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  1. She has US representation! New LA boutique agency founded by Victor Del Toro, I believe. https://www.prettymgmt.com/losangeles/pretty-mgmt/victoria-b/portfolio/#1 New Digitals
  2. When the rookies look like women off the street.... That's my bad though. All the comments were saying it was her, and the comments on her on page are all about it as well.
  3. Natalie Noel. She's the assistant(?) of a Youtuber who was accused of assault and people are saying she was complicit/participated in it.
  4. She has a Samsung contract but I’m not sure if she was actually shooting a campaign for them or just getting some Instagram content.
  5. She shot something with Nadine Leopold and Dani L.O. and then she said she’s doing a quarantine there before coming to NY. I’d assume she’ll work a little in NYC when she’s there but mentioned in a Q&A she’s going back to check in with her agency and finish dealing with her belongings in storage after selling her apartment. She said she’s going to be based out of London now, isn’t planning on returning to NYC on a full time basis.
  6. I’ve gotten tested three times, twice with the swabs. It’s not comfy but it’s really not painful. It just made me sneeze and my nose a lil runny after the fact. I found the saline gargle so awkward I’d opt for the swab if I ever get another test lmao.
  7. Josephine has new pictures on the instagram. Alexina, Barbara, and Lais all seem to have recently shot white wall pictures as well. I saw a couple of Stella but they were less frequent so I don't know if they were re-using older pictures. Grace and Leomie are a question mark atm.
  8. I'm already mad at the make up on Maggie.
  9. Having seen the other uhhh...looks...from the Moschino show, damn Taylor got lucky with that outfit. She looks really good here, one of the first times I've really enjoyed the short hair.
  10. Just because she's working in the UK doesn't mean COVID is stopping her from travelling to the states. A lot of models aren't travelling internationally for work because the rules were very restrictive for a while. ie) You have a 1-3 day shoot in NY but you need to quarantine for 2 weeks beforehand. Then if Leomie had to return home, it's another 2 weeks of quarantine. So 4 weeks of quarantine for 2 days of work. It doesn't make a lot of sense for the models or the company to book them when they have girls in town (or at least in the country.) I know this is easing now and I've s
  11. Swim Spring 2021 from VS Pressroom Models: Paloma Elsesser, Jill Kortleve, Imaan Hamaan and Taylor Hill VS Spring 2021 from VS Pressroom Models: Taylor Hill, Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio, Devyn Garcia, Alessandra Garcia.
  12. This contradicting tip got sent in so who knows. Tangentially related but VS sent Elsa flowers after she gave birth. I could potentially see her still working one offs with the brand since they seemed to have parted on good terms and frankly I think Elsa is happy with the easy money modeling jobs while she focuses on branching out.
  13. She's dropping her own swimwear line.
  14. Disclaimer: Deux Moi is all blind gossip and this could be completely untrue but we need something to joke and speculate about in here. Any guesses? My first thought was Ashley Graham but I’m not sure.
  15. https://forloveandlemons.com/collections/new-in-lingerie Try not to quote all the photos in the future.
  16. So thrilled for Elsa and Tom! I looked up the name and it’s the name of a Finnish goddess. Very cute way to honour her family.
  17. Cindy Mello has been posting about an exciting project and just posted again on her story about how she's been working out like crazy because she has "the most important shoot she's ever done" in two weeks. My brain instantly went SI for some reason but that's a big guess. But would be an exciting one. Real talk, I didn't even look at the pictures from the 2020 issue.
  18. I'm aware of WHY. But that doesn't change the fact that the sleek hair style, make up choices and selected pictures did nothing to minimize or correct it. It's not Gigi that I'm bothered by. It's the terrible art direction on the entire piece.
  19. She's been looking so beautiful on social media lately (and quite active) but I'd love to see some more modelling work from her. 😞 It's been the same two brands forever it feels like.
  20. That cover is so unfortunate. She looks puffy and awkward and the styling is so unsexy. Some of the editorial is better but a miss overall. Sad for her first solo cover.
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