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  1. Sums up Taylor's beauty in 1 picture.
  2. Then where would she go? She said it was her dream to become an angel
  3. No, mount Kilimanjaro is way higher than that.
  4. How the hell did sara suddenly get so many more followers, I swear she's gained like 600k in 3 weeks.
  5. Guys what song are you talking about, and where are these followers from? What website? Edit: ok im an idiot, insta obviously. But I still don't know what song your talking about
  6. Taylor uploaded a pic around christmas day Some girl was shit talking about taylor, calling her and michael racist and even said that tyler posted about her on reddit. Then there was a huge comment thread right on her picture comments and it was really hard to miss cause this girl wrote paragraphs upon paragraphs about taylor and she literally knew everything about taylor. The level of stalking was way to extreme, I ended up in the middle of it and so was among the ones banned. So yeah, taylor obviously did read the comments (they were really hard to miss, she was probably looking at a few and saw these huge conversations). This girl who was talking shit about her was like a fucking spy, she knows stuff about taylor that left me surprised, one of being that tyler cheated on her. So yeah, it was just unfortunate for me, but oh well, it's not like i can't view her pictures anymore. But still, it's pretty annoying. Edit: Sorry for bringing up these topics up again, it's only for clarification, also pretty, it was I who got banned not @JJMarvel
  7. Crazily enough I didn't harass her, actually wouldn't do that to any girl. I was having an argument with someone and it got a bit out of hand. Not block worthy in my opinion, but doesn't matter. Her profile is public anyway.
  8. Guys, holy shit. I think she just blocked me on instagram. Atleast I got noticed
  9. She should be higher than that, jeez...
  10. So since i recently joined this forum. I'd like to know, when and how did you guys first come across taylor.
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