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  1. I love this BB picture!

  2. HAHA at frenchkiki! oh that makes me feel so much beta about having high hip bones LOL (not that i can look 2% as good as candice )
  3. HI PEOPLE! i havn't posted in this thread yet but i have been watching cuz i LOVE candice. lol um i was just wondering..does candice have a high hip bone?
  4. Happy Birthday

    can't believe comments are all from me on your page sweetie :p

  5. HeyHey, Happy Birthday ^_^

    Have a great one :D

    And 5 stars for you :)

  6. hey guys. u no the vid on the first page where hes doing tht card trick or sumthing? it says its been removed by the user. do u no where else i mite be able to find it? i luv tht vid
  7. thnx bt r u 100% sure? co zi jst googled him and this jared leto dude luks kinda different. i can see lots of similarities bt...........maybe im jst disappointed. lol. i think this guys first name mite be sumthing like Theo
  8. in natahsa beddingfield's Love Like THis video theres this cute guy. lots of people misunderstand and say his name is Sean Kingston. i am NOT talking about Sean Kingston. im talking about the cute white guy inthe vid. anyone know hu he is?
  9. he has the most gorgeous eyes dusnt he?
  10. Happy Birthday sweetie =]

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