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  1. Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! Her new editorial is great and her YouTube channel is one of my favorites, so glad she made one.
  2. My condolences to everyone who has lost someone recently. Lily is really hitting her stride and transitioning from strictly supermodel to businesswoman and personality along with being a model flawlessly. She left VS at the right time tbh and it's been awesome to see her flourish in all these new avenues as a long time fan.
  3. Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for all the continued updates. Lily's YouTube channel gets better and better and she's really settled in there. Has anyone tried Summit yet?
  4. Doesn't it smell so good? I wear it all the time. I'm super jealous of the personalized bottle, I wish I'd known she was going to do that because I would have waited to order it. Thanks for all the adds! Her YouTube channel is a breath of fresh air. I believe she's in Rome for Bulgari stuff. ETA: Oops, didn't see the shots posted about. I love the black dress look, the other one is a little much IMO.
  5. ^ She probably went to LFW because not only was she already in town for the Bulgari event, but Riccardo is a friend. I think the fact that she's already been away from her family (including an eight month old) for as long as she has only increases her chances of not going to MFW. I just don't see her missing her husband's big food and wine festival, something she's attended every year since its inception. I'm not saying it's impossible, just highly unlikely IMO.
  6. I'd be incredibly surprised if she went to MFW. The Music City Food and Wine festival starts this Friday and she never misses it. Thanks for all the adds! Love, love both of her looks for the Bulgari event and the Burberry fashion show. They're totally different but she looks amazing in both. Not crazy about her Burberry after party look though.
  7. It's always great to see someone use their status for good. She seems to be becoming more involved in charity in general. I thought it was awesome she partnered with St. Jude on her fragrance launch and you were giving the option to donate while you checked out. My perfume arrived today! It smells really good, it's light and floral-y without being too much. I definitely get the English garden vibe from it. I think it's more of a daytime scent so I'm guessing that Summit is going to be more geared towards nighttime.
  8. Thank you for all the adds, @Ewciolina! I actually think Emma is doing a good job styling her and I've liked everything she's put Lily in minus the YouTube event outfit. Both Leslie and Erin were great too.
  9. Thanks for all the updates, @Ewciolina! I think her look at the YouTube event is the first one of hers I haven't been wild about in a long time. It's not bad, just a little boring.
  10. ^ I was about to comment with the same thing. You can tell how well liked she is based on the amount of people who came to the event to support her. I actually really like the launch look. I think it fits with the aesthetic they're going for with the Haven campaign.
  11. She's killing it! I'm so happy for her, I hope her perfume is a huge success. Mine arrives next week. The second perfume is being released in November and is called Summit.
  12. Another YouTube video, this one is a BTS look at her fragrance campaign:
  13. Thanks for all the updates, everyone! Her website is gorgeous and I love all the photos on it. I checked out the E! docuseries from last year and the episodes are only a few minutes long but it's still cool she's involved. And smart considering she has a new brand and product to promote. I ordered her perfume and I'm excited to try it out!
  14. I think her YouTube channel will probably be successful. She's so personable and it's the perfect platform for that kind of thing. For comparison's sake, both of her videos have more views than a few of Martha's and Martha has had her channel up for ~2 months. The description in her intro video said she's posting a new video every other week. I hope her future ones are longer. Based on the footage in the intro video she'll be covering her Bulgari trip, whatever she shot in NYC where she had bangs and shooting for her perfume launch/campaign. She's gathering questions for a Q&A video which I think will be fun!
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