part of it on youtube and it's an outstanding horror/action RPG with a very mysterious setting and superb artistic design. It's definitely one of the best games ever made !
  12. Sekiro is a masterpiece!!!! Snow monkey farts poison at you and throws feces too!!
  13. Exit Magazine Spring 2019 by Ben Park s ago Quote Quote source: fashiongonerogue
  14. Certain Buddhist temples are creepy The one showed in this game brings back memories
  15. only superlatives can describe this game: work of art, one of the best games ever made...
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