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  1. from @malioukolga
  2. Josephine Skriver [4] Erin Heatherton [4]
  3. Doutzen [9] Derryn [1] Nope, no contest really.
  4. Yes, she may be 40 but she was Miss World in 1994 so perhaps she should not be judged by normal standards. New sari pic for LifeCell International.
  5. ^Popped up recently on Design You Trust so I thought it was new(ish).
  6. Photographer: Emmanuelle Hauguel I don't think this has been posted here before but this thread moves so fast it's sometimes hard to tell.
  7. Boohoo
  8. Boden Autumn/Fall 2013 (Is it her? I hope it's her. Hard to tell with the fringe.)
  9. Boden
  10. Boden Workwear range
  11. For L'Oreal from @Fer_Maroney
  12. She's Sara Sampaio according to her Twitter feed and her thread here.
  13. Ecco Shoes again. Couldn't resist this one!
  14. Ecco Shoes Wish I could get these in higher res! el jefe, Mahi, thanks for your contributions folks. Don't know how I missed the latest Mexx stuff. tzdon, I think she's very underrated.