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  1. It's too bad these didn't get posted here because they are long gone Does anyone have them that could post them here?
  2. @Megatron can you please add the following biographical info to your first post? she's with Select Miami (https://www.selectmodel.com/miami/women/verve/alexis-k) Height: 5"9" / 175 Bust: 32" / 81 Waist: 24" / 61 Hips: 34" / 86 Breast Cup Size: C Shoes: US8 / UK6 / EU39 Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond Dress: 1 / 30
  3. I did a little bit of digging and it looks like she is a glamour/nude model. She probably belongs in the other forum. She is smoking hot.
  4. Is she a fashion model? If so, could you post a bio with Agency listing, etc? Has she done any catalog or editorial work? If not, she should probably go in Other Females of Interest category.
  5. what a thread! Thank you so much. Her smoldering eyes and bodacious figure were such a great antidote for the late 80's pasty waif. The Italian labels wanted to express the soul, and with her face, she was the perfect model for it.
  6. rugdaillo


    there is a Model ID thread for posts like this, FYI. There is no need to create a new topic. The Model ID thread is frequently updated and commented on.
  7. A legend shot by a legend. Thanks for posting!
  8. Read the freaking room, pervert. @StormyTheNinja EXPLICITLY ASKED that this not be done. Have some respect for the forum and for the model. Bellazon isn't a wank site.
  9. These Arnhem shoots are sooooo freaking sexy. Clothes don't have to be form-fitting to make a woman look desirable. My wife has an Arnhem skirt and it drives me absolutely wild - the way it falls over her body and curves and the way it does something different each time she moves. Great label.
  10. she looks absolutely fantastic. the photography isn't great, but I'm happy about this happening.
  11. way to be the change you want to see in the world @Weasel79! 🎅
  12. Agree. I'm guessing it's entirely possible she had some work done with her lips but that is a girls choice and if she did, I think it works for her. Her makeup is usually done by a MUA, and not the model lol. So if her lips are done to make them look bigger, it was an editorial choice. She has definitely worked hard on certain parts her body, particularly in the middle. She has a really good trainer that knows how to isolate all of her core muscles and you can really tell. Her back is also pretty muscular (while maintaining that feminine look) and I think it looks amazing on her
  13. This is nonsense. She is an inexperienced bikini model who is only 19. Give her a couple of years. Women don't just turn 19 and show up in SI like some weird cabbage patch kid model.
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