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  1. No that’s exactly what hearsay is. It’s an unfounded accusation without proof. Where did the idea of innocent until proven guilty go? The last I heard he has never actually been convicted of any crime so unless you all have some hidden proof of his guilt then perhaps you should coach your opinions as just that, opinion. On top of that everyone is allowed an opinion, so him saying negative things about models isn’t against the law or wrong. It’s unprofessional but it doesn’t automatically make him guilty. Everyone on this forum gives their opinion all the time quite frequently negatively. How many times have romees funbags been compared to baseballs. I guess if David is trash for commenting on Rachel’s breasticles then we’re all trash too.
  2. Alright, I've received a few reports about this now and I really don't know what to say. I don't care if you guys want to speculate about Candice's sex life, or lack thereof but take it to pm because I certainly don't want to have a bunch of people start crying about it either. I don't know when sex turned into such a taboo but holy fuck at this point it seems like if one of you wanted to say the sky was blue and another wanted to say the sky was green someone would report it. Enough! Speculating if Candice had sex at Carnival because it's a highly sexualized event is not degrading to the model it's speculation. That does not warrant a report. Unless someone comes in and calls her a whore or a slut don't report it. Put on your big boy/girl pants and ignore it if it bothers you.
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