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  1. Stunning! Dutch girls are ❤️!
  2. Above all, I think she is free to be with whoever she wants to be, to do whatever she wants to do, to live her life freely. I have made a comment on the fact that Dylan is always there these days. In the end, it was a joke, not even criticism. To be a fan is NOT to own someone else's life. Criticism has limits. I stand with her against nosy supposed-to-be-fans.
  3. That's exactly what I thought.
  4. Wow! She's alone in this photo! 😲 😁
  5. Yes, those eyes are amazing. And she seems so sweet...
  6. I love this woman since I was a teenager... Thank you!
  7. Her face is just so flawless. And when she smiles... ♥️😍
  8. Can't see... 😞 Can you post it again, pleease?
  9. Born in Lisbon, 10 July 1997. Portuguese actress with Brazilian roots. You can see her in "Warrior Nun", on Netflix. https://www.mysanantonio.com/entertainment/movies-tv/article/Netflix-announces-cast-for-Warrior-Nun-13703387.php
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