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    Watching the same dozen or so teams play each other four times a year in a league where competition is negligible sounds like the sort of thing that would get very dull, very quickly. Spare a thought for Scottish football fans then, I suppose.
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    Well, the less said about this one, the better. We have a few weeks to get over it, solve some issues and find some form to hopefully take into the play-offs.
  3. @pinguoin Just a heads up that I've moved this topic into Site and Forum where it's more likely to be seen and hopefully answered.
  4. One can never fully count on the Academy’s taste aligning with that of the critics, but Nomadland was the best reviewed film of the year and probably my favourite from the nominations I've seen so far. I'll go Chloé Zhao, Riz Ahmed, Frances McDormand, Daniel Kaluuya and Yuh-Jung Youn for the others.
  5. I couldn't help having a flashback to the more innocent times of "the next Indy movie is going to have Cate Blanchett and John Hurt, and get this, Karen Allen is coming back."
  6. Apologies in advance for the bumping of a rather archaic topic, but with the recent announcement of Mads Mikkelsen joining the cast alongside Phoebe Waller-Bridge and of course Harrison Ford, my feelings on the project have shifted from "no reason to exist" towards the realms of "slightly intrigued." The choice of James Mangold to replace Steven Spielberg in the director's chair remains an intriguing one too, and a somewhat optimistic one given where the franchise left off.
  7. Yeah, I know for me, the action sequences were a fairly mixed bag. What with it being mostly made up of lengthier takes on the radically truncated stuff from the cinematic cut, some of it now feels awkwardly overlong. Other scenes work much better but are sometimes weighed down by some fairly unsightly CGI. My favourite Man of Steel scene was the one in which Clark flew for the first time and broke the sound barrier, the scope and magnitude of that just jumped out at me in the best way possible. I feel pretty confident in saying that there's nothing in Justice League that can reall
  8. For a secondary nomination, I'd go with Avengers: Age of Ultron. The trailer made it look like James Spader's Ultron would be a genuinely cold and predatory villain, instead the character came off as a rather ill-conceived plot device.
  9. I know for me, Prometheus springs immediately to mind as an example of a film with great promotional material and a middle order end product. The initial teaser in particular was just through-the-roof amazing.
  10. Happy. Indoors or outdoors?
  11. What the article describes is pretty much the definition of a toxic workplace, and how any investigation could end in them finding nothing wrong simply beggars belief. Incidentally, it was only recently that I heard about Affleck relapsing during the making of Justice League, and that being the main reason that he stepped away from playing Batman. I don't blame him because the drama behind the scenes sounds like an absolute nightmare.
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    Fair to say the lucky 'tache didn't have the desired effect in midweek. Heavy metal football was made to look more like stoner doom by Real Madrid, with even the much maligned Vinicius thrashing away like Sunset Strip in the eighties. I wouldn't consider the tie to be over just yet, though. Despite their ropey form as of late, one can never quite count out Liverpool at Anfield.
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    My original plan was to come up with a few different conclusions for the weekend's football, but there's really only one that matters. Alisson's moustache is truly awe inspiring.
  14. They're out there, just harder to spot. Presumably their attention span leaves a lot to be desired. Pity poor Arthur Curry. Is Paul Bunyan a Kaiju?
  15. Honestly, I'm still reeling from the intended direction of Lois becoming pregnant with Wayne's child and then lying to Clark about who the father is. Just the thought of something that reads so much like naff fan fiction becoming so central to the plot of two more movies, it should really remove all doubt that Snyder was simply the wrong shepherd for the characters. I almost forgot, one of the weirdest things in Justice League is that Amy Adams gets tons of screen time, but does very little except buy coffee and mope over Clark's death. Although it's a little bit funny that she doe
  16. The good is that there are proper introductions to launch the three new heroes, a lot more of Cyborg and clearer motivations for Steppenwolf. Elements like Superman's resurrection make a lot more sense, and the third act is fun. The bad is the new Wonder Woman theme playing approximately twenty times in the first fifteen minutes, the "Knightmare" sequence which is completely tacked on and serves no purpose other than to set up a sequel that I dare say won't be happening, and the fact that it probably could have been an hour shorter if there hadn't been so much slo-mo. T
  17. The MCU basically taking 2020 off made Endgame feel more like an actual ending (with Spider-Man: Far From Home as a coda), which did make me wonder how many people might view it that way and kind of stop paying attention. In fairness though the Disney+ shows appear to be doing well, so it looks like the demand is still there. There's the Black Widow movie to come too, which I'm looking forward to more now than when it was first announced. I don't know if that's simply down to a general scarcity of content, but I do quite like that it seemingly represents a shift from MCU continuity into perhap
  18. Yeah, the earlier stuff undoubtedly takes a fairly "by the book" approach to the genre. Iron Man for example was a rather conventional film, albeit with a lot of energy and the charisma of Downey to help it power through some of its issues. The later MCU entries, which broadly speaking are my favourites, blur the lines between genres a little more (not that there's anything wrong with "something explodes and the hero says something funny," I've just seen it done to death). Still, I do find it interesting to note how disparate the rankings seem to be for different fans, I think that speaks to t
  19. I still think there's an unfortunate tendency to put the cart before the horse when it comes to properties like this one. It leads people to believe that if a film flops then the filmmakers are to blame, when really no adaptation of Charlie's Angels that you could feasibly have done in 2019 would have performed any better.
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