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  1. This girl scored 8K+ comments on some random VS fanpage (@vsfsupdates) they are literally 90% only about her. Did she brainwash her fellow Georgian people? She seems to be very popular there and well the people are very supportive I guess, it's the least we can say 😅
  2. I also think Candice will get the opening, they're gonna give her hella screentime and loads of attention. Not sure about Behati, but her receiving the FB would actually be a HUGE surprise after all the speculation of her still being an Angel. I also think it'll be Stella and I honestly wouldn't know how to feel about it lol, only reason why I don't think she'll have it is that she isn't well known in Asia. Jojo isn't that known there aswell but let's not forget she has a pretty big fanbase and she already went on a promotrip there twice, people know her. Guess we'll just have to wait and see
  3. Keep trying haha! I seriously have no clue at all.. I don't think it'll be Elsa. A big surprise could be Candice or Behati aswell. New angels with a chance are Stella and Jojo in my eyes. Uggggh hope they announce it soon!
  4. How about the fantasy bra? And the show date? TOO EXCITED
  5. Which page? Is it 100% confirmed? Ughhh things are getting too exciting 😅
  6. Apparently they are being more strict this year with the castings, due to last years bad ratings. So glad they actually realised the model line-up was too damn full. Also, the show is 100% happening in China, they don't wanna take too many risks with newer girls since they're heading so far. Callbacks are on the 21st. All information found on @vsfsupdates on IG Story and all of this info was apparently told by models who'll attend castings.
  7. Yay for Roosmarijn, she's stunning. Never seen her walk before tho. And honestly don't think Barbara will ever be coming back.
  8. Well Ed and Jerome weren't all over her IG last year. We'll just have to wait and see.
  9. According to @vsfsupdates on IG Maartje Verhoef and Sadie Newman will be attending castings today. Told y'all about Sadie, ugh.
  10. Some model confirmed to a VS fan account on Instagram that castings are starting tomorrow, she didn't said who it was tho cause she didn't wanted to bring to the girl in trouble.
  11. I really think Sadie Newman has a big chance of getting cast this year, certainly not bcs of her modelling skills but just bcs of her friendship with Sara. Ed has been all over her IG, now Jerome aswell and well she also got that VS press thing with Sara.
  12. But this year they all shot together (in different groups ofcourse but all at the same location with same styling) Last year the first 2 days were the NA and the last day were the Veterans + Lais and Martha. So I guess Adriana either will be showing up today or she won't show up at all. Cause it sounds like it's the last day for everyone.
  13. Probably bcs it screams "look at how cute I am, always giggling and laughing and sticking my tongue out"
  14. Isn't it possible the group of Sara, Taylor and Romee did some shots with Michael Bay? Can't imagine Sara mistaken her on her snap and Romee tagged him in one of her IG pictures on her IG story. I also saw some filming thing going on on Hung his IG story I guess, 2 dark haired and 1 blonde in all black (Sara/Tay/Ro or Stella).
  15. Well it's not the first time VS is trying to hide the girl her legs, they're just build thick I guess they have a specific form. Anyway can't remember seeing Taylor her full body in a VSFS since she's either wearing pants or thigh high boots. Also think this year won't be different since she only got thicker, which I have no problem about tbh. Her body looks amazing, she looks very mature.