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  1. 2022 Met Gala It's certainly pretty but it's not really on theme, imo.
  2. Really sad, I feel awful for Betty Ann's loved ones.
  3. I actually love the skirt part of it a lot. RL went with a "western" theme for J. Lo too so I see where they were going with that. I think it falls short with the top and her hair and makeup. Both are way too casual for the Met, even with this theme. Even if she'd gone with something like an embellished Western style/cowboy top it would have elevated the look more. The hair is something she's done a dozen times before. A braid of some kind, something with a hairpiece or big voluminous curls would have been better. The makeup is nice but again, boring for this event. She looks great but it doesn't scream Met. Then again, I thought most looks this year were disappointing.
  4. Agreed, I think this is one of my least favorite Met looks of hers. Not because it's ugly (not really a fan of the color on her though), but because it was so safe and boring for such a cool theme. I expected more. I think there's a good chance she'll nail it this year. The theme itself is very her.
  5. Excited to see her Met look too! I actually think despite her wearing RL again, it could still be a great look as it's very on theme this year. RL is one of the quintessential American fashion brands.
  6. Np! She said on a podcast she did with Quinn Murphy that the pandemic has made her realize that she doesn't want to miss out on a lot with her kids/family (or something to that effect) so I think she'll continue to be selective about what work she does. Some new Lauren Ralph Lauren stuff for spring 2021:
  7. Moschino FW 2021 RTW: She's sprinkled throughout the show but her main walk starts at 8:22.
  8. Video/interview from last week: ETA: oops, saw it was already posted!
  9. I think everything is good with the family, I haven't seen anything from other members of it (Caleb's mom/dad/step parents/etc. or Lily's mom/siblings/etc.) to indicate otherwise. I think she was probably taking a social media break and focusing on her family and home life. She posted a few things on her IG stories during that time about stuff going on in the US and I feel like she's the kind of person who felt it would be insensitive to post her usual content when the country is in the state it's in right now. A manicurist tagged her in a photo last week? The week before? But I don't know if it was recent or a throwback, so there's a possibility she shot something recently.
  10. Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! Her new editorial is great and her YouTube channel is one of my favorites, so glad she made one.
  11. My condolences to everyone who has lost someone recently. Lily is really hitting her stride and transitioning from strictly supermodel to businesswoman and personality along with being a model flawlessly. She left VS at the right time tbh and it's been awesome to see her flourish in all these new avenues as a long time fan.
  12. Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for all the continued updates. Lily's YouTube channel gets better and better and she's really settled in there. Has anyone tried Summit yet?
  13. Thanks for all the updates, everyone! Life has been busy but I've still been able to keep up with all of Lily's going ons. I'm holding out on purchasing Summit in hopes she'll do the bottle signing again. Based on the fragrant notes for Summit, I think I'll end up liking Haven more. Love, love her InStyle and Into the Gloss pics!
  14. Doesn't it smell so good? I wear it all the time. I'm super jealous of the personalized bottle, I wish I'd known she was going to do that because I would have waited to order it. Thanks for all the adds! Her YouTube channel is a breath of fresh air. I believe she's in Rome for Bulgari stuff. ETA: Oops, didn't see the shots posted about. I love the black dress look, the other one is a little much IMO.
  15. ^ She probably went to LFW because not only was she already in town for the Bulgari event, but Riccardo is a friend. I think the fact that she's already been away from her family (including an eight month old) for as long as she has only increases her chances of not going to MFW. I just don't see her missing her husband's big food and wine festival, something she's attended every year since its inception. I'm not saying it's impossible, just highly unlikely IMO.
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